Feb 23

Editor’s Note: One of the harshest “competitions” going on in life is the measuring stick of success that people seem to strive for. But guest author The Marksman brings to question “Isn’t success an individual journey?” A journey whose results are subjective at best? Of course it is, at least I personally agree but people still refer to others as being “successful” when they see nice cars, clothes and homes. Having been called “successsful” by quite a few people while feeling quite the opposite, I found the following article to really speak to me personally. I hope you find some value in it too.” – G.Dragon Just because you drive an expensive car or live in a big house, does not mean that you are successful, that is a common misconception in this country. Success is something that people measure differently, and most have opinions… [Read more]

Feb 09

If you aren’t keeping a solid bit of savings, keeping up with your bills and minding your life and business then you are a burden on those who know you, one way or another. There is a reason why you see millionaire athletes crying broke after being released from their team and it is no different from your sister with the high income job who somehow ends up begging you for $100 every other month to pay her light bill. The reason is a lack of knowledge, or a lack of caring to learn the birds and the bees of financial education. It is one thing to not know what you’re doing but this article is for those of you who have access to the knowledge but choose instead to live recklessly. Money – It’s All about Our Outlook I think that the deciding factor… [Read more]

Jan 19

I know we often hear about being the alpha male, letting your beast mode personality do the talking for you, and having the mindset that any girl can be yours. I’m here to drop a little reality on the situation. You can be alpha all day long, but until you truly evaluate what you see in the mirror, you’re going to be disappointed with the chicks that are interested. Now don’t get me wrong, I strongly support the alpha personality. I know that only suckers are holding their girls purse while she shops for shoes with his credit card. That’s being a beta, and nothing kills my soul more than seeing a beta male in action. Something I think most guys neglect to realize is there’s a difference between being alpha and being attractive. These guys, and even myself a while back, get the alpha… [Read more]

Jan 11

Among the many new years resolution we all make, the typical ones include  weight-loss, exercise, beginning a new project, saving more… you name it. Somehow many of us have never include ways to improve our mental health. Mental Health? What the hell are you talking about Dr. Carly? Well… did you know that 1 out of every 4 persons living in the U.S. has some type of mental health disorder? They run the gamut from mild to severe, but that is not what I really want to call your attention to. Did you realize that both good and bad moods are infectious?  Yes! The fact is our mood and emotions are easily affected by others; especially those we are closest to.  Think back, have you ever been in a great mood and then met up with your honey/parent/friend/co-worker who was in a major funk? All… [Read more]

Jan 10

Guys (and gals), when you have a lover, girlfriend, wife, friend etc. you should always introduce them to people unless you are either embarrassed by them or asked to keep their identity a secret beforehand. When you run into friends and family without introducing the person that is with you it leaves room for a ton of speculation about him/her that you won’t like. Before I get into this I must preface by saying that I know with many people it isn’t intended as a sign of disrespect or slight when they don’t introduce their mate to you. Sometimes we assume that the mate will introduce themselves or that you have already met the individual at one time or another. This article is just a reminder to everyone that assumptions is bred from perception and when you have someone silently standing next to you as… [Read more]

Jan 05

Now that I have experienced what it is to have a “failed marriage”, I often wonder why I am still hopeful about getting married again, and making it work. With the high rates of divorce and broken relationships, heightened by the recent debacle of Kim Kardashian, it is so easy to become cynical about “I dos”. Everybody has a personal rule as to what assures success or sure failure in marriage. I have heard advice ranging from “live with the person for at lest year, as in a trial run”, to the other side that says “If you shack up, your marriage is guaranteed to fail”.  There are also those who counsel – “Make sure you get to “know” the person. Date for at least one to three years”; yet I have a friend who got married two weeks meeting her husband, and in June… [Read more]

Dec 27
couple on first date

Dating can be fun but many times after what you thought was an awesome first date, you are stuck wondering why your phone calls aren’t being answered or the person’s profile (for you online daters) is no longer viewable. To help you understand what it is that you may have done to lose that perfect date, we have made a list of secondary red flags that people see that aren’t as popular as the typical stuff. You know the standard flags of: bad hygiene, being rude to waiters, texting or using the cellphone, not really listening but waiting to talk, those type of things. Check out the list of innocent red flags and if you’ve been guilty of one in the past, you may want to reconsider doing it on future first dates. 10 things that may impact your first date negatively: 1. Admitting that… [Read more]

Dec 13

Doesn’t it concern you that out of a vast pool of worthwhile fishes in the pond all eyes seem to be on the lot that swims closest to the surface? What I am getting at is the human need to get with people that do not want us. It’s amazing how crazy the laws of attraction are and it’s even crazier that there are people who would chase a dream over going for the people that actually like them. Chasing Waterfalls… Consider this; Janine loves Mike because he is crazy, dark and a felon. Mike on the other hand knows that Janine likes him so he figures she would be good for a solid poking before he moves on to win the attention of Sarah, who thinks Mike is a loser. Behind the scenes is Larry who thinks Janine is the picture perfect model of his… [Read more]