Feb 03

Editor’s Note: Now the contents of this article are my super-twisted and toxically cynical opinion on religion, Eddie Long and humanity in general. There is no teaching here, or lessons, or analysis, this is simply a “what in the hell is wrong with people?” type of rant. So read at your own risk and if you get offended then you can take it up in the commentary. You have been warned. * * * * Meet Bishop Eddie Long, one of the biggest pimps in America today by the laws of The Game and the pimp god himself. Eddie’s game is so silky that it bypasses men like Hugh Hefner in the way that the world has accepted their pimping. Recently, Eddie has been accused of “playing” with young boys all while collecting large sums of bank from his “sheep”. A few days ago Eddie… [Read more]

Jan 31

I’m sick of short guys complaining all the time as if we tall people were born lucky and have it much easier in the world than they do. The fact of the matter is the only real complaint that a short guy has is with the importance that women have placed on height! The only reason that we get dates any easier is due to the invention of the high-heel shoe; the heel adds 2, 3, 4, hell sometimes 6 inches to a woman’s height and since they never want to be the tall one – well do the math. There is your complaint. Let me explain to you some of the reasons why being tall sucks, everyone has their issues but tall isn’t automatically a win. First off, I am 6’2” and that’s tall but it isn’t extremely tall – so I can only… [Read more]

Jan 23

I am an avid listener of the Steve Harvey Morning Show, and especially of the Strawberry Letter – an email letter format for listeners who seek advice. The majority of the advice sought is about love and relationships, and to a lesser extent other family situations. These letters run the gamut of serious enough for a referral for professional intervention, to downright trifling, repetitive, and stupid! Ooops! Did I say that? Anyway, recently Steve and his cohost Shirley (last name Strawberry) received a letter from a woman who stated she was in a relationship with a married man. She suggested to him for his wife to join them in a threesome (every man’s fantasy right???). After some hesitation on the part of Mr. and Mrs. Down For Anything, this ménage trois was on and popping. This fantastic instigator claims that her lover’s wife is now… [Read more]

Jan 09

One of the most interesting things that men admit to in life and on the internet is counting down the years and months until a girl celebrity becomes a woman. Sure at times it comes off as a joke but when a friend tells me Chloe Moretz looked “hot” in Kick Ass, I mentally add him to a list of “dudes who would never be left alone with a daughter of mine”. Chances are you have noticed these statements too (trust me) and you’ve either participated in them or scoffed and kept it moving without addressing how truly creepy it is. I am not calling these men pedophiles, we’ve all been tricked into staring at jailbait at one time or another, but there’s just something off about the whole culture of age watching. As a man who prefers my mangos ripe, soft and sweet as… [Read more]

Dec 19

It’s amazing how we men are known for our egos but when I hear the way a woman talk about sex you would think that the game was flipped and we (men) were truly the ones who play shy and innocent about our sexual inhibitions. Recently I was listening to an excellent podcast by Hall denizen Up4Dsn (Up 4 Discussion) and his partner (Goddess Intellect I think…) was saying how hard she would go at fixing the issue if she found out that she couldn’t make her man orgasm. This gave me pause as I remembered the many discussions I have had with women about the very same subject and felt I needed to respond. Women stop assuming, it’s always about you! There are many reasons for a guy to freeze up on orgasm, very rarely does it have to do with you being horrible… [Read more]

Dec 12

As a child coming up, I used to see my mother and her friends have conversations around dinner and I was amused at how none of them could finish a sentence. As soon as mom would start to talk, the friend would inject with her own bit, then another would inject on her and the cycle continued. None of them raised their voice or got upset, yet the conversation continued for long periods of time. It was as if the interruptions were accepted, known and unable to break the flow of discussion. To this day I cannot fathom how people are able to communicate like that. As I got older I began to realize that I had somehow been shifted into a category of people who are meant to be the sponge for others who feel the need to vent, brag or complain. If I… [Read more]

Dec 06

This isn’t a bait and switch, the title reflects exactly what I am about to write here. I’ve noticed that as the tide of tolerance comes in, some men (and I’m sure women too, but I can only speak about the men), okay some men will not change their views on sexism and racism. I have a zero tolerance attitude towards bigots for this reason. A guy may act tolerant and nice to your face, but behind closed doors he takes off the mask and goes to sleep the same monster that he was when he put the mask on before leaving work. When I wrote the article on nerds being sexist and racist, I recalled an incident at an old job where a man went on a rant for minutes to me about the prequels having female Jedis in it. He was a good… [Read more]

Nov 30

Despite what movies and books depict, you are not guaranteed to do better than the cool people in your High School just because you were a social reject. The one part of being the social reject that people tend to ignore in movies (and in life) is that the social reject that becomes the baller has a few necessary components to achieve success. Being intelligent is great but do you have drive with that intelligence? Do you finish what you start? Are you the type to stay up nights obsessing over your business plan, your invention, and your future money maker? Many of you don’t but you assume that being the outcast in high school has afforded you the privilege of attending the class reunion in 10 years to laugh at all the hecklers who are now clerks at the local mall or mopping floors… [Read more]