Mar 21

One of the most common things that guys tend to do when they see an irresistibly beautiful woman or an ultra-hot dime piece is to ogle her like a starving dog and allow invisible nails to plant them to the ground. On the flip side you may have a pack of lames who make a game out of it in order to fire themselves up – each taking turns at approaching the woman with weak lines. This is even worse than saying or doing nothing as it drives a woman to become hostile instead of aloof at your distance admiration. When I was a younger man I would defeat the long-distance stare by forcing my legs to put me into a situation that my mouth had to get out of. What I mean by this is that when I saw a beautiful woman – that… [Read more]

Mar 18

As technology advances and women continue to roar with independence, it is only inevitable that age-old constructs meant to extend special privilege to one sex would fall apart in lieu of gender equality. Yes girls I am talking about that wonderful “chivalry” that you scream about being dead. The irony with chivalry is that in a perfect world it would extend to both sexes, but it hasn’t. When you want men to open doors, walk on the more dangerous part of the sidewalk, and pull out your chair then you should probably extend some courtesy too. You Are Not The Women of The 80’s and 90’s What has happened for so long that women got used to it, is that men would push, beg, and do whatever it takes to garner their interest. Now when younger, desirable men learn their worth, have accepted that women… [Read more]

Mar 05

When it comes to “Game” many guys mistake the art for being one that is mastered by following flowcharts, saying lines that have worked for other guys, and doing the same thing for every woman until one bites and gets trapped. This is why we felt the need to give you some tips to help you grow some actual game instead of the stereotypical garbage that will chase women away from you. The following list of 10 things comes from the tactics that real wolves in the dating game swear and live by. They are realistic things that exude confidence, machismo and makes a woman comfortable to let you in – first her aura, then her thighs, and then her heart. Peep game: 1. Give compliments from the heart We have preached this until we are getting blue in the face over here. Do not… [Read more]

Feb 27

If you haven’t been on an online dating site for long then you may have made the rookie mistake of using the wrong photo for your profile. The problem with the perception that all images are good is that you miss out on a bunch of good opportunities based on having a suspect profile photo. When people flip through the many images of men and women on an online dating site, the first thing they look for is how attractive you are and then they begin to probe for red flags. The most common of these red flags are: People using someone else’s photo to fool the world People who aren’t who they say they are in the text Potentially toxic, crazy person who may end up chopping you up in the back of a car The last thing you would want to do is… [Read more]

Feb 05

Ask ANY man and he will tell you the same thing. Whether he can handle it or not, he wants the prettiest lady in the land. Why? Two reasons: a) Beauties are natural Viagra – Who doesn’t want to have sex with someone who looks that delicious?! b) Self-esteem sky rockets – You are revered by brethren for being super lucky or super special. Beautiful women have the ways and means to make the most average bloke look like an absolute god. Beautiful women have and carry extreme power, and they absolutely relish that power. I speak on behalf of my male friends (shout outs to y’all reading this), I can see it in their eyes when they walk next to me. Suddenly, people treat them more importantly, like they are worth something more. Looks count and slap anyone who tells you otherwise. Men are… [Read more]

Dec 21

Researchers found that evolution is the answer to why women play games and treat men cruelly in and out of relations. According to a new study (reported in the European Journal of Personality) women play hard to get in order to test a man’s commitment. The “game” is meant to see how much a man will put up with so as to convince the woman that he will stay around after pregnancy. The study, which utilized over 58 strategies that women typically use on their men, asked 1,500 men and women which strategies worked best. The results from this study reported that women are more successfully when they: Appear highly self-confident Talking other people Withhold sex Talk with sarcasm Always sound busy Tease Flirt with other men Turn down the first few dates Editor’s Note: I don’t know about this study as any of the above… [Read more]

Nov 19
women talking to a man

One of the best feelings a man can have when it comes to the dating game is a feeling of content. What I mean by this is that when you have other things going on—several women in your phone who are somewhat available when called—and no pressure to get into anything serious, you are the cock of the walk. Let me explain why. There have been times when I had a phone full of numbers, accessible ex-girlfriend, and my dress game, physique and wallet were on point. There is nothing you could tell me to do for some woman’s attention that I felt I had to do. No, the attitude was – if she wants some of this then she would come get some of this. Needless to say I was on a celebrity level of high when I went out. Now let’s compare the… [Read more]

Nov 01
woman with mercedes

There’s a sort of magic that occurs whenever a man starts driving a German luxury car… he begins to feel “elite”; and why not? People comment on it, kids look up to him, and women who didn’t smile before are playing friendly. It is for these tiny perks (along with the car doing all sorts of luxury magic) that people often make the car their goal for showing the world that they are successful. Are you guilty of this? Reading the articles by self-proclaimed successful women and their issues with dating, I recalled the day when I myself judged a book by its cover… or I should say judged a woman by her car. It was not intentional, but based on who I am it was very hard to realize my bias until afterwards. I had met this woman through a dating website and we decided to… [Read more]