Jan 03

There is nothing like a man that is well put together and smells good. Appearances are not everything but they are all you have before you actually get to know someone. Personally, I would entertain a guy that is not my type if he is well groomed. And I don’t mean those divo types that are high maintenance males. Give me a man’s man that pays attention to the details. Things like a clean cut face, neatly maintained hair (shaved, dreads, whatever, key word NEAT), clean nails (yes, that matters), and smelling good will get you points with me. Especially the smelling good part. If nothing else it will hold my attention long enough to hear you out. Certain scents I will forever love on most men. I call them my panty droppers. Not every scent works for everybody, something about body chemistry changes the… [Read more]

Oct 05

Think being a man means forgoing the pleasures (and pains) of beautification? Think again. Many men are indulging in a number of treatments typically considered to be in the female domain. From the basics like manicures and pedicures (men are advised to use clear polish), to the more specific like skin treatments, there is no reason to think being a man means living without the comforts of cosmetic pleasures. In the last year alone more than one million men had a cosmetic dermatology procedure. Here are five great dermatology procedures offered for men: Botox, Restalyne, and other fillers Men get wrinkles, too. And though some men can wear age well, others may yearn for the days of their youth. You may never get the chance to be 17 again, but with a few Botox injections you might look pretty darn close to it. Worried about… [Read more]

Jun 15

Smiles are amazing aren’t they? They can warm you up to someone, invite you in, hide malicious intent, you name it. A smile is what let’s you know that someone is happy, pleased or warm enough to engage. Most people love a good genuine smile; am I right? Today The Hall of The Black Dragon would like to showcase 20 celebs with the best smiles, 10 for the ladies and 10 for the gentlemen. Our 10 Favorite Female Celebrity Smiles… Our 10 Favorite Male Celebrity Smiles… So did we get everybody that crossed your mind? Let us know who we may have missed in the commentary. Smiles are all that and for some of these people it has made their career.

Apr 27

You mention “good smell” to a man and immediately he thinks of some super pretty boy in the mirror taking five hours to apply his “look” for the day. This stereotype leads to guys thinking that it is okay to “smell like a man”, ie: smelling like cheap cologne, sweat, or old lotion. The following paragraphs are a primer for these men in the ways of smelling good without taking a hit to your masculinity. Take it from me; these items work and you will be very pleased with the result. So what should a macho guy get in order to smell sexy for the ladies? Cologne As a man choosing your cologne wisely can make or break your ensemble when you’re out on the dating scene. When choosing a cologne what I used to do was to buy several of them and then wear… [Read more]

May 25

On my last article about the 8 Tips to Keep A Clean & Orderly Home, Dragonette Zimkhia asked me to lend some advice for people, who disliked housework.  First and foremost with cleaning up and organization, the number one thing that you will earn is time. For every minute that you waste looking for the light bill, keys, or your baby’s pacifier, you could be doing something interesting and fun. What a thing it would be to get that time back huh, to barely ever have a situation where you are needed but get delayed due to misplacing an item? Organization and order prevents this, so let me see if I can offer you some advice on organization. While it’s been done before, my aim is to help those of you who hate cleaning, hate organizing and the thought of it makes you tired. Tip… [Read more]

Feb 25

There was a time when men going to the spa was considered a gay activity, so I can understand where the man’s man would want to argue the validity of him laying in a chair with someone rubbing his feet. However, lately, there has been an influx of men who go to the spa to the point that they now make up about a third of the spa population. The places to go are no longer catered to women where the man feels out of place, but they have gender neutral atmospheres and special treatments just for him. MANicures As a woman with soft skin, being touched by a man with callused hands definitely does not feel as good as it should.  I love a hard worker just as much as the next woman, but hard workers can take care of their hands just like… [Read more]