Feb 11

Yesterday I read a bit of dating advice which told young men to dump their good girlfriends for nothing in order to harden their hearts for the future. The advice came from a dark place that many of us are familiar with but I didn’t realize that my fellow men would put this out there as if it’s legit. Why would you dump a woman who understands you, loves you, and is willing to stick with you throughout life’s trials and tribulations? Isn’t that the goal for those of us who seek a true partner in love? The logic behind this strategy is that “there will always be another woman” and it comes from men who are trying to pattern their dating styles off of women. Yes you heard it right women perpetuated it… but not all women – specifically a woman who has burned… [Read more]

Dec 18

In the wake of the recent terrorist assault of one man on an Elementary school there has been many serious dialogues about what to do. If your Facebook page is anything like mine you will have witnessed people arguing over gun-ownership along with others making it their mission to beat you personally over the head with their stance on it all. Throughout the dialogue I have seen it wax racial (ie: America views black serial shooters as thugs and white serial shooters as mentally disabled); I have read replies from gun owners trying (poorly) to deflect attention to healthcare (mull that one over) ; and I have seen reactionary people demand gun control. It was enough for me to want to take a break from Social Media for at least a month. One thing that crossed my mind however was a project that friend of The Hall… [Read more]

Dec 05

Friends are the select group of people that you choose to have in your life. Often time your friends are the ones you call with a crisis… even before family. Not to be confused with associates, which are those people you hang out with in good times but in bad are missing in action. Friends are few and far between and when you find real ones you’ll know. So what I can’t understand is why people put their friends (and sometimes family) on the back burner until they are in need. Your girl breaks up with her man and now she’s creating a puddle on your sleeve. Meanwhile this is the same girl that you haven’t seen in months. This happens way too often among women. They get in relationships and that is all that matters… That is until something is wrong in the relationship. But I… [Read more]

Nov 29
man and woman talking

What would you do if you met the woman of your dreams; married her; had sex with her often; then one day she begins to cheat and skip out on you before letting you know that she was born a man? Stop me if you’ve heard this one before because it seems like I have – at least something similar. According to The Telegraph, a Belgian man is looking to get his 19 year marriage annulled after finding out that his Indonesian wife was born a boy who later got a sex change: The man, only named as Jan, married Monica, his family’s former au pair in a previous marriage, in 1993 despite legal difficulties raised by the Belgian immigration authorities. But it was only in recent weeks that he discovered that his wife had originally been a man and had undergone a sex change. “I feel I’ve… [Read more]

Nov 20
lindsay lohan

Can somebody please explain to me why America is so obsessed with Lindsay Lohan? I could understand if she was a gifted, super-talented necessity to cinema that happened to fall by the wayside but from where I’m standing she’s just another child star who turned out rotten. A very cliché result of Hollywood parenting Why does this woman get 24/7 media coverage from gossip sites like TMZ? If Lindsay misses her probation we hear about it, if she’s found drunk we hear about it, if Lindsay has another garbage project—there have been quite a few—people act as if it’s her return to glory. What in the world is going on? Look I know the media has it’s favorite targets to saturate the world with — like Kim Kardashian, but with Lohan there seems to be this odd adoption of her by the consumers that confuses… [Read more]

Nov 07
sara jay

In the video below the illustrious Sara Jay—of your XXX dreams—combines humor and experience to explain to us what exactly we should and should not do when meeting she or any other porn star out in public. The list is pretty damn funny and seems spot on since I’ve seen fools react in many of these ways with not only porn stars but with celebrities as well. Some of you are probably wondering “well damn, where you seeing porn stars at?” well if you live in California or Florida chances are you passed one by in the grocery store… you just have to be paying attention. The last time I encountered a starlet was in a Subway while on break from work. I recognized the tattoos and checked myself so that I wasn’t staring… let her eat her lunch and moved on with my life…. [Read more]

Nov 01
woman with mercedes

There’s a sort of magic that occurs whenever a man starts driving a German luxury car… he begins to feel “elite”; and why not? People comment on it, kids look up to him, and women who didn’t smile before are playing friendly. It is for these tiny perks (along with the car doing all sorts of luxury magic) that people often make the car their goal for showing the world that they are successful. Are you guilty of this? Reading the articles by self-proclaimed successful women and their issues with dating, I recalled the day when I myself judged a book by its cover… or I should say judged a woman by her car. It was not intentional, but based on who I am it was very hard to realize my bias until afterwards. I had met this woman through a dating website and we decided to… [Read more]

Oct 17
Ice and Coco T

Awhile back I did an article on men getting penile implants for the sake of feeling “manly” around other men rather than for sexual prowess as they would like us to believe. As with many other insecurities that are 100% on a personal level there is always a tendency to place blame on the opposite sex whenever we are the ones who truly dislike ourselves. On a personal level I have dated 2 very different women, one was top heavy (big breasts) with gams that were envied by most onlooking women–but her butt was small, and another had a donk (plump booty) but her breasts were at most a B-cup. Would you believe that both of these women would complain on a constant basis for lack of having a big ass or breasts? In my man’s mind I wondered at their complaints because to me… [Read more]