Mar 21

Schools don’t care that your child is being bullied. Principals don’t care, the bus driver doesn’t care and while their teacher may care, the effectiveness of one teacher is extremely limited. Fact of the matter is that much of the fault falls squarely on your shoulders as parents. Your detached relationship with the kid and refusal to enroll he/she in a martial arts school due to the cost, or the pain in the ass of driving them there daily, has led to them being the “prison bitch” of their school campus. Oh why use the harsh term “prison bitch” on this topic? Let me explain. School is a faux Prison System Many kids will not even talk about their bullying to their parents out of embarrassment (they have the asshole dad who will just recant the old “just stand up to them son” without any… [Read more]

Feb 01

Talking To Your Child About What Happened… Whether you were with your child’s mother/father for long enough for the kid to remember, or if it was something your kid never experienced, the day will always come where they want to know what happened between the two of you.  Let’s face it, more often than not, the subject leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the one who was left, disrespected, found the other in bed with someone else, etc.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to get over the issues due to the fact that you are never truly free of that person and are constantly reminded of them in the eyes, nose, or voice of the little person you both created.  When the time comes keep these pieces of advice in mind, as they will help to ensure that what happened does nothing to change the… [Read more]

Dec 28

Look ladies and gentlemen, if you are with a new love that makes you feel like a million bucks all at the expense of your child then you need to wake up and realize that you are being selfish. While it’s important that you take care of your happiness along with your child’s during his/her 18 year stint in your home, it is still important that the child is happy. I’ve seen it from I was a shorty, single women moving in assholes on their children in hopes that the two will warm up to one another in time. Let me be completely honest with you, many guys will NEVER warm up to your children based off the fact that they aren’t of his seed. Hell he may end up treating his own flesh/blood like shit while keeping you up on that golden pedestal, is… [Read more]

Dec 27

Parents often worry for their children’s future when the 13 year old is still reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy instead of great literature. Many believe that the child will believe in sorcery, magical miracles and other things that they deem false. This of course comes from ignorance. Try talking to a cynic of The Lord of The Rings who hasn’t read the books or watched the movies and you will hear them go on and on about it being foolishness dealing with effeminate elves, white knights and magic. For the person who has experienced the book and/or movies they will tell you it is a tale of overcoming the most dire of obstacles. I applaud a child’s reading regardless if it is history on the Holocaust or Frank Herbert’s DUNE. Adults and their Atrocious Spelling While I am not a grammar Nazi, it still boggles my mind when… [Read more]

Nov 16

“Yo, the Older God put me on how to rock this, maintain 360 law and live prosperous. It only takes a lesson a day, just to analyze life, one time in a respectable mind” – Ghostface Killa I am a happy bastard, in the literal sense of the word. Let me explain, when I was a boy I lacked a father, the reasons are beside the point so let me just say I am the black male stereotype. I grew up with a strong mother who had several failed relationships, I am semi-successful but a product of my environment so running off to marry some chick is somewhere at the bottom of my list of priorities along with things like travel the world and cure Cancer. While I didn’t have a father around, my mother’s outgoing nature led us to having tons of people around,… [Read more]

Oct 12

The topic of the day is about bullying and the internet. This topic has gained ground due to a number of suicides that occurred after some kids did things to others to embarrass them on the web and it resulted in that kid taking his life rather than dealing with the hell. Everyone seems to have a comment on bullies, but most utter the same cliché crap that they believe is true since they’ve heard it so many times: Never back down from a bully, fight back and they will learn to leave you alone. While this is true in the sense of light bullying ie: One kid who tries you day to day, or a couple kids who give you wet willies and wedgies. It isn’t true for cyber space, a tribe of your peers and the anonymous trolls of the internet. Bullies deserve… [Read more]

Sep 13

Before you read this, I want it to be clear that this is not a typical blast on dead beat dads. In fact, I am the last woman to talk about dead beat dads. With my experience, I do understand that some men just don’t know how to be a good dad, some men just don’t want to be a dad, and some men want to be but have a crazy baby mama that won’t let them be a good dad. All I want to say is, if your circumstances do allow you to take on the task of being a dad, then please take on the ENTIRE task. Don’t do a half assed job because it will ultimately have a negative effect on your children, especially girls.  Kids are very resilient in a sense that they don’t know what they are missing when they… [Read more]

Aug 31

I have to say that I have a special place in my heart for all the fathers I see randomly on the street who are actually spending quality time with their kids.  Too many fathers are always placing the blame on something/someone other than themselves as to why they are not “able” to be the type of father they want to be to their kids.  If you find yourself in a situation where you are not able to spend the type of time you would like to with your kids, such as living in a different city/state, there are definitely alternative ways to fill the void in their lives that is felt with your absence.  Men need to stop making excuses for their lack of parenting and start thinking outside the box in order to let that child know, more importantly feel, that they are… [Read more]