Jun 14

Yesterday, Greg Dragon wrote an article about silencing those of us who rant on social media by sharing their “thanks Mom for playing Dad” stories. As an advocate for child abuse survivors and non-conformists everywhere, I beg to disagree with his varying thoughts on this. He states that those who rant on Father’s day are bitter and want to mess up the holiday for everyone else and that the rants are merely haters who like to male bash. He does his best to dissuade those of us from alternative backgrounds by offering a thunderous round of applause for parents forced to assume both roles. I am left wondering where their national holiday is. I often wonder why child abuse survivors must hide their disdain for the parents who got it wrong and why they should be ridiculed for choosing to celebrate the one that got… [Read more]

Jun 13

In a couple of days your Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds and G+ homes will be littered with all sorts of appreciation grams for the fathers of your friends, family and associates. It will be a day of people expressing appreciation to dad on social media (who probably won’t be able to read it) so that everyone subscribed will see that he/she writing is an appreciative child. – if you sense a slightly annoyed tone in my writing… it is intended – Unfortunately this day that should be a celebration of fatherhood (read: MALE fatherhood) will be a time for opportunistic, bitter bastards (like myself #teamnodad) to post snarky-grams disguised as appreciation for our single mothers who “played both roles”. There will be people that were hurt as children taking the opportunity to garner pity from the masses or even worse lob bombs at those who… [Read more]

May 02

Many young boys of my generation were not blessed with a father to come to our games, cheer us on and push us like Papa Ferigno in Pumping Iron. The aspect of excelling at sport was a tempered fire that came from competition with one another, aspirations to be the next Michael Jordan or Deion Sanders, and the one coach that we all love, remember and appreciate. In the media as of late we have been seeing coaches at their worst being broadcast so loudly that it seems that a man being alone with a team of boys will transform into a pedophile, a screaming lunatic, or some aggressive homophobe that physically abuses them. Good coaches are kept quiet, way too boring for television so parents react, as with anything, and keep their children off of the field. A coach can bring the best out… [Read more]

Apr 15

As a stepchild I found that some of the worst abuse and experiences I had was from the people who were meant to take care of me. No, not from mom and step-dad, but from the people that were supposed to play baby-sitter, caretaker, or even just watch us for a few. The abuse of which I speak were at many times verbal, other times situational but rarely if ever physical. It’s the sort of abuse that children don’t speak to their parents about because they don’t realize that it is abuse. What wasn’t ever discussed by children like myself at the time was the mistreatment of uncles, aunts, preachers, friends of your adopted parent, family members… all who do things to ostracize you because of the fact that you are not truly family. I am not talking about the level of terror visited upon… [Read more]

Feb 20

I have but one question… why are you there? Recently in my life I have been lucky with being in the presence of many young people who are the product of single-parent homes. Having come from that myself I recall the day I swore that I would not be one of these men who neglect the child(ren) of the woman who happens to be my mate. You would think that men would accept that a woman with child is a package for love but this is not the case at all. Many men will get deep into relationships with women only to neglect the child, hate the child, abuse, molest, and any number of things that will blow your mind. Why even get in the relationship if loving a child that isn’t of your blood is beyond you as a human being? A few years… [Read more]

Sep 07
couple in bed

Not every man is looking to run away from children, hell many men daydream about having 2 or 3 bambinos running around, living the legacy and asking for money (just kidding). Now there are some men who have real issues with getting their ladies pregnant that are clinical (you know who you are) – this article is not for you as this is more fun than informative. Now if you aim to find that ultimate woman to bear your fruit and are in need of a few steps to make sure it happens – consider the following list: 1. Make Sure you’re Firing Live Rounds Many men neglect this step out of fear that the doctor will give us the bad news that we aren’t meant to ever have children. But if you’re serious about knocking up that celebrity chick or rich girl that you’re… [Read more]

Jun 18
greg dragon and snips

Yesterday was Father’s Day and while I was quite prepared to go through the standard movement of calling my mother to wish her “happy Father’s Day” (one of our traditions with her being a single mom) and flipping past people posting their standard clichéd sentiments on Facebook, something extraordinary happened! My girlfriend’s daughter, who I have all but adopted as my young padawan learner, made me dinner and wished me a happy Father’s Day! No worries I didn’t cry. I cannot explain how shocked I am when I meet people who treat us outsiders as more than that when our actions have shown that we are a bit more. What I am used to is a person who cannot see past blood and throws around terms like “half-brother”, “half-sister”, “step-dad” and the like. Sure society trains us that blood is thicker than water (or non-relatives… [Read more]

Jun 13
mom shouting at daughter

Parents out there know how hard it is to teach your kids to do as you say, but not as you do. Our experience allows us the opportunity to know better and apply our knowledge to each situation appropriately. For instance, we may teach them not to judge others, not to care what anyone else thinks of them, or even something so simple as not to lie. But then you have to deal with them asking you why you don’t like their friends, why they absolutely have to iron their shirt before they leave, or why you told the waitress that your 14 year old kid is 12 so you can get that free meal. Explain thoroughly Kids hear your “rule” but they do not understand it fully unless you explain. If you tell your kids that they should never judge people, they will think… [Read more]