Sep 19
young wyclef and lauryn

Do you know who controls whether or not a man and a woman has an affair? Easy answer – both parties do, at least when the situation doesn’t involve slavery or sexual abuse. So it confuses me to no end when I hear women blame Wyclef Jean for the disaster in life that is Lauryn Hill. This pattern of finger pointing is something that people have been doing for quite some time now and it is not only unfair to the person blamed but shows a dangerous bit of tribalism displayed by the accuser. The pattern I outlined in the intro is part of the reasoning for the Wyclef blame and we can mix in Twilight’s Kristen Stewart because she now suffers from the same public scrutiny that Wyclef has for all these years since the Fugees as a group had split. People pick the… [Read more]

May 22
turquoise jeep video

“I’m trying to wife you up so I can love you down, I come across town to hear that Ooh Ahh sound…” This short film by Turquoise Jeep is a love story that can touch both men and women not only with the hilarious cast of characters but the real situation of true love and a man going for his. It’s a well done video but what else do you expect from The Jeep? The film features Flint Flossy, Watchyamacallit, Tummy Scratch, Young Humma, Pretty Raheem, Slick Mahoney and a new hottie member Moonrock. It has 2 music videos within it and is specifically about Flint Flossy losing his beautiful Bengladesh girlfriend and becoming depressed about it. If you’ve listened to any of Turquoise Jeep’s videos in the past there is no doubt that you’re a fan – but no worries every character in the… [Read more]

May 08
Neneh Cherry

There’s always people covering Hip Hop songs through another genre all together but this one by Neneh Cherry covering the mighty MF DOOM’s song Accordion is just… well… amazing. If you are a jazz and blues man or woman like I am and you’re a Hip Hop head, check this video out and if you need context the original MF DOOM version is below the lyrics. Enjoy and support real music, please… Livin’ off borrowed time… the clock tick fasterThat’d be the hour they knock the slick blasterDick Dastardly and Muttley with slick laughterA gun fight and they come to cut the mix-masterI.C.E cold…nice to be old Y2G stee twice to threefoldHe sold scrolls, lo and beholdKnow who’s the illest ever like the greatest story toldKeep your glory, gold and glitterFor half, half of his niggaz’ll take him out the pictureThe other half is rich… [Read more]

Feb 01

I’ve never missed having a “father” in my life being that I had so many strong male influences growing up but listening to the late, great James Brown’s “Papa Don’t Take No Mess” I actually wish I had a cool ass daddy like he did. The song has very few lines but each one of them you can tell was heartfelt, impactful and coming from a place of deep love for his father. Check it out if you don’t know it (Video following the article). Lessons from Papa… “Papa digs the chick If she look real slick, Papa rap is very quick He definitely ain’t no trick.” What I get from this is that Papa spits his game directly and to the point; being that he is a man of confidence and stature, the chick either gets on board or keeps it moving. I love… [Read more]

Aug 12

As you all know I am a huge fan of Janelle Monae’s music and performances, so when I got the chance to see her live in Miami I jumped at the chance and planned for it. The performance I expected was a small set with a CD backing her tracks and her rendition of the newer jams accompanied by her high energy dancing. Little did I know I was in for so much more, Janelle (who wasn’t the main act) brought along a mini orchestra, props, costume changes, paint and a large screen to show videos as she performed. It was simply amazing, with lots of energy and not unlike one of her videos. The backup singers were on point, the music echoed the album and tiny Janelle had the lungs of a giant showing her vocal range in making sure that the entire auditorium… [Read more]

Jul 23

Nobody likes to hear about their favorite artists dying but it worsens when that artist is young and full of potential. Amy Winehouse was a songstress who transcended many of her peers by channeling the greats with her powerful voice. She was in tuned with hip hop, not an elitist who shunned it – one of her songs “fuckery” was even dedicated to Nas, that’s how down she was and she did a collaberation remix of “I’m no Good” with Hall favorite Ghostface Killah. I say all that to show how much she embodied my two favorite musical genres of rap and jazz, she was my soundtrack and I was one of her fans who was hoping she could kick her demons and deliver a 3rd album. Today’s loss is another reminder to all of you out there who think that you are smarter and… [Read more]

May 13

Why am I having to write this? Well I am hoping that anyone who passes these Halls, sees this on Google or through your magnificent tweets, likes and re-posts will realize that they are being played by my man 50 Cent. Look, I can identify with Curtis because he has the same sick sense of humor that I do… we say stuff for reaction, we look from an outside realm into the world and toy with people when we feel bored enough. If you are the type to laugh at yourself you will completely get it, but if you are part of the other 80% who takes things at face value you will be mad at us. I get it, and I want you to get it too. Over the last year or so the mega-successful, rich, 50 Cent has toyed with the public on… [Read more]

Jan 03

Keri Hilson has been naughty (if you haven’t seen her video for The Way You Love Me, check it out below) and all the negro blogs are going crazy in their own conservative way, begging for Keri to stop “trying so hard” and asking “why oh why” being that the song is pretty adult, stripper theme songish and all that jazz (double standards, list em if you can). For me, I thought the video was sexy but it reminded me of a misconception that many women, like Keri, have had for a really long time. Women tend to think that every guy can be enslaved by their vagina. In the song her hook says: “I got that kind of pussy that will keep you off the streets”, sigh, look Keri, you’re cute and albeit sexy but I doubt that you can lock up many guys… [Read more]