Jul 21
chad ochocinco

Hate on Chad Ochocinco all you want, it is good to see one NFL player who has managed to keep his nose clean, take up the mantle for common sense in the NFL. The wide-receiver recently shared with the world his 6 rules for keeping out of trouble and I had to re-post them here for our NFL fans to see. From Chad Ochocinco: It’s unfortunate that a lot of my peers have been getting into some serious trouble this off-season. What is it like 28 now? I have lost count. Thus, I figured I would share with you the 6 AFC and NFC acronyms I use to stay out of trouble. Excuse the Ebonics by the way, it is a more fun way to really express how I feel about this. ALCOHOL So you want to get wasted. The dumbest –ish you can do in… [Read more]

Jul 16
muhammad ali

Want to become a pro at something? There are 3 things that you must master to become a pro – the 1st is to become a technician, the 2nd is to become like liquid and adapt quickly to changing situations, and the 3rd is to master the art of learning from one’s mistakes. Many of you know this but you focus heavily on only 1 or 2 of the 3 and think that it is enough to allow you to transcend to the next level; it isn’t. Becoming a Technician Let us consider the art of fighting; (pick your poison it all applies) Martial arts, boxing, fencing… whatever. To become a technician the fighter must know his techniques, know what combos into what and have it come naturally through muscle memory, not thought. In the world of competition muscle memory is everything; it removes the… [Read more]

Jul 05
couple in a field

I was having lunch with a few of my co-workers at a sports bar when we noticed that the Quarterback from our local College team was there eating with a young woman. This was no big deal of course but when he left one of the guys asked the rest of us “did you see what that chick looked like?” and unfortunately no-one could confirm. So you know why he asked this question? It’s pretty simple actually, we all expect superstar athletes to mess with beautiful women exclusively. Talk about pressure right? I have often heard conversations by men on an athlete’s girlfriend or wife and it often takes on a different tone depending on what the woman looks like. As an example we can use Tom Brady who is married to Supermodel Gisele Bundchen; men speak of Tom as a full on stud based… [Read more]

Jun 06
lolo jones olympian

Lady Dragon Lolo Jones volunteered information about her virginity on a recent HBO show and the news went immediately viral. Suddenly every blogger and journalist alive had a solution to the poor virgin’s plight and was offering up articles as to who she should sleep with, what she should do to cure her virgin disease and all sorts of other nonsense. Frankly it was disgusting and a bit of a shock to me seeing that many of these articles came from magazines that prided themselves as being “for women”. Look, it isn’t so much that it is none of our business if an older woman (Lolo is 29 yrs. old) hasn’t been deflowered; it is the fact that we now assume that she wants our advice on getting laid. Why is virginity such a bad thing? Is a good looking virgin such a bad thing?… [Read more]

Feb 29

Whenever we hear about token pro-athlete (who made more money than god) lamenting about how (insert outside person or thing) screwed him out of his money and now he’s broke, a huge discussion always seem to follow about financial education. In the mind of many people, the reason why the athlete has burnt millions is always due to ignorance. We think that if the guy had a Dave Ramsey type as his teacher in college he would have gone the way of the “smart pro-athlete” and invested his money well. People envision the athlete as a young, impressionable college student being thrown into a fast life of partying, gold-diggers and shark accountants, then because he is ill-equipped to handle 7-figures, he ends up broke by the time the checks stop coming in. Are all pros this naïve, or is it an individual thing where most… [Read more]

Dec 15

So there are a few weeks left in the NFL Season and you find yourself in front of the couch every Sunday to watch the big game.  To your woman it will seem as if you forgot about her as you disappear for 8+ hours on Sundays (sometimes without even leaving your home).  This isn’t a problem if you are the lucky guy that found a woman who loves football or one that takes the time to have her own fun.  But for many guys this is hardly the case so I have come up with a few tips to keep you in good graces with your woman while getting in your football fix. Introduce her to the game and some of its players:  By doing this you are inviting her to share something that you enjoy (for once), and she will probably start to… [Read more]

Nov 07

It’s funny how timing can tie two separate events. But last week, we saw the re-emergence of not one, but two, pro athletes looking to return to their craft. The return of one, Terrell Owens from an offseason injury, was expected. The return of the other, Allen Iverson from a season abroad, not so much. While a few of the details of their careers are as different as the sports they play, their pro lives have actually been eerily similar. AI’s journey began as a Virginia prep star in both football and basketball, where his bigger-than-life play dwarfed his diminutive stature. After being recruited by John Thompson, he chose to attend Georgetown for hoops, where he garnered Big East Rookie of the Year and two Defensive Player of the Year awards during his two years on campus. He then declared for the 1996 NBA Draft… [Read more]

Oct 20

Those of us that have played or participated in anything competitive know that when all else failed and everyone else bailed there was one person who saw things through to the end: mom. When we were outmatched or outplayed, mom (sometimes embarrassingly) watched on. Maybe it was because she was our ride home (child endangerment charges could be a bitch, I’d guess) or just figured “Hell, I’m here now. No need leaving early.” Either way, she stayed. I remember one year playing on a team that just scoring was victory for us. We were a pathetic cluster of boys imitating a football team at times. During those games, I’d look to the stands hoping that she had been looking away and not seen the last few minutes. Hell, I felt bad for her. But never did I think I’d look up and she’d be walking… [Read more]