Aug 25
Martial arts take-down

One of the most annoying and inaccurate stigmas with the martial arts is that you have to be a child or pre-teen to enter and take away anything of value from it. As a practicing Karateka of 23 years I am here to warn you that formal training could and will save your life. The statement that is the title was stated by Nas, a rapping emcee who has made a living echoing the sentiment of the street. Of course if you are familiar with the street’s sentiment, it is “I practice Gun fu not kung-fu” which is arrogance in assuming that a. you will always be in a place where your gun is at the ready and b. you are born with the natural skills to fight. My question to you older folks that shy away from martial arts based on this is –… [Read more]

Aug 11

It happens all the time in life, it doesn’t matter if it’s a competition, traffic or the gym. People see you at a certain pace and their inner competitor kicks in and they try their damndest to outdo you, sometimes at the cost of their own embarrassment. Ever stay put when a red light turns green just to see the douchebag next to you peel off in an attempt to get ahead of you? I have. People who do this intrigue me and after seeing it happen in conversation with friends, in traffic on the way to the office and in the gym when I’m trying to workout I thought I would look further into why it is that people become so competitive in everyday life. The One-Upper I have a few friends that are one-uppers. They may not even realize they are but the… [Read more]

Aug 09

It was Charles Laughton as Quasimodo the Hunchback in The 1930’s Hunchback of Notre Dame that made me swear to myself that I would never be a part of a “mob”. My Alpha Mentality makes it hard for me to be one of those people spurred on by others to “burn the witch”, picket the building, or lynch the —– wait never mind. It’s all the same to me, a bunch of simple people being led by a single thought, forgoing individuality to become a mob. No thank you, unless I am at the head of it all, I want no part of it. Mobs don’t think, they react and follow In The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo was a broken hunchback bell ringer for the church. His master, a high ranking church official saw a beautiful gypsie girl and orders the hunchback to kidnap… [Read more]

Aug 04

We all know there is a plethora of things that women may like about men that they cannot do without. Most of the characteristics on this list are according to their personal likes and dislikes, so it’s hard to come up with a list of general things that women would look for in a man. However, when it comes to things that we do not want in a man, there are certain turn offs that most women count as a “minus” to your total package.  Behold the Top Ten list of women’s turn offs. 1. A Jacked Up Grill There are several men in this world who look much better before they speak. They usually know who they are, too. You know, that man who hardly smiles with his mouth open and when forced into laughter he visibly tries to keep his mouth closed.  He… [Read more]

Jul 26

The other day I was reading a blog by one of these so-called “relationship experts” and a man wrote in to her asking how he could master the art of talking to women. Her advice to him was not to get better at talking to women but instead find one that he likes, befriend her and get with her that way. I thought it was some of the worst advice given to a man because many women have told me how they hate when a man comes at them from the friendship angle. I can understand this as it is not a genuine relationship and pretty much a bait and switch for her. I always tell men that they need to get their rejection bumps in so that the jitters and unpleasant feelings from a woman saying “NO!” is no longer in the equation when… [Read more]

Jul 18

Editor’s Note: I’m going to keep score on the amount of visitors who read this title and comment or send me a message without actually taking the time to read the article. My fellow men, I have found the problem with “Nice Guy” and I have gone into my lab to mix up a cure for his lonely ailment. See, the problem with nice men is that they care too much what a woman may think. EUREKA! They care way too much, they don’t care about a woman’s well-being so much as they care too much what a woman thinks about them. Hold that thought, see women contradict themselves constantly in the eyes of men. Try to figure out what a woman wants, then check all your positives off on her list and you may find that there is absolutely no way you could be… [Read more]

Jul 08

Most of us are reactionary; few of us are proactive, analytic individuals. Actually being proactive means being regarded as weird, a workaholic, a nerd, a woman that takes life too seriously, etc. etc. Proactive people plot a path for their life; reactive people take things as they come. For all the excitement that comes with this dynamic, reactionary life, when it comes to business it does not bide well for anyone involved with the reactionary person. Reactionary, every day people do not make good managers, bosses or owners. Reactionary people hound their proactive bosses for a 3% raise every year after reacting to the reality that a year has passed. Reactionary people get upset when they read someone else’s salary that trumps theirs instead of making moves to get to that level. Reactionary people… react, they don’t act. The media strives off of reactionary people,… [Read more]

Jun 29

Recently a friend of mine was telling me how he has to rewatch the Game of Thrones series due to having multi-tasked the World of Warcraft while viewing it. I was amazed that he would even attempt this but I compared him to the people in the movie theater whose constant texting would ruin the movie for everyone else. The parallel is in the idea that people try to multi-task things that cannot be multi-tasked. It’s like the guy who is on the phone with his wife listening to her discuss their son’s injury all while he attempts to carry on a conversation with someone in front of him. These people think that they are being efficient but in the end they will have a million questions about the movie, or look at you blankly when you ask a question. Do you know the amount… [Read more]