Jul 16
muhammad ali

Want to become a pro at something? There are 3 things that you must master to become a pro – the 1st is to become a technician, the 2nd is to become like liquid and adapt quickly to changing situations, and the 3rd is to master the art of learning from one’s mistakes. Many of you know this but you focus heavily on only 1 or 2 of the 3 and think that it is enough to allow you to transcend to the next level; it isn’t. Becoming a Technician Let us consider the art of fighting; (pick your poison it all applies) Martial arts, boxing, fencing… whatever. To become a technician the fighter must know his techniques, know what combos into what and have it come naturally through muscle memory, not thought. In the world of competition muscle memory is everything; it removes the… [Read more]

Jul 12
man reading

When I worked for a small company a number of years back we used to get 15 minute breaks along with our hour’s lunch throughout the day. Those 15 minute breaks could feel like forever if there was nothing to do and as a non-smoker it wasn’t the welcome release that many of my co-workers needed. One thing that became of value to me on those breaks was to use them to get myself out of the work loop that many of my peers were not happy with. Living check to check was never ideal and when you work 2 jobs it begins to feel as if it is all life has prepared for you. What I began to do on my 15 minute break was to read books on Financial Education and starting a business. It opened up the world to me in a… [Read more]

Jul 09
woman in white

I am lucky to know many beautiful women in my life and I will say that when you are blessed with looks you are forced to command the type of treatment the world will give you because by default it will be negative. Hate is the way of society, it just is; if you have money you are called greedy by those who don’t and if you are famous you are labeled abnormal or a weirdo through rumor and gossip. This crabs in a bucket mentality of people forces them to tear someone down who is better in any degree in order to normalize them. For this – a beautiful woman is automatically viewed a s a bitch, a whore, a man-stealer, stuck-up, dumb, lazy… I can keep going. I have sat in conversations where someone was unnecessarily labeled like this by someone who was… [Read more]

Jun 29
men fighting over a woman

There are only a few times when fighting over a woman can be justified. The reason why I say this is because fighting over a woman is the ultimate sign of a man losing control of himself. Fighting for a woman is the fantastic clash of love stories, historical fiction and fantasy. The werewolf boy beefing with the vampire kid for their human girl. It’s everywhere you look but in real life it is seen as some real lame activity. This isn’t to say that some women aren’t worth fighting for but you should consider why you need to fight for her in the first place. The video below features Ne-yo and Kanye West warring over an oh so delicious looking Keri Hilson. Granted any man with a pulse could see the validity of Miss Keri as a beautiful war prize, it still wouldn’t be… [Read more]

Jun 21
sad black woman

I was talking to my best friend the other day, and we came upon the subject of love and whether or not true, all-consuming-can’t-live-without-each-other, love really exists. We unanimously decided that the answer is no. As women, we are sold the fairy tale of a one true love. A man who will travel the world to get you back after he screws up. A man who will break up a wedding in order to have the woman he really truly can’t be without. He will profess his love for her to the public and make an ass of himself just to prove to her he’s willing to do anything to have her. This fantasy of so-called “true” love is the death of happiness for women, as it is unreachable and does not exist. Real relationships are based on love (not being in love), trust, understanding… [Read more]

Jun 20
cleaning the kitchen

Are you a slob? Well if you answered “yes” then you have made the first crucial step in fixing it; you have accepted what you are and want to do something about it. Part of the reason people are messy or hoarders is due to the fact that we keep things around too long even beyond their expiration date. In the past I offered up tips to keeping your place clean but based on the feedback I received it may have been a tad too hardcore. Today I offer you 4 steps that will make even the biggest slob a neat freak in the eyes of his/her friendship base: Step 1 – Minimalize Your Belongings If you haven’t used something in 6 months to a year then chances are you don’t need it at all. This is what I love about my monthly minimalist ritual;… [Read more]

Jun 11
beautiful black woman

Many women who aren’t built like Angelina Jolie (beautiful face, rail thin body) seem to look towards these catchy ideologies to love themselves due to this perception that they aren’t sexy. Much of this is true if you were to listen to the media and the more vocal male populace (I exclude myself, I like many body-types). Instead of just embracing your body – which every woman should do if there is no will, want or ability to change – is to look towards men who love their current body-type! One joke that has been around for a while between black and white men is that when a skinny white woman gains weight she immediately starts looking to date black guys. Not my joke; kind of crass, but allow me to put a positive spin on it: If a certain type of man likes thicker… [Read more]

May 29
james dean

So what is the difference between High School cool and Adult cool? Well we define our own brand of cool when we become confident in our own skin (if you’re lucky), confident in our career, and confident in our love life. Adult cool can be the 40 yr. old father who still dresses like the cool cats of his day, or it can be the child-at-heart uncle who delights in doing projects around his house. Cool is a mindset, it is confidence, and adult cool to us here at the Hall of The Black Dragon is when you get to the point where nobody  can question your sense of style, you are good where you are. Teenage cool however is being accepted by everyone else, it’s a tribal type of mentality where you do things to be seen as normal by others. Many adults are… [Read more]