Jul 30
kristen stewart

When a woman cheats on a man it can be just as devastating as when a man cheats on a woman… maybe even worse. It’s embarrassing, it makes you feel inadequate, helpless, devastated. It brings emotion to a party where it has never been invited and to tell you the truth – most men are not prepared for it. Recently I saw a man get the death penalty here in Florida for walking in on his cheating wife, then getting his pistol and executing them both in cold blood (they were begging and pleading). In the courtroom he was stoic, calm and seemed to be at peace with his fate. He did what many men talk about doing when among their brethren if ever they were to catch their lover with another man. One unforgettable case I saw dealt with a man whose wife drained him to… [Read more]

Jul 24
rihanna hair

I don’t know much about Women’s fashion; some men do (and I applaud their attention to detail) but I choose to remain ignorant to it just like many things in Men’s fashion. I am aloof to the entire subject but I can tell you what I do or do not like. This attitude of mine is pretty common amongst men being that our focus has little to do with what you are wearing, how your hair is done, or what color shoes you chose to go with your dress. Our focus is on you – are you attractive or aren’t you? Being attractive may come from your hair but we’ll let you tell it – if you ask a man what hairstyle on a woman he likes best, do you know what he will say? It’s easy; the man will say whatever hairstyle the majority… [Read more]

Jul 20
man and woman with money

Mind Your Business And Tell Nobody! Seriously I know that most people have the urge to tell the world of their new found wealth because of the power and prestige they think will come with it but this is the worst thing that you can do. Imagine what would happen if you were in a world void of water and your family found a tiny oasis only capable of keeping you alive. What do you think would happen if you announced to everyone that you have it? Not only would every person that barely knows you show up to beg for water but they will never believe you once you tell them that you ran out. Eventually after everyone is aware you have it you will be robbed. People are stupid when it comes to money, absolutely stupid. They will never understand why you won’t pick… [Read more]

Jul 05
couple in a field

I was having lunch with a few of my co-workers at a sports bar when we noticed that the Quarterback from our local College team was there eating with a young woman. This was no big deal of course but when he left one of the guys asked the rest of us “did you see what that chick looked like?” and unfortunately no-one could confirm. So you know why he asked this question? It’s pretty simple actually, we all expect superstar athletes to mess with beautiful women exclusively. Talk about pressure right? I have often heard conversations by men on an athlete’s girlfriend or wife and it often takes on a different tone depending on what the woman looks like. As an example we can use Tom Brady who is married to Supermodel Gisele Bundchen; men speak of Tom as a full on stud based… [Read more]

Jun 06
lolo jones olympian

Lady Dragon Lolo Jones volunteered information about her virginity on a recent HBO show and the news went immediately viral. Suddenly every blogger and journalist alive had a solution to the poor virgin’s plight and was offering up articles as to who she should sleep with, what she should do to cure her virgin disease and all sorts of other nonsense. Frankly it was disgusting and a bit of a shock to me seeing that many of these articles came from magazines that prided themselves as being “for women”. Look, it isn’t so much that it is none of our business if an older woman (Lolo is 29 yrs. old) hasn’t been deflowered; it is the fact that we now assume that she wants our advice on getting laid. Why is virginity such a bad thing? Is a good looking virgin such a bad thing?… [Read more]

May 24
depressed old man

Doctors seem to be full of it many times (at least to us men), they come in an hour later, glance at a few papers, guess at some mess and then prescribe you pills. Not to mention the fat bill that shows up about a month later after you leave the office feeling no better than you went in. This is the general attitude that men have with the medical field and it is the reason why your man refuses to go despite the pain that he may be going through. I know that I am not a big fan of doctors having been sent home to self-heal enough times (with a hefty bill) but there are a few more reasons why the doctor is a last option for me during sick time… Men Are Stubborn And We Like To Procrastinate Calling up a doctor… [Read more]

May 22
lady gaga felt up

Last Saturday I went to dinner with a friend, and saw a reality show celebrity in the company of her husband, son, and another male at dinner. My dinner company was the first to recognize the son, and when I turned around I saw the familiar short, blond hair cut of the woman. I was amazed at how quickly my girl recognized them, and I had to admit this moment would have easily passed me had I been alone. Am I that unaware? Most importantly, I had no desire to “meet” her, and even as I walked past her table I had absolutely no urge to “holler” at her in the typical ways fans do. This led to a conversation with my friend who shared that another individual who is big in the game was highly insulted when Jasmine Guy did not acknowledge him as… [Read more]

May 15
happy guy talking to girl

Don’t you hate nosy people? I know I do. Many of us men come up being extremely private to the point where we turn off family members and friends just by the amount of silence we keep about our love lives. Oft times this code of silence comes from being burnt one too many times by big-mouthed people who make us feel uncomfortable for our preferences and choices throughout our dating lives. Having dated a number of different women from across the spectrum of race, style and class – I know all too well the comments and hurtful jokes that gets thrown at single men for their choices. When I was in college I dated a number of light-skinned black girls, not because that was my thing, but because they were the ones who were talking back to me. You know the game denizens, hell… [Read more]