Dec 19

It’s amazing how we men are known for our egos but when I hear the way a woman talk about sex you would think that the game was flipped and we (men) were truly the ones who play shy and innocent about our sexual inhibitions. Recently I was listening to an excellent podcast by Hall denizen Up4Dsn (Up 4 Discussion) and his partner (Goddess Intellect I think…) was saying how hard she would go at fixing the issue if she found out that she couldn’t make her man orgasm. This gave me pause as I remembered the many discussions I have had with women about the very same subject and felt I needed to respond. Women stop assuming, it’s always about you! There are many reasons for a guy to freeze up on orgasm, very rarely does it have to do with you being horrible… [Read more]

Dec 12

As a child coming up, I used to see my mother and her friends have conversations around dinner and I was amused at how none of them could finish a sentence. As soon as mom would start to talk, the friend would inject with her own bit, then another would inject on her and the cycle continued. None of them raised their voice or got upset, yet the conversation continued for long periods of time. It was as if the interruptions were accepted, known and unable to break the flow of discussion. To this day I cannot fathom how people are able to communicate like that. As I got older I began to realize that I had somehow been shifted into a category of people who are meant to be the sponge for others who feel the need to vent, brag or complain. If I… [Read more]

Dec 07

Do you ever think on something that you do constantly and ask yourself “why do I even bother”? Well believe it or not many of us do little things that we think is productive but it turns out to be merely an activity and not the purpose that we set out to accomplish. A great example of this that I can personally remember deals with athletics and more specifically: athlete parents. I had the privilege of teen-sitting my girlfriend’s daughter for a week and being that she’s a little warrior I was made to play athlete parent for her cross country event. While out there I did a bit of people watching and literally shook my head at some of the people I saw running (or trying to run) with their kids, screaming like maniacs and trying their best to motivate them as they ran… [Read more]

Dec 06

This isn’t a bait and switch, the title reflects exactly what I am about to write here. I’ve noticed that as the tide of tolerance comes in, some men (and I’m sure women too, but I can only speak about the men), okay some men will not change their views on sexism and racism. I have a zero tolerance attitude towards bigots for this reason. A guy may act tolerant and nice to your face, but behind closed doors he takes off the mask and goes to sleep the same monster that he was when he put the mask on before leaving work. When I wrote the article on nerds being sexist and racist, I recalled an incident at an old job where a man went on a rant for minutes to me about the prequels having female Jedis in it. He was a good… [Read more]

Nov 30

Despite what movies and books depict, you are not guaranteed to do better than the cool people in your High School just because you were a social reject. The one part of being the social reject that people tend to ignore in movies (and in life) is that the social reject that becomes the baller has a few necessary components to achieve success. Being intelligent is great but do you have drive with that intelligence? Do you finish what you start? Are you the type to stay up nights obsessing over your business plan, your invention, and your future money maker? Many of you don’t but you assume that being the outcast in high school has afforded you the privilege of attending the class reunion in 10 years to laugh at all the hecklers who are now clerks at the local mall or mopping floors… [Read more]

Oct 24

One night I was with this beauty on our 4th session of the horizontal mambo and things were really beginning to heat up. It was college, we were horny & experimental (isn’t that what college is all about) and I wanted to show her my talents. Going at it the way an 18 yr old with an agenda does, this girl raises up out of her cowgirl and straight hit me with a stream of golden you-know-what. Pause! The hell just happened? It happened so quick that I didn’t know what to do… should I channel my inner Mr. Marcus and continue to beat the dust off of “that thing” or do I go Bugsy Siegel and throw her off of me like “what’s the matter with you!?” I won’t say which way I went with that one but the two extremes I considered are… [Read more]

Oct 19

My first “smart phone” was a Blackberry. I came into the game late bypassing the large, full qwerty pad monstrosities (that business people carried like a badge of honor) and started my fellowship with a smaller phone that lumped the letters together. Today, I own the newest brand of T-Mobile’s family of Blackberries, it’s small, has a full qwerty keyboard and a touch pad for all the sliding that I need on apps. The phone is great for my needs; I answer my client’s emails, write hundreds of articles and tweet nonsense whenever I have a break. Little did I know that loving this phone had put me on the uncool team of a popularity contest. The iPhone craze of yesteryear ushered in a cult following to Apple that has caused the geeks of the world to look down on the company. To them IPhones… [Read more]

Oct 11

Nothing strokes a culture of mediocrity like Social Networking, I mean it is absolutely scary the way it works. Being a part of a Social Network is like being in a population of people forced to share one giant apartment complex on an island. See within that analogy you will have some people that want to know and get along with everyone (because this makes them “popular”), some who want to become famous and others who hide out in their rooms listening silently to the chatter going on outside. On Facebook – the king of all Social Networks I have found that the only people that cherish the space are those who can play the game, or those who are somewhat delusional about their importance. Playing the game If you were to take the time to examine your massive friends list of ex-classmates, ex-lovers, people… [Read more]