Sep 05

I was out wallet shopping and ran into one of these beauties recently. The front pocket wallet, as it’s name states, is meant to be carried… in your front pocket. Traditional wallets are literally a pain in the ass. We sit on them, do the lean and reach to pull them out and get them snatched by pick pockets in certain areas. It has a ton of negatives but of course we own wallets to carry our cards, the receipts we receive from those cards and for some, pictures of family, animals and other items. The front pocket wallet can come with compartments for your cards and money, while you do lose out on the images of family etc. you have to realize that nobody gives a crap about looking at them outside of you (just being honest). So there’s some compromise there which means… [Read more]

Apr 27

You mention “good smell” to a man and immediately he thinks of some super pretty boy in the mirror taking five hours to apply his “look” for the day. This stereotype leads to guys thinking that it is okay to “smell like a man”, ie: smelling like cheap cologne, sweat, or old lotion. The following paragraphs are a primer for these men in the ways of smelling good without taking a hit to your masculinity. Take it from me; these items work and you will be very pleased with the result. So what should a macho guy get in order to smell sexy for the ladies? Cologne As a man choosing your cologne wisely can make or break your ensemble when you’re out on the dating scene. When choosing a cologne what I used to do was to buy several of them and then wear… [Read more]

Apr 21

The beauty industry is the ugliest in the world, THE ugliest. No ifs, ands, or buts! I may have a biased view on this stance, but working numerous years in the beauty industry has made me realize one thing. If you aren’t attractive, you won’t be getting a job working behind a cosmetics counter or in a Parfumerie. It’s the horrific truth and all applicants are judged on their looks first. I know this because I was recruiting for “appropriate staff” for Chanel and YSL cosmetic counters and conducting interviews with applicants. One day my account manager had been off sick for a while and I had to step in and run the account myself with the leadership skills I had; for example: run figures and everything that comes along with the position. To me, when recruiting – it was about the skills and final… [Read more]

Feb 18

I don’t know what it was that made me avoid them, maybe it was those terrible pictures that come on the packaging of a dude sans shirt in a pair, looking like nasty spandex guy. Whatever it was I didn’t want anything to do with them, them being of course boxer briefs. The ex-girlfriend used to stay on my case to “try” them and I was so hesitant and against it that I didn’t even do it, see for me swinging wild in boxer land was the place to be. As a general rule it would be boxers daily except on the days where you had to do slacks (having a “print” is not cool, despite what Meatballs 3 tried to teach you.) Now I simply don’t want to wear anything else, boxer briefs are the perfect combination of both worlds. If you have to… [Read more]

Jan 14

Listen if you’re working out and missing sleep, you are performing like a race car that’s stuck on a road laced with oil – You are on a disastrous path, going nowhere and very unlikely to reach your perceived goal!  Let’s pretend that our bodies are machines fueled by rechargeable batteries that deplete every 16 hrs or so, your reserves are deep but when the battery uses the reserves the machine is unable to improve and instead uses sacrifice to keep it functioning. This sacrifice comes in the way of exhaustion, mood swings, complexion and of course strength. With diet and supplements we try to replace the items sacrificed and it works but the body will still refuse to improve based on the status of that battery life. As a workaholic, grinder and bodybuilder, I know all the excuses for missing sleep. Hell give me… [Read more]

Dec 09

“Pull up yo britches!!”  This phrase used to be heard whenever there was a person wearing their pants, slacks, or jeans below the waist (usually without a belt) out in the black community.  However, nowadays, you really don’t hear that phrase, even though, the practice of sagging, wearing pants below the waist or “sagging” as it has been termed has become more common place.  You’ve seen them.  That guy wearing the wife-beater, boxers and buttocks proudly exposed above their jeans, which are “sagged” so low they might as well be socks.  They’re everywhere, in our schools, streets, and especially on our TV.   It is unfortunate that this has become the stereotypical uniform of our black youth.  Youth, who are just mimicking the fashions seen in music videos produced by Hip Hop’s finest, such as Lil Wayne, Yung Joc, and many others.  A fashion trend, believe… [Read more]

Nov 01

You know the confusion and misinformation on men and our choice of hairdos will never come to an end in the black community but maybe I can shed some light on the observations I’ve made amongst my fellow “men of color”. The natural hair movement is in full effect as former perms are being replaced rapidly by ceasers, afros and natural braids. With this movement there will be those who tell you that they made “the big chop” for hair health reasons and others who say that it is only another hairstyle that they are trying out. The stigma with natural women however seems to be that they are all stuck-up, Erykah Badu types that point fingers at women who kept a perm or weave. Just Look Good in Your Tresses One of the other tired attack memes on black males (besides our inherent love… [Read more]

Aug 19

Over the past decade or so, tattoos have become mainstream to say the least. Our culture has finally advanced to a point where anyone can get ink, not just inmates and sailors. Your mother will still hate it, but overall you probably aren’t going to be browbeat for your body art by society. Hell it’s so acceptable now TV is flooded with tattoo reality shows: Miami Ink, Inked, Tattoo Wars, LA Ink… Pretty much anyone and everyone is getting some kind of tattoo of all sorts of things. PLEASE consider a few things before you get a tattoo of your own. First thing’s first: making the choice. I don’t mean making the choice to get one or not – either you get one or you don’t. The critical choice is subject matter. Tattoos are a very personal matter, and I would be wrong to try… [Read more]