Jun 17

Do you ever wonder why it is that “Nice Guys” never seem to do well with the opposite sex? Could it be the old accurate stereotype of women wanting jerks when they’re young and then nice guys when they’re riddled with baggage and almost too old to conceive? I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of guys who read the site and find some of my advice useful in their daily lives, but one of the questions I get asked a lot is how you stop being a Nice Guy, or how do you convince someone that you are much more than the label. Well the first thing you have to realize is that you’re owning a label that is bringing you down. The word nice brings about the illusion of “good”, or “moral” but in reality it is a negative that is… [Read more]

May 24
angry date

After dating many women and going through the phases of eager, to hopeful, to cynical, a man tends to get to a point where he’s heard it all, seen it all, and experienced it all. It is a kind of mental Zen where you are able to see red flags from a mile away, turn down dating offers you know will be disastrous, and pounce on the good opportunities whenever they present themselves. The following list is from the wolves that have been there 100 times over and are willing to tell you what they look for to avoid and what they know not to do. It is a good list to scan if you are in the dating game because a lot of these are mistakes that you don’t want to make and lose someone special. As a man, I will not continue dating… [Read more]

May 16

It’s really sad when I hear young men claim that they do certain things in order to get women. Listen hard enough and it starts to look like their entire lot in life is to get women and nothing else. The greatest secret ever revealed to man is that the more we put into ourselves and into our quality of life the more a woman will want to be a part of it. This is not an excuse to go and make it about women again by saying “I want to be a winner in life so that women will like me”, no it is to enjoy all of the pleasures of life (including the love of a woman) without enslaving oneself to the prospect. Be about more than sex and the chance at it, because this is how you will survive this world of… [Read more]

May 08

I’m guilty as hell of being one of those giants who refused to date elf-types for fear of the pedophile suspicions or just the sheer weirdness of the height difference – go ahead and hate me. I’ve been 6’2” for an extremely long time and it took me an equally long time to get over my phobia of short women. Men get discriminated against daily for their height by women who find no issue in voicing their opinion in extremely harsh and ugly ways. I guess that we are a race of human beings who love giants because on either side of the gender line if you hover lower than 5’3” there is an instant problem with it. Consider the excuses we make when it comes to dating someone shorter: Men – “She looks like she’s 12”, Women – “I can’t wear heels with him… [Read more]

Apr 25

This is another classic video on the way Blue-collared males are received by high income, high education females but it illustrates another problem with this common trope. The video shows the lengths that a man will go through sometimes just to get a romp in the sack but I will give this man a pass… chances are he is uber-rich and this was more of a revenge-f#$! Let’s examine the facts – A woman’s attraction to a man is heavily based on our perceived income, assets and power… Handsome mob bosses take note! If you lack the following then you better be handsome and a maestro of the sex-arts. Feminists can argue against this until they are blue in the face but study after study has shown this to be true. I love that the video takes shot at both sexes though because the man… [Read more]

Apr 04

Online dating sites have becoming quite the marketplace for your dating needs; they even come specialized for each interest group. There are the ethnic, religious, financial, education and extra-relational interest group sites. Whether you are looking for lasting love or late night loving, there is a site for you. Online dating can be a lot of fun and great way to meet a girl (for some), but fellas, the whole process can be slightly tricky if you don’t heed the warning signs. Analyze her photos First thing to keep in mind is that girls are very aware of how they look; very often they can be their own worst critic. If you think that her teeth are too small, then the odds are that she’s already found this out for herself and has some kind of insecurity about it. Does this mean that she would… [Read more]

Mar 27

Recently I saw a Pepsi commercial with the lovely Sofia Vergara and it managed to turn me off of a woman who is naturally irresistible. How, you may ask? Well it wasn’t her obsession with wanting a can of soda so bad, but the fool of a man who put himself out there and thought her needy mannerisms were intended for him. I’m sure the women watching found it funny and the men were too busy watching Sofia’s lips… but it was a reminder of what every man fears when going for beautiful women. It was the intent of the commercial after-all  no doubt written by a man who knows how much it sucks but I am going to use it as a teaching moment for everyone. If you haven’t seen the ad, here it is: Mistake #1 – Turning Around After The Diss I think a man… [Read more]

Mar 21

One of the most common things that guys tend to do when they see an irresistibly beautiful woman or an ultra-hot dime piece is to ogle her like a starving dog and allow invisible nails to plant them to the ground. On the flip side you may have a pack of lames who make a game out of it in order to fire themselves up – each taking turns at approaching the woman with weak lines. This is even worse than saying or doing nothing as it drives a woman to become hostile instead of aloof at your distance admiration. When I was a younger man I would defeat the long-distance stare by forcing my legs to put me into a situation that my mouth had to get out of. What I mean by this is that when I saw a beautiful woman – that… [Read more]