Oct 28

Have a man in your life that you plan on shopping for this holiday? Chances are you have some things in mind that he will merely raise an eyebrow at while pretending to be happy. See contrary to popular belief, shopping for men is not easy–especially if that man is the successful breadwinner type. We end up with colognes that we barely wear, bad video games that we keep packaged up, and gift packages from websites that still offer up suggestions for 60’s era men (cigars, ties, cufflinks, etc.) The things that the modern man wants are a little bit more abstract than you think and many of them will surprise you. The following list of do’s and don’ts are things that you should consider when shopping for the man in your life. A List of Things We Don’t Want Ties – With the holidays… [Read more]

Oct 22

As men we aren’t given the luxury of crying, bragging about cyber-stalking our exes, and blaming the patriarchy (well some of you still do this); this does not mean that you have no options. Men find it just as hard to get over an ex as women do but society makes it very hard to express. In the 1996 movie Swingers, Mike played by Jon Favreau portrays a guy that cannot get over his ex, no matter how many strange women, theories and strippers that his friends throw his way. Many of us are wired differently, so while it may be easy for a guy like me to say “get over her and move on”, the truth of the matter is that like Mike, many of you simply can’t. The following list is of some real things that you can do as a man to… [Read more]

Oct 15

There are certain things that we men do assuming that it’s cool but to the rest of us watching it comes off as either corny or trying way too hard to be taken seriously. Try not to be caught profiling too hard, or faking it till you make it… obviously. I understand that many men march to the beat of their own drum and I love and support that, but what I don’t find impressive is when I see my brothers doing things that should have been abandoned in their teenage years. Even worse is perpetuating a lifestyle or level of income that you don’t have. Now many of you may disagree with these things not being a “good look” but I can argue that most men feel the same way that I so. The following list is a number of things men do that… [Read more]

Oct 08

Is your penis size an issue? Do you desire an epic trunk that swings ever so low from betwixt your legs? Well, don’t believe the hype men, the majority of us aren’t self-conscious, porn-star envious, losers that are desperately seeking the elixir to penis enlargement. Turns out that over half of the men out there are good with what their maker made them… this of course makes me happy to hear. The following Infographic was done by Justin J. Lehmiller of The Psychology of Human Sexuality (originally shared here) and shows that men tend to be more satisfied than dissatisfied with their penis. Most articles would have you thinking that most men are limping around feeling inadequate right? Good thing for us that the truth always comes in at one time or the other, and as you can see, it isn’t as daunting as it has been sold.

Sep 19

Ladies, how well do you know us men? Are you guilty of the base assumptions that we all want to run around unwashed, play video games and sleep with anything that lets us? Do you see us on a deeper level, one mired in the traditions of the guys that get portrayed in movies, books and other media? Well the following points are some things that you may or may not know about us. Sure every man is different in his own way, but I would be willing to bet that most (outside of #2) are guilty of the following: 1. We Like What We Like Almost daily I read articles by women that somehow feel that putting down a sad story in blog form will convert the men that continue to ignore them into changing their minds. Many men are stubborn and while you… [Read more]

Sep 18

When I was coming up in the world and rolling with men from all walks of life, there was only a certain type that hit on women in the streets. These guys: Learned it from their uncles or older siblings. Did it to impress us other males. Swore by the all-or-nothing rule (talk to every woman and bang the ones who respond) Were trolls who did it just to see women squirm away. The guys who did the public cat-calling were hilarious. The naïve few of us watching these showmen “holler at broads” saw them as “pimps” and “players”, the girls who hated it and acted out were called names and dissed, while the smart girls laughed it off and artfully got themselves out of the situation. Rather than join in with this activity to show how much of a “player” I was, I started… [Read more]

Sep 16

With oral pleasure we have to understand that everyone is different but generally speaking getting surprised during the act can cause some anxiety… to say the least. Not everyone likes giving it but under the right circumstances giving it can be a great way to get sexy times started. And men, please remember that your average lady is not a porn star and will probably not appreciate you having your hands on the back of her head “assisting” her in getting her where you need to be. Gagging and having tears running down your face just doesn’t feel sexy to us ladies, and I am speaking generally, maybe on your birthday or something, I don’t know but on a Tuesday – no thank you. So, after things have heated up a bit and blood is definitely flowing to your extremities and things are likely to… [Read more]

Sep 09

I am often asked the question about what I would do if I won the lottery. Of course my answer is that I would give the large majority of it to The Toilet Paper People Foundation, a foundation created to serve child abuse victims in an attempt to give them new and creative futures outside of their abusive pasts. “Um, well once the damage is done to a kid, it’s kinda done isn’t it? Kids have plenty of opportunities that animals don’t.”Some well-intentioned people will ask me more questions of this nature until I have to wonder if it would have been more p.c. of me to have suggested I give the money to the Humane Society. In many cases question askers of this variety will go on in an attempt to discredit the already disenfranchised, “I mean, humans have more of an opportunity to… [Read more]