May 30

“You see this man? His name is One Stab. He’s a venerated elder of the Cree nation. He’s counted coup on hundreds of his enemies. He’s our friend and he’s thirsty” – Tristan Ludlow If you’re a man and you haven’t seen Legends of The Fall, then you need to go ahead and fix that. Legends of The Fall on the surface is a love story that many of you will write off wrongly as a chick flick due to it not having AK-47 and Assault Rifles but trust me, it is a movie for the boys. We nominated Legends of the Fall as a manly movie because of 3 things: the story – which is about the strength in brotherhood / Family, the indomitable human spirit (Tristan) and finally the Native American warrior known as One Stab (Gordon Tootoosis). The movie details the events of… [Read more]

Mar 22

Everybody knows Han Solo from Star Wars, he is the quintessential Bad Boy that women fantasize about. He’s good looking, he shoots first and asks questions later, he’s a rogue, a scoundrel, and a dead-eye with a blaster. Han Solo has outrun Darth Vader’s goons, he’s taken on the legendary Boba Fett and the cherry on his exciting life (beyond the list) is the fact that he bagged himself a princess. In a world of magical Jedi and terrible Sith Lords, Han is a regular guy who manages to survive. But you’ve all seen the movie so let me close his resume and get to the point. Han Solo is the dark knight that women look for in the faux thugs that they date and sometimes marry. What If Han Were a Real Man of Today? I think people give Han more love than he… [Read more]