May 29
Scene from A clockwork Orange - Alex and Gang beat up a homeless man

On one of the writing forums that I frequent, a female member asked if the popular trope of men being at odds and fighting it out before become best friends is a real one. Quite a number of men chimed in—myself included—and we let her know that it’s unrealistic. As men, we seek out other men of like interests, and we meet our comrades doing things that we love. Violence is rarely a good cause and effect of positivity in a young person’s life. The friends that I fought in High School were already friends and the beat down to establish respect is a little different from our topic today, which is bullying and the misconceptions we have of it. Coming up we have all witnessed bullying, and many of us remember sitting back tight-lipped about it wondering: Why doesn’t the kid just fight back… [Read more]

Jan 14

A man and his wife were shot in a movie theater yesterday for texting and allegedly making noise. This happened in Florida, in a prominent neighborhood that many friends of mine live in. One friend told me that a fellow band mate of his had gotten into it with the shooter prior to the incident and is now counting his blessings that he wasn’t the one to take a shot from the .380 handgun. What we know is that tempers, seating, and a theater’s failure to act has cost us the life of a father and a husband. Opportunists are already treating this story as a call to arms (no pun intended) for anti-gun rhetoric, or a cry for citizens to get concealed weapons permits en masse. This latter call baffles me given that I never hear stories about armed bystander guy saving the day… [Read more]

Jul 01

There have been some studies that have been conducted and researched to find out why people are engaging in oral sex. Good question, I guess. A theory that has arisen from this research is that when you find your committed partner to be attractive, you are more likely to go down on them. The reason why you would be more likely to do this is not actually because you find them attractive but because you think that they might be cheating on you and so you want to engage in play downstairs to detect any aroma or taste of their infidelity. Gross. That is never the reason that I offer my partner fellatio. Promise. Oral sex can really be an intimate gesture – I mean short of sex, there aren’t really any other sexually intimate things that can occur between two people.  Each person will… [Read more]

Mar 28

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. He attributed his customary heartburn, constipation and the presence of blood in his stool as “normal” (to him), especially that hemorrhoids were common among his family members.  Well, a colonoscopy had this vibrant 40+ year-old saying “Oh shit!” Did you know you should be taking a look at your poop on a regular basis to keep an eye on your digestive heath? Stools are the end product of eating and digesting our meals, as the body rid itself of undigested foods and toxins.  Have you ever wondered what a “normal stool” should be like especially when we experience the hardness and looseness of this smelly necessity? Well, let’s take a look. Normal Stool should have the general color of cardboard, 4 to 8 inches long, and curved like a banana. It should leave your body… [Read more]

Jan 28

Time and time again I have asked men to refrain from going into the bathroom, rolling out their business and snapping pictures in order to send it to the girls that they want to sleep with. Not only is the penis an ugly, serpentine creature unworthy of a photo, but it will more than likely leave you at the mercy of some vengeful skank with connections… right Brett Favre? Lately the tide has shifted and men are taking to the internet to do passive aggressive things (read: female activity) to strike back at their exes by posting up their naked photos for other losers to fap to! You did not misread that my fellow denizens, men are airing out their exes for profit. I know, I know… money + revenge is the sweetest deal… but this isn’t classy! Recently Marianna Taschinger (a pretty hot blonde in… [Read more]

Jan 07

I’m very torn on the aspect of sperm donation because on one hand it is a sense of men devaluing our seed and on the other hand it is a way for women who want children (sans men) to have them. Donating sperm is scarily similar to an Amazonian type of world where leagues of women keep one man alive as a seed factory. To be quite blunt, outside of a few situations where it is an act of kindness… it does men as a whole a disservice in reducing us to being somewhat disposable. This is just my opinion. The Unfortunate Circumstance of William Marotta 3 years ago a lesbian couple in Kansas – Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner placed an ad on Craigslist for a sperm donor to bring a little bundle of joy into their lives. The ad was answered by a… [Read more]

Dec 20
an assortment of guns

With the new upsurge in violence in the news this past year Americans have found themselves looking for answers to the ultimate question of “how do we stop this?”. Some look at guns as the problem–with the increase of ownership directly reflecting on the number of incidents–others (that own guns) fire back that people are the problem and a gun is no different than a sword, knife, or baseball bat. When one looks at the entire picture from a pragmatic angle one realizes that there may not be an easy solution and the people perpetuating the crimes would not necessarily be deterred if there was a harsher penalty levied for gun ownership. One may even argue that tougher laws would serve to punish those who are responsible with their weapons and not the criminals committing the crimes. What about self-defense as a solution? I personally… [Read more]

Nov 29
man and woman talking

What would you do if you met the woman of your dreams; married her; had sex with her often; then one day she begins to cheat and skip out on you before letting you know that she was born a man? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before because it seems like I have – at least something similar. According to The Telegraph, a Belgian man is looking to get his 19 year marriage annulled after finding out that his Indonesian wife was born a boy who later got a sex change: The man, only named as Jan, married Monica, his family’s former au pair in a previous marriage, in 1993 despite legal difficulties raised by the Belgian immigration authorities. But it was only in recent weeks that he discovered that his wife had originally been a man and had undergone a sex change. “I feel I’ve… [Read more]