Jun 15

Everyday whilst reading articles online I notice a common trend when the topic of religion is brought up. A bunch of people begin to go crazy cutting and pasting what I assume are Bible verses to try and prove a point. I am not sure who these posters are that do this but if you are one of them and you are reading this I mean no disrespect but to non Christians you look like a moron. The reason for this is that you are using the Bible as the unwavering truth to argue with someone who sees it quite differently. When has that ever worked in a dispute? It would be the same as if I took Wikipedia.org as the de facto truth on a certain celebrity and get into an argument with someone who knows that Wikipedia isn’t always accurate. In this argument… [Read more]

May 27

If there’s anything a man shouldn’t be – it’s desperate. Yet 90% of the single guys I know–are. What you get are 3 categories of men: The super desperate one (let’s get married in a week!), the “lets play it cool” one (doesn’t call you for 2 weeks even after he took your number!) and lastly the rare dude that has struck the balance of the push and pull theory. Let me explain as to why being desperate (aka clingy and needy) is SO detrimental for a man. Ages and centuries have passed and MEN were once the gender that went out, fought and brought home food (and a lot of glory). To see a guy become desperate over a woman is truly a sad situation. Chill out with the marriage jokes guys, Jesus – the popular belief is that men run away from commitment,… [Read more]

May 20

Most guys abide by the law of the public restroom, you go in, you handle your business, you wash up and then you leave. Everyone knows that the worst thing you can do to a man short of sexually harassing him in the bathroom is to sneak a peek at his junk while he’s taking a leak – I mean, what are you looking over there for anyway? Most men will keep their eyes on the wall, or look down while peeing so as not to even be confused with that line-crosser who is sizing you up while you release. This is a pretty popular sentiment that even women joke about with us guys but have you ever encountered a Stall Pigeon? Introducing The Stall Pigeon One day at my job I had the urge to use the restroom being that it was after lunch… [Read more]

May 18

So I’m checking out this abortion of a reality show called “Mob Wives” when the baby rat of Sammy Gravano announces that she’s on the show to promote her new book about “the life”. Just a while ago I get word that Lamar Odom’s ex is writing a tell-all book about he and his current wife cheating on her… what the hell is going on here? Who is it that reads all of these books being written by ex housewives, ex jump-offs, and ex transvestite hookers? Talk about hive-mind, if it’s one positive thing that can be said about Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, it’s that she wrote her tell-all memoirs back when it wasn’t the “cool thing” to do. Now every time I turn around some broke rapper, video vixen, friend or sex slave is become an overnight author. As a book reader who finds it… [Read more]

May 06

There’s a great wish in the African American community for a wonderful utopia known as UNITY. The word brings about images of 70’s era movies where everyone picks their blow-out afros, slaps high-fives and echo “right on” in unison. This reality was lived out by our parents but now the word has become pure fantasy. A fellow AA writer and myself discussed this unity thing and devised that there are 7 layers of division that keeps black unity a myth. This list may not be black exclusive but it plagues us and keeps us separated in a major way. The 7 Layers of Division in Black America: Layer 1 – Bourgee vs. Ghetto Middle/Upper Class vs. Lower Class for those confused by the derogatory terms. These two classes of people don’t necessarily hate one another but cannot coexist due to different outlooks and prejudice towards… [Read more]

May 03

Look you can collect my Player’s Club Card, call me out, whatever but I have faked it many times in the past. Not all guys are Jason Biggs on American Pie busting in our pants at the thought of some “strange”. Some of us are very controlled in that department and others are even the opposite – some guys have a hard time finishing. It’s amazing how little we all know about the opposite sex (men and women) yet we have been together since time immortal. What’s up with that? There are no shortage of articles throwing the “I faked it on your weak sex game” blast in the faces of men everywhere, but I wonder if these writers bragging about this realize that the game works both ways. Look unless we are practicing unprotected sex combined with coitus interruptus (pull out and ejaculate method),… [Read more]

Apr 22

People have started to call Facebook “fake book” because of the number of so-called friends they have on there that are showcasing a false reality. While this is true in many cases, I have to ask: Who are we to police these people? And why is it that we care so much that they choose to be fakers? While I find it pathetic that someone would lie about what college they went to or their relationship status or places that they’ve traveled to, I still am not affected by it so it really means nothing to me. But what is the point of it all? I know for business owners like myself I am forced to have a profile in order to keep pages up, but for Average Joe what is the point of Facebook? I know for networking it is priceless and with the… [Read more]

Apr 18

Many non Asian guys (of the anime and video game persuasion) wonder why their lust for Asian women is frowned upon and ridiculed and I thought to explain it through this article. The reason for this is that it’s become such a norm in nerd society that it is beginning to lose it’s negativity and seeming like a normal trait of anyone who plays games. Let’s break down in list form what you have to do in order to be considered a part of the problem. You have an Asian fetish if: You utter the words “omg she is sooo Asian!”. You see Asian women not for their looks or personality but for their “features” You envision your future Asian wife in a kimono and waiting at home to greet her nerd-san at the door. You imagine that sex with an Asian girl is like… [Read more]