Feb 27
Jared Leto with hairbun pointing

  Editor’s note: This is a lighthearted post made to address the current trend of men wearing “buns” and is not meant to harass or offend. If you have a man-bun and are already offended (I know you are), you may want to keep it moving. All credit for this post goes to Jordan the barber of properbarbershop.com. If you need that top-knot chopped off properly, holler at your man. As a veteran esthetics professional, I feel it my duty to respond to this trend. Gentlemen, it is my opinion that said hairstyle looks amazing on exactly 1% of the male population. Exemptions include actual Samurai and people of Asian or Pacific Island decent.. Last exemption goes to dudes who really and truly, don’t give a fuck. If you have been paid for being really, really, ridiculously good looking or, you’re auditioning to be in… [Read more]

Dec 13

I have a secret… in my private life I am a wrist watch hawking, window shopping, dandy with an eye for colorful shirts, sports coats, and great shoes. Why is this a secret? Well it’s a bit of a private love of mine, and like many men who like fashion, I wish that all my brothers would drop the homophobia and look towards dressing better. In honor of men’s fashion—until I can find a writer to own this topic—from now on I will be sharing some of the gems that I find around the web that can help the monochrome dressing male step their gear up into “Modern Gentleman” status. There are many guys out there with blogs and pictorials to help us branch out but many are unknown to the average reader. Martell Campbell is a man that likes to dress and his article… [Read more]

Aug 09

One thing that we men love to do with our sons is to deck them out in the coolest gear that is somewhat reflective of the values we aim to place on them later. You’ve all seen it before, the little gentleman in his hat and matching vest with baby oxfords on, or the baby in all matching gear holding on to dad for dear life. It’s absolutely cool to have a mini-me that can match or complement you when you’re out and about isn’t it? I’ve always wondered at what age does  a father or mother start to influence the dress code on junior. From general observation it seems to be around the time he starts to walk. But what if the influence could start earlier – like from the time he is able to drool? Well Couture For Kids is a company that… [Read more]

Aug 07

Did you ever think that luxury hangers would be something that you would need in your closet? If you answered no to this I will let you know right now that your game may not be where it needs to be. Let me explain. One thing that men tend to neglect above anything else in their dress and day-to-day habits is the attention to detail when it comes to life’s trifles. A sophisticated gentleman is noticed not because of the expensive suit he is wearing—granted he does get some looks for it—but the accessories and his attention to the little trifles are what put him over. As men we look at things like shoes, socks, belts, watches and cufflinks as fluff items that are hidden away by our clothes, so we say “why bother to spend money and time getting the best when nobody will… [Read more]

Jul 29

It’s no big secret that cufflinks are one of the classiest accessories a man can have (just ask Don Draper).  They add understated panache to a dress shirt and have the transformative powers to make any average Joe feel like Mr. 007 himself.  The problem that many men experience is that, being that cufflinks is not a piece we incorporate into our everyday attire, we don’t know the first thing about this accessory.  If this describes you (you know who you are) this guide will take you by the hand and show you all of the various types of cufflinks that will help you to dress like a man of distinction. The Big Wide World of Cufflinks Regardless of the type of cufflink you choose, know that the shirt you are accessorizing must have a French cuff. What is that exactly? It means that the… [Read more]

Apr 30

As a grown man who loves music there may be times when your instinct is to dress according to the musical culture as opposed to the safe boundaries of “grown folks” gear. We’ve all seen it… and we have all judged the man based on his clothes. You know exactly what I am talking about; men in sideways caps and jerseys, old 80’s rocker t-shirts, wife-beaters… I can keep going. See the problem with dressing this way is that you are expected to do a bit better than follow “the wave” as a confident man. Some old-school rappers still dress a certain way but even though it represents the culture, and is expected of them, it still looks childish to anyone on the outside looking in. This is why we stress a time and a place for your wardrobe. Clothing for the metro-man is like armor for… [Read more]

Apr 22

Ever see a well-dressed old man? There is something almost regal about a cool, grey-haired player with what comes off as an immortal mojo to his style doesn’t it? Well if you aspire to have a style that goes beyond fads, your wife dressing you, or social conventions, then keep reading as we guide you on the path to cool. When you decide that you want to be a gentleman there are a few events, situations, and random annoyances that will pop up to which you will need to be in attendance. It is for this that having the appropriate attire for said events should be purchased and kept in good shape so that when they occur you are not scrambling to purchase a tie, have the salesman tie it for you, and then run off with a crushed up shirt and belt that doesn’t match! Men make the… [Read more]

Jan 10
athletes with basketball

Around the area where I live (Florida) the dress code has always been one of relaxation. This sounds good to an out-of-towner because the sunny South is associated with vacation, retirement and peace. Work around a “vacation spot” for a few years and you realize that it is anything but that—unless you are Mitt Romney rich—because like anywhere else people struggle to get by. In the South boys sag their pants, wear wife-beaters as tank tops and long shorts that seem to favor boxers. These same kids will wear flip-flops to complete the “I just got out of bed” ensemble but will wear long socks with it. It would be fine if the fashion was the end of this movement but the people who dress this way seem to take on the attitude of sleepiness. At the movie theater I listened in on an assembly… [Read more]