Mar 15

It’s always a good idea to balance out harsh living with something delicate. This can be any number of things that relaxes you and puts you in a different state of mind than that of work and stress. In feudal times the samurai would tend to gardens and were adept at flower arranging. Flower tending would be what they used to balance out the harshness of Bushido – the warrior’s lifestyle. The Samurai took great pride in their gardens; they were perfect, well-tended and treated with love. While the modern day warrior, whose war is the concrete jungle and the offices of his building, may not have the wont or have the capabilities to tend to a garden, he can and should find others ways to wind down. I would urge that non-artistic personalities find something artistic to do in their spare time.  An accountant… [Read more]

Mar 04

At times when I am in really good shape throughout the year, I get cornered by guys asking me what they can do to get where I am. This question is one that is very familiar to people of the fitness lifestyle, especially the beginning of Summer or after New Year’s Eve. To get to a level of loving fitness one has to undergo a proving, it is a path that I call The Road of Kings. The reason I call it The Road of Kings, is because it’s a path that few travel, fewer stay on it and the ones who make it are rewarded with a physique that others will envy. Just like a fighter who has won many battles and utilized his victories to woo the people into making him king. Everyone can envy a story like that, just like everyone can… [Read more]

Mar 03

If you were to ask me to define motivation, I would say that motivation is a methodology of psyching oneself out in order to stay the course in whatever one’s objective may be. When you think of the athlete that has to make the big play or the business man that has to go in there and convince the bank to give him a loan for his dream to come true, you can kind of envision those guys in the bathroom looking in the mirror telling themselves “you’re the greatest, you’re the greatest, you’re the greatest,  you can do it” etc. but it’s all the same because what they’re actually doing is psyching themselves out and letting themselves believe that they are the greatest, even though they may not be as great as someone else. Still, they need to believe that they are the greatest… [Read more]

Feb 11

Judging people based on their job title is a pretty worthless bit of discrimination. I have grown to really despise the act of doing so to where sometimes I begin judging the person negatively who questioned the janitor’s intelligence just because he’s a janitor. I became annoyed with this line of thinking after knowing the “Janitors” who are financially set, have stock options and manage their money properly across from the big bad Director of the company who is living check to check and on an AMSCOT rotation monthly. A job is a job. You can slap a fancy word like “career” on there and assume that your weekly Happy Hour visits with Gayle from Marketing makes you “successful” but at the end of the day you and the Admin that you were poking fun of is dancing for a boss in order to afford… [Read more]

Feb 03

Recently I had a flashback of sorts. I felt the breeze of the fan in my bedroom and for whatever reason it brought back memories of my childhood. I started thinking about running around the house on breezy summer days, looking out at the green grass and laying down at night with a fan blowing. I remembered playing home run derby with the neighborhood kids, mainly because we didn’t have enough people to actually play baseball. I started thinking about how carefree my life was… way back then. When I was a kid I didn’t really care about anything. In my younger years I ran around the neighborhood without restraint… I’d discover places and things and climb on them. As far as I’m concerned, those were the most carefree days that I’m aware of. Eventually as I got older I started getting more into video games… [Read more]

Oct 14
Sexy Adriana Lima

If you read my last article about doing a photoshoot, you know my stance on who should be posing for the camera. Again, I think all women should experience it at some point in their lives. I’ve never given someone their final shots and have them regret it. This is all well and good, but I need to discuss the opposite type of person – the numerous, disillusioned women who think they have a future in modeling. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This might be the biggest thing to consider when you look in the mirror and start wrapping yourself in the compliments you’ve gotten over the years about your looks. I think a lot of lady friends are attractive. Yeah, sometimes I tell them that. This certainly doesn’t mean I think they should be in the next issue of… [Read more]

Sep 20

Women hate the 10 point scale that men apply to their looks, they absolutely do. But here’s the thing ladies, it isn’t going anywhere because we guys are simple and it places a simple answer to a complex question. A question that is often asked whenever someone describes a woman that they want to convey as attractive ie: “man this girl is BAD, hot as hell, a straight up 9, I’ll go as far as giving her a 10 because she’s nice too”. This in man language translates to “I am temporarily stunned by this woman’s beauty and I want you to be as stunned as I am so that you are impressed that I have a chance with her.” Normally when we see the chick she’s like a 7, or an 8, cute as a button but not exactly our flavor (most men have… [Read more]

Jul 12

Lately when talking to women about choosing the salon over the gym, I am given the feedback of  “we get our hair done for y’all”,  yet all of the guys I talk to say “we will take a girl with jacked up hair if she has a banging body” – so there seems to be a disconnect. Let me preface this by acknowledging that many guys are posers and are full of shit when talking to other men about their interactions with females. A guy who says he doesn’t care about hair may very well be the dude telling you that he wants your hair permed or there will be a problem. I get that and I know THAT guy, but THAT guy isn’t the one I asked about the body versus hair thing, I asked average Joe. There has always been a question amongst… [Read more]