May 10
Disgruntled woman

There’s an interesting occurrence that comes up whenever you mix one part single, pretty girl with a few non-confident guys that like her and an oblivious confident guy who merely sees her has dating potential. See, the confident guy will have sex with some effort and attention given, while the other lot will sit back and become both resentful and hateful of them both. What makes this even more interesting is that 60% of the guys will ignore her, 10% will try lines and PUA games, and the other 30% will pretend as if they didn’t care either way. It starts in school when us boys finally figure out that girls are pretty and that having a pretty one as our girlfriend will make us more like our uncles or our Alpha Male heroes that are shown on TV. Little boys being naturally shy will… [Read more]

May 09
Friends pondering a relationship

Men all agree that going after a woman for romance only to wind up in her friend zone absolutely sucks. Many times it is due to our lack of game, terrible timing, or fear of asking (for you guys who think that a woman will just get the hint by you hanging out with her). There is a subset of guys however who think that they are in the friend zone but in reality are in a “holding cell”. This creates a complex dilemma for the woman because she does not want that guy to be in her friend zone but is too shy to upgrade him, fears he will reject her, or fears the chance of losing him altogether. Who are these guys? Many times these are the childhood friends who became handsome winners as they got older. Some of these men may have been put in the friend… [Read more]

Apr 17
Creepy stalker guy

Have you ever made an advance at a particularly sexy lady, only to have her blow you off out of nowhere? What about when you hear from her girlfriend later on that you creeped her out and she was afraid of you? Chances are you have done one of the 5 things listed here, and if that is the case we offer up some suggestions on how to avoid being creepy when talking to a woman. 1. Prolonged Eye Contact  This is a tricky one because there is a thin line between a lingering glance and a blatant stare. A man should avoid staring down a woman because it can come off as intimidating and scary. Stare down your enemy, not the cute young thing that you want to have sex with. If you find that your attempt at eye-contact is constantly leading to women… [Read more]

Apr 12
washing hands with soap

I hate shaking hands, I really do, hell I wish we would just bow like the Japanese or even kiss the air by each other cheeks… like cute Latinas do. I admit it, I am one of those freaks who would rather not shake hands with you… but the socially awkward penguin within me does not make me strong enough to just refuse. Want to know why? Consider this scenario: I am networking heavily at a conference of peers when the panel breaks for lunch within the next room. The lunch for the day comprises mostly of finger foods and I am starving and anxious to eat. The line for the food is extremely long however and my partners have to depart… so naturally we shake hands and the only thought within my mind is the dirty, icky feeling that comes with hand to hand… [Read more]

Apr 05
Author Samantha Brick

A few days ago Samantha Brick of The Daily Mail wrote an article about how her beauty had made her an enemy of many women and helped her get ahead in her career with the men. While the contents of her article were no surprise to me, having observed the curse of beauty in women, it immediately went viral beyond anything that she was ready for. Do you want to know why? Samantha Brick happens to be a blonde, white woman with confidence in her looks, at least that’s what she came off as in the article and as we all know, the average woman HATES that and I will tell you why. When I penned The Curse of Being a Beautiful Woman, I had no idea that it would be a popular article on this site. I thought that a few people would read… [Read more]

Apr 02
Mixed couple in bed fighting

There have been quite a few guys that have gotten in trouble for masturbating in the absence of their girlfriends or wives. Why did they get in trouble? Well it is normally a mix of mistrust, misunderstanding and naivete by the woman. See a man may look at masturbation as a means to an end, he has the urge and he wants to alleviate it as soon as possible. Some women counter that they should be enough to satisfy a man’s desires, but men require action at a much more aggressive rate than a woman does and a woman who has a problem with her man masturbating is probably not a sexual nymph that is willing to go at any given moment. Hence the problem. It is for this reason that I advise men to get with women who match their tastes in sex and… [Read more]

Feb 28

  So the Academy Awards Ship set sail, went by and was talked about for all of 10 minutes by myself and my fellows. One thing that stuck out to me in conversation with one of my buds was that sexy had an age limit with certain men. Observe this conversation: Greg: Cameron Diaz is so damn goofy at times but did you check out J-Lo’s cleavage dress? Friend: (hisses his teeth) Ya I saw her… what is she like 40 now? Greg: Around that age, but she’s still got it going on… Friend: Sure, but you know… it’s like, we’ve seen it a million times. Greg: Who her? Friend: Ya, I was looking at(insert young actress), now she was cute to me (trails off into describing other actress). That conversation is par for the course for guys; chances are you yourself have had them. It makes… [Read more]

Feb 09

If you aren’t keeping a solid bit of savings, keeping up with your bills and minding your life and business then you are a burden on those who know you, one way or another. There is a reason why you see millionaire athletes crying broke after being released from their team and it is no different from your sister with the high income job who somehow ends up begging you for $100 every other month to pay her light bill. The reason is a lack of knowledge, or a lack of caring to learn the birds and the bees of financial education. It is one thing to not know what you’re doing but this article is for those of you who have access to the knowledge but choose instead to live recklessly. Money – It’s All about Our Outlook I think that the deciding factor… [Read more]