Jul 25

Ever wonder if men treat beautiful women any different than a cute chick when dating? Well the answer to that would be yes and it is something that many men will never admit. Many guys will feign confidence and doing things for themselves but there is nothing like the feeling of being out with a beautiful woman as every guy in the building looks on with what you assume is envy. It’s a machismo thing that many women will never understand but if a man is on a date with a beauty, he will constantly check the room to make sure that the other guys are noticing. Mix in another couple with an equally or more beautiful woman and he’ll chill out but don’t let him think that he is with the best looking woman in there – his head will be the size of… [Read more]

Jul 23

The friends with benefits game can be a great one – if you find the right people to play. Mere friendship doesn’t guarantee that you will have this amazing, no strings attached, soul connecting sex and conversation and then go on with your fantasy sport draft or whatever else you have to do once the front door closes. Research and studies have found that the friends with benefits (FWB) relationship is one that can prove to be quite successful, but I would imagine that the failed attempts at FWB are a bit harder to conceptualize as well as locate. Mainly because if your FWB did not work out it is because one person in the relationship did not feel that it was simply a FWB relationship. And there we have it: hardest part of making a FWB relationship work is being able to define and hold down… [Read more]

Jul 19

There will be times that come along in a man’s life when the pressure of family, friends and society leads to the single life seeming inadequate. It’s quite unfortunate how nosy people can get and how much judgment is levied upon others when they don’t fit into the slot of “normalcy” that the rest of the mundane world has created for them. Whenever I get those sort of questions I either answer them honestly or tell that person to mind their own business and not worry about mine—depending on who it is—but I understand that my frank attitude is not one that many of you have. One thing that I want to bring across to you young men out there who have felt the need to lie to long distance parents, friends and others that you are dating someone is that you will feel a… [Read more]

Jul 18

When the book, He’s Just Not that Into You by Greg Behrendt hit bookshelves it seemed like it was a much needed dose of reality for some ladies; giving women a glimpse of how men are really seeing you and how many men are simply turned off by certain behaviors.  While also providing women with the harsh truth that when men treat you badly and you forgive him time and again, that we are enabling their shitty treatment of women. “Don’t spend your time on and give your heart to any guy who makes you wonder about anything related to his feelings for you.” – Greg Behrendt Not getting married or not being proposed to simply will not make the world stop from turning. Finding someone that makes you happy and fits into your world the way that you need them to and you for them… [Read more]

Jul 11

First things first, are pick-up lines ever NOT creepy? No, they aren’t. Just stop using them. Period. Some people have made the claim that pick-up lines are funny and endearing if the guy is attractive and yet creepy and off-putting if the guy looks like a troll. The real issue isn’t about the creepy factor, it’s the interest factor. If the girl is interested in the guy then the approach seems more like…validation. And when the troll crawls out from under his bridge, it’s more like, “…oh wow, is this what I’m attracting…? Yikes. No, thank you” kind of thing. Melissa Kirk poses the question, “Can The Good Guys Ever Win in the War of the Sexes?” in relation to a Missed Connection that was posted on Craigslist from a guy who met a girl at some social event; part of the event had a… [Read more]

Jul 08

Ladies and Gentlemen let us have a serious talk about relationships and what they mean to us. I only ask that you read this article in its entirety before commenting because the title does not necessarily reflect all of the opinions within. That being said, I have to ask – how many of you are in relationships where your mate’s salary makes you feel the need to do better in order to compete with them? See where I’m going with this? Okay let’s rap a taste. I read so many articles where the writer—the token college-educated, semi-successful but hopelessly single blogger—laments the shortage of men who want a woman that will “challenge” them ambitiously. What this reads to me is that the woman comes into the relationship expecting that the man will do his best to make sure than he is the breadwinner. Here we… [Read more]

Jul 03

As a thirty something dater – or I guess, former dater – I have had countless quandaries on this question “finding mister right”. That question generally arises around date three or four when I begin to wonder should I only be dating this one person or can I keep dating others, is this relationship going to be something serious? This is almost an impossible question to ask that early on in the dating game. The glow after a first kiss, especially one that you may have been anticipating for some time should not be dampened by the concerns of what might be coming next. It is a mood killer for you and for the person you’re kissing, especially if you accidentally blurt out something ridiculous like, “I wanna have babies!” Can you believe I was ever kissed a second time after that?! Sometimes our worry… [Read more]

Jul 01

There have been some studies that have been conducted and researched to find out why people are engaging in oral sex. Good question, I guess. A theory that has arisen from this research is that when you find your committed partner to be attractive, you are more likely to go down on them. The reason why you would be more likely to do this is not actually because you find them attractive but because you think that they might be cheating on you and so you want to engage in play downstairs to detect any aroma or taste of their infidelity. Gross. That is never the reason that I offer my partner fellatio. Promise. Oral sex can really be an intimate gesture – I mean short of sex, there aren’t really any other sexually intimate things that can occur between two people.  Each person will… [Read more]