Jul 19
Cute little girl looking bored

Editor’s Note: I had to repost this article here at the Hall from The Marksman due to the importance of a woman’s father in the way that she treats you (the man) in your relationship. A woman’s father can make your relationship heaven or hell without him even knowing who you are. there have been studies on this phenomenon and all roads lead to a woman’s father being the scale for which she judges other men who will enter her adult life. Scary, I know. A common theme today is people having issues with their family, and we will address both sides of the coin in separate articles.  This one will focus on women who have issues with their fathers, we have all seen or know people like this.  It materializes when she appears to be seeking attention from men in order to compensate for… [Read more]

Feb 23

“The things we forgot about being different in the Public School system.” My friend’s young daughter has had issues with school, she is smart as a whip and extremely polite so as you can expect academics aren’t the issue. Although she is 22 years younger than myself I can understand what she’s going through. Blame this on me being an enormous 6 foot child mentally or the fact that my childhood memories are still pretty keen. Either way, the aspect of “fitting in” is starting to really grate on her young nerves as she battles the name-calling, the unsupportive people who look like her (more on this later) and the adults who lack the imagination to see things from her side. It’s a struggle that I remember well, and I hope for her sake that she is as strong a child as I was. If… [Read more]

Jan 28
Charley Hustle aka Greg The Dragon

You know, it is very common for men of my generation to view their fathers as strangers. I mean being a bastard is a common thing for us 70’s babies, isn’t that crazy? Growing up with an attractive single mother has landed me in many fights with disrespectful peers, and has shown me the difference between a man and a bitch-made dude. Momma had a few of the latter and my brother and I watched and learned throughout the years how to look into a man’s soul and see his worth. I don’t take sides in the custodial battle of Venus vs Mars but coming from where I did, I can’t sympathize with you if your lady is hitting you up for half your check every month due to you not wanting to deal with a kid. And I know there’s the other side where… [Read more]

Sep 22

There are many vices that people use to make the lull of their everyday lifestyle have a sort of purpose. Some people choose religion and make sure that at the root of their efforts they do what is best for their chosen church. Others lean on family, that is their drive, and it is what makes the lull all the more liveable. But as a whole, I think the biggest vice to living the lives we do, is the cliché. People ue clichés unconsciously as if it is an ironclad law for life and the way we live it. Parents say “eat your food, there are starving kids in Africa”, as if to guilt a child into not wasting food – which wrongly asserts that the consumption of it all would do the starving kids one better than if it was left uneaten. Then as… [Read more]