Mar 11

A while ago we spoke on the hardship that beautiful women face in society from other women and men who lack balls. Well one of the most unspoken issues amongst men is that we too have a bit of that going on. Being a good looking guy is paralleled with being unmanlike, weak and at times it can even be dangerous (prison). I had a buddy named Girard, he was probably one of the nicest people I’ve ever known in life…  He was so morally good that being around him day to day just made you realize how corrupt and foul the world has made you. And it was genuine goodness, no religious posturing and no legacy or reputation to uphold, he was just a good guy. So for Girard to whore around or play the field it was damn near an impossibility, but damn… [Read more]

Mar 09

Men have short term memory and a very convenient method of switching an argument of a woman’s sexuality from liberating to insulting. This trend has got to be the most confusing thing for young women being that it even confuses me. I have to go in on the fellas with this one as it is one of those paradoxical arguments that we have in civilized society that annoys the hell out of me. If you’re still not with me let me explain, consider the recent judgment of Ciara Princess Harris after her ill-advised “twitter beef” (rolls eyes extremely hard) with Rihanna. Both women are extremely young, beautiful and unapologetically sexual in their look, songs and dancing. This being 2011 I would think that this is okay, actually more than okay, more like the norm. Yet I am finding blogs which once praised the sexiness and… [Read more]

Feb 24

Getting sucked into an argument with a comment troll on a blog, e-zine or forum is an embarrassing thing once you figure out that you’ve been had. As a former master troll (fresh out of rehab) and site owner it makes me sad when an obvious (at least to me) troll trap is set and some clueless commenter walks into it. Sometimes it’s not even trolling that is meant to be trolling, sometimes a commenter is just an ass who puts something out there to devalue your post or just to make themselves feel better than you. Well enough is enough, The Hall of The Black Dragon does not want the trolls to have it so easy, so we offer up some clues for you to “get a clue” on the troll game. Either don’t respond to these people (which makes them look dumb) or… [Read more]

Feb 14

I hate Valentine’s Day, and if you aren’t female and in a relationship then chances are you hate it too. Unfortunately I must preface this article with a disclaimer that I have a “Valentine”, so while I hate to disappoint those who see me as a lonely troll in some basement being bitter – you will find that most articles lamenting Valentine’s Day are from guys who actively have to participate in it. That being said, I don’t hate the Hallmark created money-sink day for the typical reasons guys hate it. I hate it because of what we have to deal with from other people on the day, it’s a hassle, it’s annoying and it’s damn expensive! Here are 10 reasons why I could do without Valentine’s Day, and for most of you out there that are single or otherwise, I am sure you will… [Read more]

Jan 31

In the military they have a gun that they refer to as “The SAW” (The M249 Squad Automatic Weapon) and if you get in it’s path you will get mowed down by the rain of bullets that it’s able to impact on you. Similar to this big gun is a legend in the dating game that very much like a SAW will mow down anything in his path in order to score some tail. This guy will talk to every woman no matter the size color or personality, he really doesn’t care since his main goal is just to score. In college I knew a guy named Jerry who was the type of guy that deserved the moniker of SAW. Not one woman could pass Jerry’s eye sight without being hollered at. Jerry’s game always started with the same phrase: “Excuse me miss, excuse me… [Read more]

Jan 20

I’ll never forget the day in High School when I was sneaking my little girlfriend a kiss before wrestling practice and a kid from my English class remarked at how good a kisser she was. The look on my face should have said it but I was more like “wait… did you… have you guys?” and dude was like yes. Color me depressed, and it wasn’t at the fact that some other guy had kissed on and slept with my current girlfriend, it was the fact that THIS GUY had kissed on and slept with my current girlfriend. As strange as it may sound to you women out there, the quality of your ex will 100% affect your current man if he finds out that you guys were once bumping uglies. Why does it matter? Men are from Mars, remember that one? By nature we… [Read more]

Dec 09

“Pull up yo britches!!”  This phrase used to be heard whenever there was a person wearing their pants, slacks, or jeans below the waist (usually without a belt) out in the black community.  However, nowadays, you really don’t hear that phrase, even though, the practice of sagging, wearing pants below the waist or “sagging” as it has been termed has become more common place.  You’ve seen them.  That guy wearing the wife-beater, boxers and buttocks proudly exposed above their jeans, which are “sagged” so low they might as well be socks.  They’re everywhere, in our schools, streets, and especially on our TV.   It is unfortunate that this has become the stereotypical uniform of our black youth.  Youth, who are just mimicking the fashions seen in music videos produced by Hip Hop’s finest, such as Lil Wayne, Yung Joc, and many others.  A fashion trend, believe… [Read more]

Nov 23

Editor’s Note: This is probably the most controversial topic I have touched on in my writing here on The Hall. I reread it days after writing and found that it is 100% Greg Dragon in terms of being blunt, offensive and harsh. I did not and will not be changing what I have written to make it palatable because it is honest, and I feel that me being less than honest is a disservice to both you my readers and myself the bleeding heart. This is an entry into the mind of someone who is extremely bitter with religion in general and I hope you take something away from it other than a wont to argue with me. Thanks as always for allowing me to express myself, it is a freedom I don’t take for granted. – G.Dragon To be honest I never had it,… [Read more]