Jan 21

There seems to be this misconception that the quieter, more introverted section of our society is somehow the nicest. While some people may seem polite at face value, or intelligent and innocent, there are many who are the deepest sexists, racists and homophobes when they have the luxury of anonymity and a “safe” setting. Of course I am referring to the sub-culture of people who we call nerds. Now many of you have not known a good amount of “nerds” in your lifetime–and when I say “a good amount” I am speaking of 10+ different people with different personalities—so let me elaborate on who I am referring to with that nasty four letter word. Nerds come in a large variety beyond what you’ve seen on shows like The Big Bang Theory; you have your Sci-Fi nerds, your sports geeks, your video game nerds, anime otakus… [Read more]

Oct 29

I’ve been meaning to write this article for some time but held off on it due to my not wanting to step on toes etc. I have a married friend who has not spent any time in prison, has a beautiful family and has no street gang or organized crime affiliation. Yet without hesitation I can say he is the most “gangster” individual I know. How is this? Well the term originated with organized crime, it was something that outsiders would call the wiseguys and the clubs of fellas that were doing their gang thing on the streets back in the day. As time passed and Hollywood became involved, the dangerous wiseguy of the slums became idealized into a street knight who chooses illicit ventures to profit while sticking to a harsh code of discipline. When musicians started claiming to be gangsters, they would reference… [Read more]

Oct 28

I was having lunch with a girlfriend and out of nowhere, this young cat comes up to our table while on what appeared to be his break from the kitchen, and says “I’m sorry, I just had to come over here and tell you both that I want to buy your food”.  We both looked at him like “okay..” but then he reaches in his pocket and was like “I think I have my food stamps in here somewhere”. He pauses, then smiles and says, “naw, I’m just kidding”.  She looked at him and chuckled a bit.  I gave him the evil eye and went back to my conversation. I’ve been told in the past that I’m a bitch to men, or that I’m too bourgeois, or that I demand too much.  However, I feel that all the above is necessary in order to weed… [Read more]

Sep 20

I am a woman with many strictly platonic relationships with men over the past decade or so.  We are friends not because of some undercover attraction, but because we have either gone through something together or have just always been there for each other like family.  Recently, one of my boys reconnected with his old high school sweetheart and is head over heels. I hadn’t heard such joy in his voice in years so when I saw her name in my Facebook inbox, my first thought was “oh, maybe she’s trying to throw him a surprise birthday party or something”. But then I remembered he was born in March.  Considering that I never even met the girl I couldn’t think of a reason other than here comes the drama, why is this chick writing me”.  So I read it: “Nia, Nia, Nia: Hi there. I… [Read more]

Sep 14
women fighting

I understand that women are from Venus and we are from Mars or whatever planet you wanna call it but one of the most confusing things to me about women is the hate factor. Women HATE each other so much that when I meet a girl who has a close girlfriend, I assume that there is a superficial reasoning behind it. Now there are exceptions to the rule because I’ve seen some pretty tight, sisterly relationships that weather the storm of life but let’s be honest, unlike men, it doesn’t seem to take much for two women to fall out. Women think their friends want to screw their man, they think their friends are sluts, the list can keep going. The main reason for this article however is in my observance of women shooting units (nasty looks) at other women who has a guy on… [Read more]

Jul 27

Damn Amy what the hell!? There are a variety of albums and videos I love to play whilst working on the old pc. These aren’t limited to the Jazz and Rap genres that you dragonites may expect, I have a love for the Indy movement and at times some original R&B. One album that I have worn out to absolutely nothing is Frank by Amy Winehouse. After listening to it today (about my 200th time), I did a quick Google image search on the lady and oh my god I would do better to search for zombie anal sex. The pictures are brutal and being a web master I tend to keep safe search in the off position so I got a full frontal from all of it. The worst being the shots of her legs, teeth and cocaine filled nostrils. I can’t think of… [Read more]

Jun 29

In the Gym today I ran into my good friend Brian and exchanged the usually pleasantries that we normally did “how are you, how is your family” etc. etc. and I was shocked when he answered negatively to the family portion by saying that he no longer talks to half of them. This was quite disheartening since I know his family… but before he could tell me the reason I knew what it was already. Brian is an entrepreneur who always did odd jobs whilst balancing his business in order to keep the money flowing north. He was suffering from an ailment that many people go through but keep quiet about. Talk to any guy with money and he has a story about a friend, loved one or family member who has started dissing him over money. When we are raised with the monicker “money… [Read more]