Oct 15
Alexis Wright in court

We are a modern society with age old laws that serve as a quick fix band-aid for huge wounds. The war on drugs and the continued persecution of prostitutes is an example of this. The vices of sex and drugs has continued to be one of violence and criminal opportunity due to them being illegal. I feel as if the only thing this country learned from prohibition is that the smartest and richest people in the game are the ones who sell people what they want. Recently the latest witch to be burned at the stake of modern prohibition is a Maine, Zumba instructor by the name of Alexis Wright. Charged with over 100 counts of prostitution, Alexis and her clients are being pursued by the Maine court of law. Due to Alexis keeping meticulous records of her clients and the $150,000 made from her side-hustle, the… [Read more]

Aug 05
gabby douglas father

“I’m like, ‘Who’s calling my name?’ And then I look up. It was my dad and his friend, and I haven’t seen him in a while,” Gabby said. “They were holding up the flag. And I almost felt like bawling. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, Dad!’” When we watched tiny Gabby Douglas take gold in the all-around competition of gymnastics in London 2012, we were routinely reminded that her journey there was a rough one. The focus has rightfully been on her strong, single mother who was willing to take a chance in letting her child live with another family in order to realize her gymnastic potential and a heart as strong as a bull that allowed her to focus and keep it together. But nowhere in the narrative was her father mentioned and it led to many people assuming that it was the… [Read more]

Feb 03

Editor’s Note: Now the contents of this article are my super-twisted and toxically cynical opinion on religion, Eddie Long and humanity in general. There is no teaching here, or lessons, or analysis, this is simply a “what in the hell is wrong with people?” type of rant. So read at your own risk and if you get offended then you can take it up in the commentary. You have been warned. * * * * Meet Bishop Eddie Long, one of the biggest pimps in America today by the laws of The Game and the pimp god himself. Eddie’s game is so silky that it bypasses men like Hugh Hefner in the way that the world has accepted their pimping. Recently, Eddie has been accused of “playing” with young boys all while collecting large sums of bank from his “sheep”. A few days ago Eddie… [Read more]

Nov 04

Newsflash, another celebrity is getting divorced! After 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian’s romance with Kris Humphries took a tragic turn as the E! reality star filed for divorce. Has the speedy termination of her wedding caused American youth to think twice about marriage? Probably. The truth is, Hollywood has been a long running bad advertisement for marriage in general. Seventy-two days is awesome! That’s about two whole months! I can list at least 5 Hollywood couples that didn’t last half that long. As a matter of fact, I think I will. Zsa Zsa Garbir and Felipe De Alba’s marriage was annulled after one day of marriage in 1982. Ms. Garbir was a big deal in early Hollywood. She even stared in the 1952 Moulin Rouge. This was her 8th marriage, and it wasn’t her last. Pop Star Britney Spears and Kevin Federline made headlines… [Read more]

Sep 19

Once upon a time there was a doctor by the name of Satoshi Kanazawa who thought that black women were not only ugly but that every man thought the same way as he did on this “fact”. Kanazawa probably had lunches with his peers, scoped out a few of the hawtes trolling the office and high-fived them all on how perfect the Barbies were. When Essence from the Research dept. walked by however Kanazawa would look to Dale, Elliot and Carlton and they all would shake their heads in unison. Essence wasn’t fine. So what does Kanazawa in all his brilliance decide to do? He sets out to prove “scientifically” why Essence (now the avatar for all black women worldwide) was not as fine as Barbie, Grace, Maria and Natalia. When Kanazawa penned his now famous “Why Black Women Are Less Attractive” article, Psychology Today… [Read more]

Aug 15

There was a time when Kimbo had the web buzzing from his insane, bloody,  backyard fights and before long he was a household name known by any nerd with the ability to search for videos online. Then the man went on to try MMA and despite being a physical specimen, the old knee injuries and mobility handicap made him a joke to everyone who actually thinks MMA is real (ya I said it). Well the above video shows the arena that Kimbo should have tried in the first place being that his hands were what we knew to be his weapons. Sure MMA is the modern day WWE and has fans beyond measure but I am happy to see Kimbo tapping jaws in the “gentleman’s sport” of boxing. Hey big Kimbo if this doesn’t work out I urge you to holler at Micheal Jai White and get into Hollywood my man…. [Read more]

Jul 23

Nobody likes to hear about their favorite artists dying but it worsens when that artist is young and full of potential. Amy Winehouse was a songstress who transcended many of her peers by channeling the greats with her powerful voice. She was in tuned with hip hop, not an elitist who shunned it – one of her songs “fuckery” was even dedicated to Nas, that’s how down she was and she did a collaberation remix of “I’m no Good” with Hall favorite Ghostface Killah. I say all that to show how much she embodied my two favorite musical genres of rap and jazz, she was my soundtrack and I was one of her fans who was hoping she could kick her demons and deliver a 3rd album. Today’s loss is another reminder to all of you out there who think that you are smarter and… [Read more]

Jul 05

I lived in Orlando during the frenzy of media looking for little Caylee Anthony in July 2008.  I cussed at my TV when they would break into the Young and the Restless for updates on the fact that they did not find her. I watched Nancy Grace for the first time in my life since it appeared that she was the only person who dug deeper into why Casey Anthony would wait 31 days to let someone know her daughter was missing. As the months went on, I became very familiar with the case and its intricacies surrounding the whole dysfunction that was the Anthony family. The lying, the stealing, the incest, the abuse, a missing baby daddy, and the little innocent cutie pie placed in the middle of it.  When it came time for the trial to start at the beginning of June 2011,… [Read more]