Aug 27

When I wrote about beautiful women being both bullied and worshiped by society, I had no idea that it would receive the sort of response it has over these last 2 years. We have had men and women come on here to tell the world that beautiful women are just looking for attention and have nothing to complain about but the amount of women that have commented to say otherwise has spoken volumes. There is a problem with the way that we see and treat women that are considered “beautiful”, “drop-dead gorgeous” or anything similar. The problem is that like people who have money, we all assume that they always have it good. All you have to do is to step back, take yourself out of the equation, go neutral and observe for yourself to see it – trust me.  I’ve seen it, many others… [Read more]

Aug 22

Bad Boys, for some reason these guys have some kind of magnetism about them – not that all girls date the bad boy but it seems like the bad boy always has someone in their lives.  Luckily for me, I got over my bad boy phase in my younger years.  And some research would connect this draw to the sexy, dominant, physically attractive and yet hopelessly unreliable man to ovulation. Whew and here I thought I had some control over my rational thinking! And just to be clear, when we are referring to these ‘bad boys’ we are not referring to men that are violent, abusive or criminal, those men are just dangerous. “Bad boys” are dangerous in another sense altogether, in a way that author Adele Parks refers to as: “…much more subtle… he oozes untrammeled masculinity, confidence and independence, all of which we… [Read more]

Aug 21

Texting has unfairly become the scourge of dating. People will text more willingly than they are at attempting to carry on a normal telephone conversation.  I totally understand the draw to texting as it is convenient, you can reply at your leisure, and you can do other things while you are at it.  Texting almost makes things TOO convenient to the point where, it is easy to avoid talking on the phone and opt instead to text message.  It’s much easier to launch a new relationship by exchanging texts than it is to talk, and quite easy to say and do things over a screen that one would never have the nerve to do face to face (or say ear to ear). Let’s be real here, texting is here to stay, it is not going anywhere, so you need to learn how to manage your… [Read more]

Aug 16

Despite my reluctance to title this article with such a polarizing and subjective word as “good” the content that I am writing about basically requires it. Ideas about what a “good girl” is and what it requires to be a good girl are so rooted in our upbringing, our culture and the times that we are living in. In an article I read about Good Girls in the New Millennium there is a girl that is described as a “good girl”, she is a 28 year old Hispanic woman that waited until after college to have sex for the first time since she was trying to protect herself from an unplanned pregnancy. The story continues with the outcome of when a smart, educated woman finally does have sex, she contracts gonorrhea from one partner and then genital warts from another. Alicia felt stuck—she’d done “the… [Read more]

Aug 14

Recently the New York Daily News published a survey that stated that men would prefer if their dates chipped in for the bill. The number of men surveyed yielded 64% saying that they paid but would rather the woman had offered up a part of it, but they felt ashamed to bring it up. These men are suckers. Here’s a pro-tip for the men in that 64 percentile – classy women ALWAYS offer to pay the bill, leave a tip or at least her half of it. I am talking about the first date here. If she doesn’t offer and she isn’t a “traditionalist woman” (see below) then it is decision time. There are 3 types of women out there dating: 1. Traditionalist Women – These women do not care for anything that feminists have done to men in the modern age, hell they oppose… [Read more]

Aug 05

Many times in the past I have asked married people to stay in their lane when it comes to singles, their dating, and their love lives. The reason for this is the incessant pandering, needling, and urging that married friends tend to do in order to beg their single friends to join the club. Can’t stand to be miserable alone I guess (I kid), but I can count on my hand the number of married couples I know that don’t do this.  Recently a buddy of mine met a lady that he really liked and since she was posting so many photos of them having a good time together they agreed that flipping dat ‘ol Facebook switch would not be a big deal. A relationship status to match their reality and then all of the guessing by admirers, nosy folks, and well-to-dos would go away…. [Read more]

Aug 02

Having a strong opinion, independence and no non-sense attitude have long been traits and qualities that have been revered and appreciated in men. When a man utilizes this attributes he is a leader, decisive and usually a considered quite a catch; what? with that kind of confidence, even a less attractive version of this man will be a vied after mate. When a woman, however, embodies these characteristics she will suffer a significantly longer sentence of single-girl status. And not even necessarily single-single – she will be able to get laid, if she so chooses but more than that (deep sigh) can be much more elusive. Verbalize what it is you want As a lady, I get it, we tend to want our partners to be so in tune with us that they ‘just know’ what we want and are intuitive about our needs so… [Read more]

Jul 30

“Spurglar: a woman who steals sperm to ‘accidentally’ fall pregnant”. Thank you Cosmopolitan for coming up with a new word to define this act. Sure the number of women that are seeking education and careers are getting higher (very thankful to be in that category) and yes when this happens the age that women AND men become parents also has a tendency to also be higher. But does this mean that women should be stealing sperm to get pregnant? Being a single parent definitely isn’t a new concept nor is it an impossible task but should this be the aim that men or women should be seeking? This article was limited to women that had stolen sperm but men can be just as guilty of this too. In my single days, I went on a date with a guy that I met on an online… [Read more]