May 20

Most guys abide by the law of the public restroom, you go in, you handle your business, you wash up and then you leave. Everyone knows that the worst thing you can do to a man short of sexually harassing him in the bathroom is to sneak a peek at his junk while he’s taking a leak – I mean, what are you looking over there for anyway? Most men will keep their eyes on the wall, or look down while peeing so as not to even be confused with that line-crosser who is sizing you up while you release. This is a pretty popular sentiment that even women joke about with us guys but have you ever encountered a Stall Pigeon? Introducing The Stall Pigeon One day at my job I had the urge to use the restroom being that it was after lunch… [Read more]

Sep 03

Here I thought that Gangs started in prison, the streets and other places of harsh realities. Who would’ve thought that sending your kid to a University may get him beaten, branded and raped (allegedly)!? I have never understood fraternities, while in the business world and life their members may tout all the wonderful things they do in society, the kids in the University system paint a very different picture.  When I was in school all I saw of Fraternities was a collective of guys throwing signs, stomping around, barking and being drunkenly obnoxious. The Sororities weren’t much different as more than a few women that “crossed the line” turned into completely different creatures after donning the mantle. It’s obviously a form of tribal fellowship that isn’t meant to be understood by us outsiders. I get that, which is why I have always reserved judgment on… [Read more]

Aug 16

Calling a professional escort a friend is a dangerous thing to do. I’m not talking about the stigmata of “birds of a feather flock together” or anything like that. I’m talking dangerous in a sense that the world of sex, drugs and money can take an educated woman and make her a pawn in a game that only leads her life downhill.   You may be fascinated with the fact that these women are so easily able to show their bodies with no remorse or be touched by random men, but your curiosity may be the ammo she needs to pimp you out to her world.  Yes, I said pimp you out. Take you while you are broken, give you the things that you think you long for, show you that life can be (financially) better, all while she sits back and counts her change.  If… [Read more]

Jan 14

Let me preface this article by saying that I know there are times when a woman is the aggressor. When a big 6ft 250 lb gorilla chick will club her man to emasculate him and any retaliation results in him being thrown in jail. I get that, I understand it and I know when it comes to fights the man is playing with a 7 and a 2 off suit. Still, if your sumo girlfriend socks you I have no beef with you for socking her back, what I do have beef with is if she comes out the mouth at you (and you are strong enough to  literally bench press her), you closing your fist and pounding her. That’s not cool, a strong dude can check a woman without going there, why do you? As a child growing up into adulthood most little boys… [Read more]

Feb 12

So seriously who out there thinks this is cool? I mean thought, planning and execution was placed into this thing in order to generate profit. Profit mind you that a team obviously expected to obtain from Japanese gamers and I am guessing off-shore gamers as well. Without getting into cultural differences in respects to women, lets just consider rape. You know rape, the act of having someone violate and drive themself into an orifice without consent. If you cannot relate as a guy, just remember that dudes get raped too. I have never been raped but I don’t plan to nor do I want to… so you can imagine I don’t find it sexy in the least. I used to watch comical hentai that I felt was harmless since the sex was either used as a weapon or the rapists were basically plants, demons or animals. I would pop… [Read more]