Aug 17

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” – Coco Chanel When you think of the sexy image that is the 1920’s Flapper, think of Coco Chanel. Her designs were meant to give women a sense of freedom and her use of poor fabrics cut to look rich made her a legend. Her designs revolutionized fashion and her tremendous beauty made the coin purse of many a suitor fall open easily. You may know her name from the signature fragrance but this Hottie of History has been making money since the early 1900s. Her first fragrance “Chanel No. 5” was the first to have a designer’s name placed on it and the year was 1912. Gabrielle Coco Chanel was born in a poorhouse and grew up in the orphanage of a Roman Catholic monastery. While in the orphanage she learned to sew and at 18… [Read more]

Aug 06

Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, is a famous spy from history who was most definitely a hottie by every sense of the word. One of the most influential forces behind Orientalism and modern exotic dance, Mata Hari lived by her own rules and died with as much defiance of convention as she had lived. Yes all of you modern strippers and women of the night owe a little something to lady Margaretha who made such a mark that her name became world renowned by the time she was executed for treason. When she was about 18 yrs old, Margaretha answered an ad in the local newspaper, placed by a military man looking for a wife. After marrying and moving to the Dutch East Indies, the couple had two children named Norman-John and Jeanne-Louise.  The marriage was one of violence and drunk spousal abuse by officer Rudolph John… [Read more]

Jun 15

I really hate doing two Egyptians so close together but who am I to deny a woman whose very name stood for beauty? While the ignorant tout Cleopatra VII because of her fame, the rest can only theorize that a woman was lovely by accounts of her day. Well, when you have an actual bust and sculpture to go off of, you cannot say that the woman in question was not beautiful. Of course I speak of the one and only Queen Nefertiti. Her name means “the beautiful one is come” and she was famed throughout her time for her outstanding beauty. Nefertiti was the queen of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), and mother of the most famous boy Pharaoh Tutankhamun (King Tut). Little is known of the life and death of queen Nefertiti but her limestone bust is one of the most impressive artifacts found… [Read more]

May 07

This legendary Chinese beauty Xi Shi is said to have been so beautiful that even when she made up her face she would still be cute. Described as being lovely with or without make-up and that her looks were only multiplied by the fact that she was a sweet, innocent soul, she is one of the famous “four beauties” in Chinese history. Xi-Shi was also a dancer who was sent as a “beauty trap” to take over a king’s country through the strategy of King Yue. From “The king of the Wu State was totally enchanted by Xishi at the first sight. When the king knew that Xishi was good at dancing, he ordered his people to build a long aisle, dig a big hole under the aisle and cover it with boards. Her skirts embroidered with bells, Xishi danced to the accompaniment of… [Read more]

Feb 25

You know that you are a bad woman when your husband has a ton of wives and over 100 children but proclaims you the most beautiful and builds the greatest tomb in the Valley of Queens to your honor. Queen Nefertari was wife to the mighty warrior Pharaoh Ramses II. If you look at the statues built during the reign of Ramses, you will understand that this woman was of high importance… even being compared to the goddess Hathor. Her tomb is said to be one of the most extraordinary and lies within the Valley of the Queens. Nefertari had about ten children, the known ones are two boys named Amonhirwonmef and Prehirwonmef, two girls named Merytamon, and Mertatum. Known by titles such as Mistress of the South and the North,  and Lady of the Two Lands, it is rumored that this beauty even accompanied… [Read more]