Feb 19

What could possibly add on to the perceived “thug culture” of one of the last hyper-masculine sports in the United States? Not much, being that the casual and non-sport fans of the NFL already have the perception that the NFL is comprised of players who are: Uneducated (look at the early reactions to Richard Sherman last season) Criminal (the handful of players who have crossed the law are used to represent the whole) Rapists (Big Ben) Thugs (another term for a scary black person) Over-churched (Reggie White) Racist (Richie Incognito and Riley Cooper) (TBA) The TBA will become “homophobic” by the time we’re into the next season and it will not enhance or destroy the opinion that people have of the NFL already but it will make for a whole lot of news. Right now with Michael Sam announcing that he is gay to the… [Read more]

Jan 14

A man and his wife were shot in a movie theater yesterday for texting and allegedly making noise. This happened in Florida, in a prominent neighborhood that many friends of mine live in. One friend told me that a fellow band mate of his had gotten into it with the shooter prior to the incident and is now counting his blessings that he wasn’t the one to take a shot from the .380 handgun. What we know is that tempers, seating, and a theater’s failure to act has cost us the life of a father and a husband. Opportunists are already treating this story as a call to arms (no pun intended) for anti-gun rhetoric, or a cry for citizens to get concealed weapons permits en masse. This latter call baffles me given that I never hear stories about armed bystander guy saving the day… [Read more]

Nov 26

In another one of those “studies that tend to piss women off” it was recently found that the secret to marital bliss—for men—is in having an attractive wife! In a study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 450 newlywed couples were given the lab animal treatment for four years and psychologist Andrea Meltzer along with her team came to the conclusion that a woman’s beauty plays a major role in her husband’s marital satisfaction. On the flip-side a man’s attractiveness served little impact on his wife’s happiness throughout so it will suffice to say that we are as shallow as we are said to be… or worse. No, not really… keep reading. It leads me to think of a scenario where a man is having a hard time connecting with his beautiful wife but every time he wakes up and sees her… [Read more]

Apr 17

A few days ago at the University of Toronto, a group of Men’s Rights Activists organized a meeting to discuss Misandry, what it means, and possible solutions for what any man not going through life with tunnel vision will admit is a dangerous wave of demonizing boys in our society. The meeting was civil, orderly and led by both educated men and women, but the things they wished to discuss were not possible due to a large group of masked, angry and aggressive women and men (sigh)–who self-identify as feminists–screaming into megaphones and eventually pulling a fire alarm. I wish I could say that I was making this up but the following video presents a pleasantly unbiased take on the events of the day and is a scary reminder to us what true anarchy looks like. If the above video does not work on your device then… [Read more]

Feb 13

Recently in the wonderful world of Twitter the hashtag #TellAFeministThankYou mysteriously began to trend. As was expected the hateful were there to talk about bad men and the trolls were out full force to tell women to get back in the kitchen, stay ugly, and stay lonely and single… because that’s what feminists are… right? I’ve always wondered if self-labeled “feminists” do anything outside of post angry replies on blogs, sign online petitions and tweet… but I guess that’s modern day activism for you – tweets, snark and the buzzword of the day MISOGYNY! The term feminist has gone from a word which once had meaning to something mutated, unsure of itself, and many times contradictory of its purpose (depends on which “feminist” you talk to) so to say that a few guys and gals were annoyed by this hashtag is an understatement. The following are… [Read more]

Feb 01

Tipping has been a controversial subject since forever hasn’t it? It brings back the very first scene of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs where Steve Buscemi’s character “Mr. Pink” vehemently defends his right to not leave a tip. But why do people behave this way when they know that the one rule for waiting staff at any restaurant is that you leave a tip in addition to your meal? Why not stay home if you’re that serious about stiffing the help? Recently a Pastor named Alois Bell was outraged when one of the employees at Applebees put her receipt on Reddit for the world to see. Please see the image to the right for the receipt in question. So angry was Alois in fact that she forgot everything that her bible taught her about forgiveness and chose to go on the war path for the waitress’s… [Read more]

Jan 07

I’m very torn on the aspect of sperm donation because on one hand it is a sense of men devaluing our seed and on the other hand it is a way for women who want children (sans men) to have them. Donating sperm is scarily similar to an Amazonian type of world where leagues of women keep one man alive as a seed factory. To be quite blunt, outside of a few situations where it is an act of kindness… it does men as a whole a disservice in reducing us to being somewhat disposable. This is just my opinion. The Unfortunate Circumstance of William Marotta 3 years ago a lesbian couple in Kansas – Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner placed an ad on Craigslist for a sperm donor to bring a little bundle of joy into their lives. The ad was answered by a… [Read more]

Dec 20
an assortment of guns

With the new upsurge in violence in the news this past year Americans have found themselves looking for answers to the ultimate question of “how do we stop this?”. Some look at guns as the problem–with the increase of ownership directly reflecting on the number of incidents–others (that own guns) fire back that people are the problem and a gun is no different than a sword, knife, or baseball bat. When one looks at the entire picture from a pragmatic angle one realizes that there may not be an easy solution and the people perpetuating the crimes would not necessarily be deterred if there was a harsher penalty levied for gun ownership. One may even argue that tougher laws would serve to punish those who are responsible with their weapons and not the criminals committing the crimes. What about self-defense as a solution? I personally… [Read more]