May 24
depressed old man

Doctors seem to be full of it many times (at least to us men), they come in an hour later, glance at a few papers, guess at some mess and then prescribe you pills. Not to mention the fat bill that shows up about a month later after you leave the office feeling no better than you went in. This is the general attitude that men have with the medical field and it is the reason why your man refuses to go despite the pain that he may be going through. I know that I am not a big fan of doctors having been sent home to self-heal enough times (with a hefty bill) but there are a few more reasons why the doctor is a last option for me during sick time… Men Are Stubborn And We Like To Procrastinate Calling up a doctor… [Read more]

May 22
lady gaga felt up

Last Saturday I went to dinner with a friend, and saw a reality show celebrity in the company of her husband, son, and another male at dinner. My dinner company was the first to recognize the son, and when I turned around I saw the familiar short, blond hair cut of the woman. I was amazed at how quickly my girl recognized them, and I had to admit this moment would have easily passed me had I been alone. Am I that unaware? Most importantly, I had no desire to “meet” her, and even as I walked past her table I had absolutely no urge to “holler” at her in the typical ways fans do. This led to a conversation with my friend who shared that another individual who is big in the game was highly insulted when Jasmine Guy did not acknowledge him as… [Read more]

May 21
man depressed

As human beings we tend to come off as being competitive by nature due in part to our comparison check whenever we hear about somebody’s success or failure. As an employee, when we learn of someone being in the same field as we are, we always want to know how much they make. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how long someone has done their job, how much education and experience they have towards it and at what situation a company was in when they hired them; if they make more than we do, we get upset and feel small for it. A couple of average looking girls will tear a beautiful stranger down behind her back because a guy that they like is trying to talk to her (happens all the time). A skinny, nerdy guy will be ridiculed quietly in the gym for having… [Read more]

May 15
happy guy talking to girl

Don’t you hate nosy people? I know I do. Many of us men come up being extremely private to the point where we turn off family members and friends just by the amount of silence we keep about our love lives. Oft times this code of silence comes from being burnt one too many times by big-mouthed people who make us feel uncomfortable for our preferences and choices throughout our dating lives. Having dated a number of different women from across the spectrum of race, style and class – I know all too well the comments and hurtful jokes that gets thrown at single men for their choices. When I was in college I dated a number of light-skinned black girls, not because that was my thing, but because they were the ones who were talking back to me. You know the game denizens, hell… [Read more]

May 10
Disgruntled woman

There’s an interesting occurrence that comes up whenever you mix one part single, pretty girl with a few non-confident guys that like her and an oblivious confident guy who merely sees her has dating potential. See, the confident guy will have sex with some effort and attention given, while the other lot will sit back and become both resentful and hateful of them both. What makes this even more interesting is that 60% of the guys will ignore her, 10% will try lines and PUA games, and the other 30% will pretend as if they didn’t care either way. It starts in school when us boys finally figure out that girls are pretty and that having a pretty one as our girlfriend will make us more like our uncles or our Alpha Male heroes that are shown on TV. Little boys being naturally shy will… [Read more]

May 09
Friends pondering a relationship

Men all agree that going after a woman for romance only to wind up in her friend zone absolutely sucks. Many times it is due to our lack of game, terrible timing, or fear of asking (for you guys who think that a woman will just get the hint by you hanging out with her). There is a subset of guys however who think that they are in the friend zone but in reality are in a “holding cell”. This creates a complex dilemma for the woman because she does not want that guy to be in her friend zone but is too shy to upgrade him, fears he will reject her, or fears the chance of losing him altogether. Who are these guys? Many times these are the childhood friends who became handsome winners as they got older. Some of these men may have been put in the friend… [Read more]

Apr 17
Creepy stalker guy

Have you ever made an advance at a particularly sexy lady, only to have her blow you off out of nowhere? What about when you hear from her girlfriend later on that you creeped her out and she was afraid of you? Chances are you have done one of the 5 things listed here, and if that is the case we offer up some suggestions on how to avoid being creepy when talking to a woman. 1. Prolonged Eye Contact  This is a tricky one because there is a thin line between a lingering glance and a blatant stare. A man should avoid staring down a woman because it can come off as intimidating and scary. Stare down your enemy, not the cute young thing that you want to have sex with. If you find that your attempt at eye-contact is constantly leading to women… [Read more]

Apr 12
washing hands with soap

I hate shaking hands, I really do, hell I wish we would just bow like the Japanese or even kiss the air by each other cheeks… like cute Latinas do. I admit it, I am one of those freaks who would rather not shake hands with you… but the socially awkward penguin within me does not make me strong enough to just refuse. Want to know why? Consider this scenario: I am networking heavily at a conference of peers when the panel breaks for lunch within the next room. The lunch for the day comprises mostly of finger foods and I am starving and anxious to eat. The line for the food is extremely long however and my partners have to depart… so naturally we shake hands and the only thought within my mind is the dirty, icky feeling that comes with hand to hand… [Read more]