Dec 10

There is a culture of impression that likes to place the onus of “boring” unto those who feel no need to act like an 18 year old with his first taste of freedom. You know the type, chances are you may be one of them yourself. Boring people don’t feel the need to participate in things that are not interesting to them, they tend to live—what appears to be—relatively safe lives, and they never seem to go anywhere and do anything. I find it hard to label another adult as boring, I am way too grown to look for someone else to entertain me, or worry so much about another person’s reality that I run comparison checks and label them as boring. The last time I heard someone refer to a person as boring it was being uttered by a 16yr old – think about… [Read more]

Oct 21

Recently I took a ten day vacation out of the country and it was a nice time for all, especially someone like me that never takes a break. The people were friendly, the weather was excellent, and the sea water was pretty damn therapeutic. But there were a few downers and although they weren’t enough to ruin my vacation, it made me think about how I could better plan for the next one. I have had many questions on traveling – especially as a black male and some of you have asked me to share my adventures whenever I embark on them. I hope to start a new series on my thoughts as I take breaks from the monotonous rat race with this article. The following is a list of items, both good and bad that I have learned as a tourist abroad. 1. Tourists… [Read more]

Oct 02

Do the people in your life stress you out when they bring up the word “vacation”? If yes, then welcome to the club my friend, here’s a jacket and a cigar, have a seat. For those of you whose idea of a vacation is to squeeze in as many activities as possible within an agenda, let me explain to you why many of us “workaholics” opt out of your plans if possible. Some (not all) of us are so pressured by our jobs that time away becomes time punished due to the backlash that occurs on our return. For the outsider who isn’t in a position like this privilege makes them say “you need to get away! You work too much.” This makes a lot of sense when you’re on the outside look in but it will not compute in the mind of the painfully… [Read more]

Aug 07

Did you ever think that luxury hangers would be something that you would need in your closet? If you answered no to this I will let you know right now that your game may not be where it needs to be. Let me explain. One thing that men tend to neglect above anything else in their dress and day-to-day habits is the attention to detail when it comes to life’s trifles. A sophisticated gentleman is noticed not because of the expensive suit he is wearing—granted he does get some looks for it—but the accessories and his attention to the little trifles are what put him over. As men we look at things like shoes, socks, belts, watches and cufflinks as fluff items that are hidden away by our clothes, so we say “why bother to spend money and time getting the best when nobody will… [Read more]

Jul 26

I recently had a conversation with a guy about one of my girls going to the strip club with her husband. His response was “wow…she’s a cool wife”, and then it occurred to me that not many women see the strip club as a place to bond with their man.  They instead see it as a competition thing, like, “I’m not good enough so he’s going to the strip club to look at other women..sniff sniff..”.  That’s a bullshhh way to look at it, because the bottom line is that a man will see, and probably even talk, to other women constantly while you are not around, and not just in the strip club.  You have to know and accept the fact that some of these women are prettier than you, smarter than you, freakier than you, and more into getting your man into bed… [Read more]

May 30

Many people seem to get upset at the success of their friends and family on Social Media spaces. It isn’t jealousy as much as it is something that makes them take it personally when people post happy updates. I assume this is because the person getting upset lives a relatively routine life. If you find that this is you, I ask that you consider this one truth – much of what people post are the highlights of their lives… it isn’t their “life” so much as it is a dynamic film reel of their respective experiences. People rarely if ever announce the embarrassing, down times in life because to the Social Media world they want to show a good face. Social Media could easily be a celebration of all of our raises, marriages, children walking, and cats doing back-flips but to many it is a scale with which to… [Read more]

May 20

Can you believe that in many of our favorite pastimes the reason why the participants aren’t as diverse as we wish is because of an invisible color barrier? One would think that it was due to some bullies keeping it “pure” or a general disinterest by the other side but unfortunately the reason why these activities remain largely monotone is due to people’s fear of being “the token” or “the first” or a Twinkie, an Oreo, or an… wait there isn’t one for white people is there? -__- Let’s take Hip Hop legend and rapper Eminem as a large example of this. Eminem was as big a hip hop head as any kid growing up in his time and broke down a ton of barriers to become what he has in Rap history. With the stigma of a white boy doing urban Hip Hop that… [Read more]

May 06

I’ve come to realize that after we turn 30 there becomes 2 distinct paths that we can take when it comes to fitness. The gravity of life and the world seeks to pull us down, bend our backs and extremities to make us old, slow, and helpless – this is of course if you let it. While some health factors and situations that affect random members of the human race may cause this to be inevitable, the rest of us are able to fight it and maintain a great quality of life well into our 70’s (Studies have shown this to be true). This is why I call it the fork in the road; life rewards those who break laziness in lieu of fighting for a better quality of life and even though luck plays a factor into this when it comes to finances, when… [Read more]