Oct 05

Think being a man means forgoing the pleasures (and pains) of beautification? Think again. Many men are indulging in a number of treatments typically considered to be in the female domain. From the basics like manicures and pedicures (men are advised to use clear polish), to the more specific like skin treatments, there is no reason to think being a man means living without the comforts of cosmetic pleasures. In the last year alone more than one million men had a cosmetic dermatology procedure. Here are five great dermatology procedures offered for men: Botox, Restalyne, and other fillers Men get wrinkles, too. And though some men can wear age well, others may yearn for the days of their youth. You may never get the chance to be 17 again, but with a few Botox injections you might look pretty darn close to it. Worried about… [Read more]

Sep 13
woman in bed

Everyone has an opinion about tattoos, from concerned parents, to people whose only experience with them is seeing Wiz Khalifa on a music video. We can all agree that tattoos have blown up into the mainstream at a rate that is faster than the speed of light and a culture once reserved for “true rebels” has become another fad like dreads, piercings, and bleaching one’s hair. But so what? Personally I admire tattoos, being an artist I cannot help but glare in amazement at a Yakuza-caliber sleeve on someone’s arm, or a well done likeness of someone’s parent, favorite celebrity, or cartoon character. When I see subpar work, or something I feel is just plain stupid (ice cream cone on the face), I keep it to myself and keep it moving. I wish everyone else would do the same (let people be) yet almost weekly… [Read more]

Sep 06
woman bites salami

Part Two: The Art of Female Manipulation Women in general like big penises; let us get this out of the way before we go further into breaking down the power of penis size and the reason why so many men are getting enhanced surgically. In my short life I’ve only seen really vile women come out strongly about the size of their man’s package. Women know how much importance men place on their penis size so they either keep the opinion to themselves or use it to manipulate men in different ways. Consider the following: First time having sex – a girl will compliment your size the day after (in a very cute and coy way) not only to let you know that she is down to do it again but also to keep you around because she legitimately likes you. Break up with a woman in… [Read more]

Aug 09
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Part One: It’s Deeper Than The Women Recently I read a wonderful post by Peter Lloyd on the topic of male enhancement surgery and the huge surge of men rushing out to get it. The article touched on the self-image issues that many men have, especially in the penis size department and the drastic steps we take to get past it. Mr. Lloyd’s points were solid, especially concerning the impact size has in the love life and personal life of men worldwide. But the one portion of his article that I couldn’t agree on was the assertion that it is the fault of women that we are so penis-conscious. I move that it is our own fault gentlemen, and it is something that we put on each other from the time that we are innocent children playing in the bathtub to adults comparing ourselves to… [Read more]

Jul 13
cheap suit with shades

Suits have been the uniform of the sophisticated man for a very long time. The most iconic male celebrities have worn them; in the early 1900’s a man would not be right without one and nowadays it’s a luxury that many want but few understand. Many people do not know how to spot a quality suit from one of it’s cheaper knock-offs; this can be remedied by a bit of attention to detail and knowledge as to what one should be looking for. The experts over at Modern Gentleman say that there is no defining characteristic but more of a sum of elements which would determine if a suit is quality or not. Good for the metro on a budget right? Well here is a summary of the things to look for when analyzing a suit and you can read the full article after the jump. Canvas… [Read more]

Apr 26
Beautiful latina smiling

Editor’s Note: One of our most popular themes on The Hall has always been about the curse of beauty and the bonuses and penalties that come along with it. Many of us have a hard time seeing how being born beautiful can have any negative aspects but many of us agree that it does. To help illustrate the good and the bad of being born beautiful, our own Nadia Arain breaks it down in the following list: Being an attractive woman (PROS): Everyone looks at you! Everyone. Your self-esteem is usually through the roof because you KNOW you’re the center of attention. People marvel at your aesthetics! You get free stuff. Free meals, drinks, rides, AND you get served faster. Since when have you heard that gorgeous people pay for things? Compliments, and lots of them. Having a bad day? Whatever, someone’s bound to compliment you and… [Read more]

Apr 16
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Improving your appearance will get you more looks from the opposite sex and more looks can be translated into more dating opportunities. One of the most important reasons for being yourself in both your appearance and your attitude is because you want to attract a woman or man that will appreciate you. Many times I read forums and blogs where men are suggesting for other men to switch up their dress and “fake it till you make it” in order to attract a girl or score a date. The same can be seen on web spaces where a nerdy girl complains for lack of dates due to men not being interested etc. The problem with this “fake it till you make it” advice is that while it does work, you may end up landing a fish from the wrong side of the pond. Don’t Change… [Read more]

Apr 27

You mention “good smell” to a man and immediately he thinks of some super pretty boy in the mirror taking five hours to apply his “look” for the day. This stereotype leads to guys thinking that it is okay to “smell like a man”, ie: smelling like cheap cologne, sweat, or old lotion. The following paragraphs are a primer for these men in the ways of smelling good without taking a hit to your masculinity. Take it from me; these items work and you will be very pleased with the result. So what should a macho guy get in order to smell sexy for the ladies? Cologne As a man choosing your cologne wisely can make or break your ensemble when you’re out on the dating scene. When choosing a cologne what I used to do was to buy several of them and then wear… [Read more]