Nov 09

Many of us have had ideas that we wanted to turn into reality. Most of us sit on it, tell everyone we know about it, and let it drift off into the clouds of “what-ifs”. We are satisfied that everyone either said it was a good idea, or give up after learning that it has already been invented. Then there are those strange folks who think of things, build them, and then fly overseas with little else but a dream in order to get a factory to manufacture it… Most of us don’t know too many people like this but guess what? I got to sit down with one of these crazy people in order to pick their brains on what it takes to bring an idea into reality. It was a late night when I visited Master Hoon Park’s dojo “J Park Martial Arts”… [Read more]

Sep 11
dragon bites

We’re not only writers; we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share: What it’s like to be addicted to sex “Why am I like this?” is the most common question I encounter, as a sex researcher working with hypersexual men. Problems with pornography and cheating have had severely detrimental effects on their lives and they are desperate for a solution. After ruling out bipolar disorder or borderline personality disorder as the underlying condition (as high-frequency sexual behaviour is a common symptom of these disorders), this is what I have found. (The Independent) Does A Man Have To Plan Everything While Dating? A lady I follow on Twitter whose ideas I usually am in agreement with got me scratching my head. The basis of her series of tweets was that if a man approaches her… [Read more]

Aug 16

Sherlock Holmes. A man. But what if it wasn’t so? What if Sherlock Holmes became a woman? SHErlock (pronounce Sherlock) is doing just that. This new web series has decided it is time for the women to take over. With a fast-paced plot and eye-catching characters, there is something for everyone. So make sure you have YouTube open in March 2015 for this amazing new web series. Jackie Pitts will be playing Sherlock Holmes and Tyler Tusing will be playing John Watson. The two have worked together before in other projects and together they will be unstoppable. The duo will be solving crimes left and right, while trying to stay away from the hands of Moriarty. David McMahon will be playing Tobias “Toby” Gregson alongside Brian Mason as Detective Lestrade. With the good cop-bad cop feel, there is never a boring moment with these two… [Read more]

Jun 14

Well it’s Father’s Day weekend (as of this writing), and I have a new book out… You DO see where I am going with this right? In my new book Lady Hellgate, the lead character “Helga”, is influenced by her father and various father figures throughout her military career. Fathers have been the topic of many discussions throughout the media but more “spoken of”, versus “spoken to”.  I would love to add something positive to the climate by putting together a few responses from real dads about how they love fatherhood. But I wouldn’t just ask… I know better. How about I give you some good reading in exchange for your voice? Here’s an excerpt from Lady Hellgate: The dark man in white stood up suddenly and touched Helga’s arm with the rod. It was cold to the touch and it made her happy. She was no longer… [Read more]

Mar 17
anstractor book, greg dragon author

  What is the hardest part of writing your books? The hardest part about writing Anstractor is that I am writing to represent a multiverse of several galaxies. Each galaxy has its planets, each planet has its continents and each continent has its people. There are hundreds of races, species, looks and customs. There are political differences, exotic technology, languages, all of which I need to keep track of and reference accurately throughout the various stories. Had I written a book about earth, or something we all know about historically then it would have been a bit easier since all I would have had to focus on was the characters and the situations. The other hard part about my writing is that my genre for Anstractor is Science Fiction. With a genre that has pop culture influences like 1984, Star Wars and Star Trek you… [Read more]

Mar 11

When I think about writing and dealing with criticism it brings to mind the visual of a new comedian who is working a tough room whose audience expects him/her to be Jim Carrey. As we know comedy is varied and while several thousand people may find one man funny, there will be leagues of others who don’t. For that comedian to succeed, he/she will have to get through many nights where the audience is comprised of hostile people that refuse to laugh before he gets to selling out Madison Square Garden with leagues of his fans. Many of us come into writing expecting our readers to be supportive, and if they don’t like our books to at least be civil about expressing their disdain. Who are we to think that we are beyond the phase of booing audience members, rotten tomatoes being thrown, and rivals… [Read more]

Jan 28
anstractor book, greg dragon author

So I’ve written a book, a real book of 316 pages filled with all sorts of romantic drama, military skirmishes, and space ships running sorties on planets to liberate aliens. This is a far cry from many of the topics here but believe it or not, it really isn’t. My book “Anstractor” is a story about an orphaned boy who grows up to join the military and eventually help in the fight to win his planet back. For those of you who follow The Hall of The Black Dragon you know that my love and respect for our military brethren is pretty evident in my writing. Some of the articles that influenced the book are the ones which honored heroes such as Audie Murphy, Ed Eaton, and Henry Lincoln Johnson. Where romance came in, the hero of my story (if you can call him that)… [Read more]

Nov 13

Many lives have been decimated due to the terror of Typhoon Haiyan… something to the tune of 10 million and we are still not positive on the numbers being reported in terms of death and devastation. This morning I heard an interview with one of the victims of the storm and she commented about how things are so desperate that people are drinking water, no matter where it comes from in order to survive. It is not something that should be passed over if we have the ability to help. One thing that I know causes people to stay their hands at giving money blindly to charities and relief funds is the vile corruption of many cold-hearted people who use it for personal gain instead of actual help. For this I have made sure to do my research into companies that have had a solid… [Read more]