Jul 28

While I have many favorite things that I truly enjoy in this world – the sound of the goal scoring horn at a Rangers game in Madison Sq. Garden… a perfectly seared, medium-rare porterhouse steak for 2 that’s actually just for me… and the searing metallic vocals of Judas Priest front man, Rob Halford – a premium cigar paired with a deliciously brewed concoction will forever rank high on my list.  When it comes to hand rolled cigars, you could say I know my stuff. As an editor for Cigar Advisor magazine and a lover of the leaf for over 20 years, I’ve dedicated an awful lot of time to this wonderfully smoke-filled passion. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to visit cigar producing nations like Honduras and the Dominican Republic, walking the tobacco fields and touring the factories while gaining a life changing glimpse of an… [Read more]

Nov 24

The other day I thought to myself, how do you know when someone is a friend? How do you differentiate between a friend and someone who finds you useful and convenient? This was a tough question and while many people have varying answers to it, I boiled mine down to scenarios. A friend will come to help you even when they lack the resources and means to. A fine example that I can refer to is my nightmarish moving days when I tried to do it solo and a random friend would pop up to help. While you may see this as trivial, you have to consider the full story. I had given out ample notice that I would need help moving at x date yet everyone who promised help couldn’t attend. I’ve had this happen three times in my life and all three times, three… [Read more]

Sep 20

Dear jump-offs, cheaters, escorts and stripper girlfriends. There will come a time when that married man with whom you’re having sex with will decide that you’re done and go back to his wife. At this time your instincts will tell you to run to the highest mountain and air his dirty laundry to the world. Don’t do it. Let me ask you a question rat girl, and think deeply on this one. How many mistresses have gained any kind of positive support, recognition or money (with the exception of baring him a keep-a-player baby) for squealing about an affair? I’ll sit over here and wait… Yaaaa ask Monica Lewinsky how being a dirty rat has worked out for her. Last time I checked she was a depressed shell of herself reeling off of the media cyclone and public scrutiny that came with her admission. How… [Read more]

Nov 15

Since the passing of two Hip Hop titans in the Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur, rap beefs have become an ongoing joke amongst fans whenever they surface. The last little spat that was taken seriously was between Jay-Z and Nas but that was strictly musical and came off more as Jay-Z breaking Nas’s balls in order to have him up his game and do better. Rap beefs in general just seem lame nowadays being that we have seen the worst part of them with shoot-outs in the street and artists losing their lives. Mention a rap beef to someone today and you get feedback like “that little cornball?” followed by a laugh and a question on his sexuality. Rap Beefs shouldn’t be announced So with that being said, why would you announce to the world that you are making a diss record and then drop… [Read more]

Nov 10

People who know me will tell you that I am quiet and reserved. Fact of the matter is I am, I can be my worst critic and if I have a chatty episode I normally go through some sort of mental scolding for breaking form. Although I have always been a quiet kid, I remained silent in my adult years when I realized how people disappoint. You tell a girlfriend a past episode of pain and she uses it against you in your next argument. You reveal a crime to a supposed friend and the next thing you know he’s taking a plea bargain. See, people talk too much and if you reveal a wound they can easily stick their finger in it and cause an infection but this is the negative behind talking. The positive aspect of silence is in having the upper hand…. [Read more]

Nov 08
couple talking

The ultimate woman for any man is the mythical Ride-or-Die chick. The concept itself is one of selflessness that borders on insanity when you observe the women with whom this term was coined for. Originally a Ride-or-Die girl is the one who would hold your gun, hide the crack in her… crack and mule the cocaine overseas so that you both could be paid. The Ride-or-Die chick would get upset when you slept around but she would never leave, she would stick to Omerta and do 25 to Life in prison before allowing you to be taken by the authorities. She would have your babies, feed you and coddle you without the need for thanks because her love was unconditional. Yes there have been many women of this ideal and to outsiders it is a mentality that is seldom understood. When Tupac sung about this… [Read more]

Sep 21

There are times when a man will find himself in a situation where he must choose between appearance and comfort. The standard of our time is to choose the latter especially if there is no need to impress a female (the man is either married or in a lengthy relationship). While this standard may seem ideal and “comfortable”, it goes away from the warrior standard. The ancient Samurai known to be the most impressive of warriors stressed appearance as well as skill on the battlefield. An unseemly appearance before and after being cut down in battle was shameful. For this an ideal Samurai would have his armor clean, and beautiful, his nails clipped and together, his hair tight and his appearance solid prior to joining the ranks to do war. Men of today use the logic of “I am going to die anyway so who… [Read more]

Sep 03

Here I thought that Gangs started in prison, the streets and other places of harsh realities. Who would’ve thought that sending your kid to a University may get him beaten, branded and raped (allegedly)!? I have never understood fraternities, while in the business world and life their members may tout all the wonderful things they do in society, the kids in the University system paint a very different picture.  When I was in school all I saw of Fraternities was a collective of guys throwing signs, stomping around, barking and being drunkenly obnoxious. The Sororities weren’t much different as more than a few women that “crossed the line” turned into completely different creatures after donning the mantle. It’s obviously a form of tribal fellowship that isn’t meant to be understood by us outsiders. I get that, which is why I have always reserved judgment on… [Read more]