Dec 08

This review is late in coming but I cannot stop listening to Ghostdini Wizard of Poetry. Something about the samples and guest artists mixed in with Ghostface’s tales of hitting on pretty pregnant women makes this thing work. My favorite track of the 14 or so hits is a song called Paragraphs of Love featuring Vaughn Anthony (John Legend’s brother) and Estelle (of American Boy fame). In this particular song, Ghost runs into a pregnant woman and it is love at first sight, strange right? that’s what you think until you hear him pour his heart out to her as Vaughn and Estelle coo in the background. The album is pure magic and I find the title very appropriate based on this, Ghostdini the wiz knows how to pick his R&B and his formula for mixing hip hop into it is pure mastery. The standard… [Read more]

Sep 23

Recently I was involved in an email discussion with some good friends in regards to two new albums being released: The Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z and Only Built 4 Cuban Links 2 by Raekwon Da Chef and Ghostface Killa. What started out as a funny moment of reminiscing (being that we all at one time had been engrossed fully into the Hip Hop culture) degenerated into a bout of ageism and elitism. Some of them had apparently outgrown Hip Hop, here is a quote from one of my more successful, respected and intellectual friends: “I’d only share that the majority of hip hop music (both now and in the “golden age” too) rang empty to me once I personally matured to an extent.  The musical celebration of themes like misogyny, substance abuse, drug trafficking, gunplay, misogyny, homophobia, pride in incarceration, satisfaction with poverty, misdirected territorialism… [Read more]

Jul 27

Damn Amy what the hell!? There are a variety of albums and videos I love to play whilst working on the old pc. These aren’t limited to the Jazz and Rap genres that you dragonites may expect, I have a love for the Indy movement and at times some original R&B. One album that I have worn out to absolutely nothing is Frank by Amy Winehouse. After listening to it today (about my 200th time), I did a quick Google image search on the lady and oh my god I would do better to search for zombie anal sex. The pictures are brutal and being a web master I tend to keep safe search in the off position so I got a full frontal from all of it. The worst being the shots of her legs, teeth and cocaine filled nostrils. I can’t think of… [Read more]

Nov 12

Janelle Monáe, Girl from Another Planet Open your minds, earthlings, and prepare to be launched headfirst into an alternate universe. A place where robots fall in love with humans. Where your tour guide into this alternate realm is a demure lil thang with a bold set of pipes. “I’m an alien from outer space,” declares Janelle Monáe on the first song of her debut album, Metropolis: The Chase Suite (Special Edition). Yes, Toto, we are no longer in Kansas anymore. Or even planet Earth. – Taken from As you all know, the Hall of The Black Dragon is all about originality, sexiness and space-aged things. So how surprised was I to be flipping through the channels and there on BET (yes the stereotypical abortion of a music channel) and seeing a small woman in saddle shoes doing a wicked moon walk in a futuristic… [Read more]

Nov 11

I am writing this as a contribution to the few who read and may take something away from this. We are blessed as human beings with one unique aspect of life which is our diversity of communication. We talk, gesture, read, write, sing… you name it, we get our point across in whatever way we can. Artistically one of our most beautiful forms of expression is through vocal communication, singing, rhyming, reciting, you name it. With this we have formed hundreds of styles and forms, each to be used to express when given, and interpreted when taken. This is where it gets really interesting, music as a form has gotten even deeper in the last few centuries, that now it has become more than a pleasure for the ear, it takes form. The artist Seal once commented that he refused to write down his lyrics… [Read more]

Jul 31

On the new supposed expose of Rick Ross as an ex Correctional Officer, my first reaction was “so what?” Then I remembered what type of society I live in and I also start thinking of our trends. There is a specific term for it but it’s basically when you build someone up and worship them for making it, then slowly trying to tear them down so you can watch how fast they crash and burn. Let’s call it the “Britney Spears” treatment. America is good at that, I won’t bore you with the numerous celebrities who have been burnt at the stake but it shouldn’t be hard to remember them. Being successful basically comes with a whole host of losers privately hoping you will fail. They act nice enough but when you fail they want to be the first to say “I told you so”… [Read more]