Jul 26

The other day I was reading a blog by one of these so-called “relationship experts” and a man wrote in to her asking how he could master the art of talking to women. Her advice to him was not to get better at talking to women but instead find one that he likes, befriend her and get with her that way. I thought it was some of the worst advice given to a man because many women have told me how they hate when a man comes at them from the friendship angle. I can understand this as it is not a genuine relationship and pretty much a bait and switch for her. I always tell men that they need to get their rejection bumps in so that the jitters and unpleasant feelings from a woman saying “NO!” is no longer in the equation when… [Read more]

Jul 18

Editor’s Note: I’m going to keep score on the amount of visitors who read this title and comment or send me a message without actually taking the time to read the article. My fellow men, I have found the problem with “Nice Guy” and I have gone into my lab to mix up a cure for his lonely ailment. See, the problem with nice men is that they care too much what a woman may think. EUREKA! They care way too much, they don’t care about a woman’s well-being so much as they care too much what a woman thinks about them. Hold that thought, see women contradict themselves constantly in the eyes of men. Try to figure out what a woman wants, then check all your positives off on her list and you may find that there is absolutely no way you could be… [Read more]

Jul 08

Most of us are reactionary; few of us are proactive, analytic individuals. Actually being proactive means being regarded as weird, a workaholic, a nerd, a woman that takes life too seriously, etc. etc. Proactive people plot a path for their life; reactive people take things as they come. For all the excitement that comes with this dynamic, reactionary life, when it comes to business it does not bide well for anyone involved with the reactionary person. Reactionary, every day people do not make good managers, bosses or owners. Reactionary people hound their proactive bosses for a 3% raise every year after reacting to the reality that a year has passed. Reactionary people get upset when they read someone else’s salary that trumps theirs instead of making moves to get to that level. Reactionary people… react, they don’t act. The media strives off of reactionary people,… [Read more]

Jun 20

I recall the day, I think I was about 23, when my buddy Cleveland (ya, ya, get your Family Guy jokes in) flipped over on his back on a bar and the bartender emptied a quart of Grey Goose Vodka down his throat. Cleveland was at that club at least 4 times a week and the bartenders loved him – god bless his scales and fins, the boy was a fish. They loved him because Cleveland was a fun drunk, not one of these douchebags that starts fights, spills things or goes in on your girlfriend, he just became Cleveland x2, a more enhanced version of himself. He got funnier, danced better and became more engaging. We all were slamming drinks like fish back then, it was liquid courage, the smile enhancer, the fun maker, the cougar panty melter… you get the gist. When I… [Read more]

Jun 16

Twittercide – when you destroy or come close to destroying your career, character and relationships by tweeting offensive vitriol in 140 characters or less. This week the awful game Duke Nukem Forever came out and was lambasted by game review sites all over the internet. One spaz by the name of Jim Redner who owns The Redner Group that once represented 2K Games (the company that released Duke Nukem) took it upon himself to commit Twittercide through the following tweet: “Too many went too far with their reviews… we r reviewing who gets games next time and who doesn’t based on today’s venom” Well needless to say Jimmy’s attempt at a blacklisting rant backfired and his little company was dropped by 2K Games about as fast as it took him to click “tweet”… then came a mile long apology letter from him to try and… [Read more]

May 26

A friend of mine recently came to realize that a lifelong friend of hers only called her when she needed something. She has known this friend for over 25 years yet this realization just dawned on her – how is this possible? Knowing her well, I realized that it’s due to her being a super nice, unselfish person with a bleeding heart. Kind people are so locked into helping others out that they tend to put their own feelings to the side and in doing that miss out on the fact that they are being used. This is even worse in relationships, a woman who cooks, cleans and pays part of the rent will not notice that all her man does is eat and play video games. Not everybody has the good conscience to check themselves when they are being a user. They will come… [Read more]

May 23

“There is much more… than dressing funny and sweet talking prostitutes” There has been homages made and props given to Pimps in the Hip Hop industry since time immortal and people listen to it, get interested, accept it as truth and forego the research into their reality. When I see people of my culture refer to themselves as Pimps or Pimpin it makes me shake my head at the ignorance – but how can I blame them when the game is still so much of a secret? Pimps are gamers and the high profile ones have written books, done documentaries and sold us a tale that is only about 10% factual of their lives. We look and laugh at their gaudy dress,  but there is much more to a pimp than dressing funny and sweet talking prostitutes. Breaking in New Girls If you haven’t a… [Read more]

May 17

I live in Florida, a state that I like to regard as the boob  job capital of America. Girls here for the longest time have been enhancing themselves with mixed results from the male population because I will be the first to  say that tits and ass don’t automatically make you sexy – excuse my frankness. You either have it or you don’t, some have it hidden and can bring it out by learning how to walk, talk and play the part but if you’re wack, you’re wack and the only person that can change that was your creator. In other words some people need to quit while they’re ahead. Now I’m not naïve, I know that girls being teased, ignored or dissed will lead them to go under the knife but this article is for women that are already sexy as hell who still… [Read more]