Nov 03

One of my biggest arguments for team sports is the normalizing of the Superhero prospect. What do I mean by that? Well when you haven’t played team sports and your only experience with teams stem from either video games or what you see from a distance – your brain tends to romanticize the ability to go beast. See in video games when you are playing sports or even military skirmishes, you have power-ups that can be timed and used to allow one member of the team to single-handedly bring it back. When you play a team sport and you try to individualize the loss and turn on beast mode, you find that it isn’t something that you can call up at will. Only a very small amount of people can turn on the beast successfully but when you play games and watch movies you think… [Read more]

Oct 28

Let’s face it, some men are going to live hood rich no matter what you say to them. They don’t care that much about the future to worry about investments and saving and other square philosophies that won’t allow them to BALL OUT OF CONTROL! So ladies  if you have one of these men in your life and are worried that in a year or 2 he will be living off of you due to the money drying up, I am here to help. A hood rich mentality is very similar to the way Wise Guys in the old mob lived… Well the soldier level guys, not the smart bosses that lived low key. Ironically the one boss that young black boys look up to from Italian organized crime is boss John Gotti. The thing about this though is that Gotti was hood rich but… [Read more]

Sep 29

Many times I hear men joke about going at a beautiful woman without any protection. The joke is along the lines of: She is so beautiful that I would HAVE to raw dog it(slang for unprotected sex)! While we all know that this is just a saying made extreme by the way how men tend to joke, the reality is that it really isn’t just a saying. I can firmly say that most men would not turn down celebrity/model ass if it was given to them sans condom. It’s not so much that you start “thinking with your little head” or any other cliche, it’s that we view it as a once in a lifetime opportunity that must be done. MEN! BUST ONE FOR THE ALLIANCE! Fellas, if you’re shaking your head at my assertion and pretending as if you’re above this, let me paint… [Read more]

Sep 28

I’ve been taking notes on people that I have met throughout my life and one thing that sticks out is that age is a state of mind. In terms of logic, age of course is based on your time since birth but psychologically age is what you make of it. People who live in the now tend to be younger than those who are stuck reminiscing on a time period in the past. I hear more whining about “oh I feel so old” from people that are quick to recall how cool they were in high school as opposed to people that are excited about where they are right now. I can honestly say that my own mother is younger than many of the people I know. My mother has a million things going on, is still goal setting and goal achieving and she celebrates… [Read more]

Sep 22

Look as a man you are going to be tempted with beautiful “strange” at least once in your lifetime and it won’t matter if your wife is as beautiful and lusty as a Jada Pinkett-Smith or an Angelina Jolie-Pitt, you are going to think really hard on it. Come on man, you mean to tell me that you are so much greater than every other man that you could never in a million years be tempted to rendezvous with a seductress? Of course you will and for the weaker men who fold to the allure of strange ass you have a choice in HOW to deal with your guilt, your shame, and your WIFE! Why be an asshole about it? Become a cheater but for the sake of your nuptials and family become a “respectable cheater”, by keeping omerta and keeping your people unaware. The… [Read more]

Sep 12

I have noticed that many people like to stress over the person that their ex has moved on to marry, date or sleep with. They observe the new lover and run comparison checks with themselves in order to laugh at her if she did worse, or feel salty if she did better. While I personally would never partake in this activity it seems to be a sort of curious human nature, which most people are guilty of. One of the most devastating things a man can fathom is that his girl of many years will run off and become a lesbian. It is a huge blow to his ego, an offense aimed squarely at his lack of a potent sex game. A blow that must not be known by his peers lest he be laughed at and lose face for being such a weak man… [Read more]

Sep 08

In the past I’ve talked about a person’s aura having a lot to do with intimidation. Well beyond walking, your presence has to be one of bravado, I like to call it the Panther presence. When I find myself walking into a building or plaza, I mentally assume ownership of everything there. It becomes my metropolis and it’s people become my people. This allows me to take it all in at a glance and it leads me to walk briskly as if I own the place. A good example of this stride can be seen through Bill “The Butcher” Cutting on Gangs of New York or Ari Gold from HBO’s Entourage. Both these men don’t stroll, they walk like business is meant to be handled! When you walk this way people want to get out of your way and on observation they tend to assume… [Read more]

Sep 07
Old rich man talks to two women

As working wage slaves we should drop the word “tired” from our vocabulary when communicating with one another. There’s varying degrees of tired and “hard work” is subjective at best, especially when it isn’t manual labor. People love to play the “Hard Life Olympics”, you know – their life is harder than yours because… we vie for pity when there’s no-one to pity us. From the outside you and the other person both look like petty assholes, especially if the observant has a much harder life and job than you. I’ve made a commitment to keep my glass half-full for people who inquire lightly into how I feel. Consider these answers to replace the standard ones we give: Question: How’s it going? Typical Answer: It’s going. Suggested Answer: Oh Its doing it’s thing baby, how are you doing? Question: Hey what’s up man? Typical Answer:… [Read more]