Jun 27

“Is it true? Can it be? How could she be DATING someone when she’s been so friendly with me on chat! NO! That BITCH! How could she!” Guys (more males than females in my estimation) get “friendly” wrong so often. Some (insert A LOT) of us females like the attention we get online and will waste ENORMOUS AMOUNTS OF TIME emailing with you, sending you photos of ourselves, chatting with you about what kind of coffee we prefer. You don’t like coffee, but you play along. What are the chances you are REALLY going to meet this chick? I mean c’mon! For those of you who think that flirting on Facebook is no different than online dating, you’re wrong. Facebook flirting is worse than online dating because people on Facebook aren’t on a dating site. They are on a social networking site SOCIALIZING. For the ladies out there… [Read more]

Jun 26

Rejection is a possibility for anyone – yes even beautiful women – no matter how much you weigh the averages and make up excuses for why it shouldn’t be this way. Many of the reasons for rejection are as stupid as the day is long, but most of the time there is a longer explanation that goes beyond looks. Consider the traditional art of “game”, we run up on a stranger with some conversation, a little strategy and whatever we know from experience and depending on the way the dice fall we either get some feedback or she disses us and moves away. What tends to happen on the diss for amateurs is that we sit back analyzing where we went wrong, what we lack, and what her problem is. We turn into stuck cars spinning away at our wheels trying to come up with… [Read more]

Jun 24

Not so long ago I was a hardworking, successful entrepreneur who wanted nothing of women in my life. Odd to write this as much as it is to look back at it but sometimes as men we get so sick of the bull that we choose to become happily single. Of course many of us know what comes with a life of single-hood especially if you have money; you get a bunch of nosy “normals” in your business trying their best to figure out what is broken in your gears. People like this tend to call young successful couples with money selfish for not wanting kids and guys like myself gay for not being married or having a baby mama of some sort. It’s true. Being who I was, the threats of nosy assumption and thirsty nieces of mom’s close friends was not enough to deter me… [Read more]

Jun 21

Insecure people all seem to have the same feeling – you should earn their trust (which is impossible) and that you can help them past their insecurities with patience (another point I would argue to the negative). When you start dating it is important to figure out whether or not your potential long-term will be cool or if she will turn into the next Lisa Nowak… or Jodi Arias. The following is a list of 10 things that should be treated as red flags when the cards are shown at the table. 1. She Tells You On An Early Date The funny thing about insecure people is that they tell on themselves constantly. When you are on a date with a talkative woman, listen in for clues as to why her last thing didn’t work out. She may reveal something to you that you will need to… [Read more]

Jun 19

I recently read an article “Three Things Man Crave Daily From Women” and starting to read this, I was ready to be defense or take some kind umbrage with the content, but I was pleasantly surprised and would only make one additional suggestion to the content – that women would want the same things. The article discusses three things that you can do within your relationship that will keep men tuned into their relationship; maintained affection and desire, loyalty and showing appreciation. Through reading the article I can see that these things are likely to affect men and women differently but they are important across the board. For men, showing affection and desire is the key to allowing men to not only feel attractive to their partner, but to be a visual display that they are connected to their partner. Anyone who is a visual… [Read more]

Jun 17

Do you ever wonder why it is that “Nice Guys” never seem to do well with the opposite sex? Could it be the old accurate stereotype of women wanting jerks when they’re young and then nice guys when they’re riddled with baggage and almost too old to conceive? I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of guys who read the site and find some of my advice useful in their daily lives, but one of the questions I get asked a lot is how you stop being a Nice Guy, or how do you convince someone that you are much more than the label. Well the first thing you have to realize is that you’re owning a label that is bringing you down. The word nice brings about the illusion of “good”, or “moral” but in reality it is a negative that is… [Read more]

Jun 11

Many women have asked if sex can be enough to keep a man around. Not just quantity of sessions for the guy with a ravenous appetite mind you but mind-blowing, curl your toes and knock your socks off sex. Is it enough to keep a man from flying off course in a relationship? Is it enough for a woman to be readily available for her guy (whenever she can), or is it still not the answer to the question of infidelity? I can only speak for myself and the men that I have known but with most guys who “creep”, the reasoning isn’t always for lack of sexy time with the misses. Many guys, especially young guys have their eyes, noses, and minds open to sexy, built women – the more the merrier. So the quantity in question then becomes one of “people” not so… [Read more]

May 29

Sometimes curiosity can get the better of a man and cause more problems than we need in our lives. We ask things knowing we won’t like the answer then say and do something stupid out of reaction to it only to end up apologizing or losing the love of our lives for it. Some things are best left a mystery and I will explain why and how you should move your mind past it. 1. How Many Men Have You Slept With? Some men have this wondrous illusion that they will go out to the Club, meet the hottest women living and she will end up being as pure as a virgin having had sex with one ex-boyfriend and that’s it. This is dumbass thinking, it really is and it is void of all logic being that women get down just like men get down…. [Read more]