Sep 06

There is an enormous difference between defending a woman and white knighting. When a person (male or female) is being bullied, or taken advantage of a good guy will speak up or step up to defend them in one way or another – this is not white knighting. When a woman is online arguing against or about men in any form, the male who champions her cause (no matter how flawed it is), has no romantic connection to her, and is doing so to appear different from other males, that man is a white knight. White knights are seen as “male feminists” most times but this is not entirely fair to male feminists. Feminist rules change based on who you talk to and some self-identified male feminists are not out to cut our balls off in lieu of defending some angry chick spazzing out on… [Read more]

Aug 12

When I went to the theater to see Man of Steel I noticed a lot of big guys in Superman shirts. Well that’s an understatement – damn near every big man was wearing a Superman shirt and you better believe that they bought them one size too small. It’s funny how Superman is somewhat of a bodybuilding icon when the character represents an alien who is genetically blessed. Superman doesn’t have to spend a quarter of his life in the gym and he doesn’t go through days where injuries affect his workout regimen or a breakdown in willpower causes him to slam a number 3 at McDonalds. But Superman is still #oneofus isn’t he? The guy wears a suit during the day so that he can blend in with the working beta male populace but when it’s time for action he rips it off to… [Read more]

Jul 24

I’ve never been a huge fan of Bro Culture when it comes to men. It is part of the reason why I felt the direction of this magazine needed to go towards dialogue on why masculinity must be redefined by men for men and removed from the stereotype that has been placed on us my popular media. I am not saying that I dislike frat boy culture; I am just saying that it should never define me or you (my male reader) for that matter. Men are much more than our base desires but we need to realize this and fight back when we are being made into simple clowns and idiots. Being limited to a creature whose only desire in life is to ogle tits and ass, drink beer and watch sports is a bit harsh right? So is the basement virgin that plays… [Read more]

Jul 02

Whenever there is a crisis it seems that the first line of defense that people always take is to shame the perpetrators into changing. In our modern, cynical society this strategy is a waste of time. Shaming and repeating the same accusations also tends to make the accusers look like whiners versus garnering support from those who watch from the sidelines. It is akin to a court trial where the court looks for an accusation, a judgment, and of course a verdict which could lead to punishment. The way that we have been going at deadbeat dads is like a judge who keeps on repeating the accusations without allowing the court proceedings to move forward. So what should we be doing? Personally I believe that there are 2 factors that can possibly slow the tide of absentee fathers. These factors are the abandoned male children… [Read more]

Jun 20

Have we become a culture of “First World Problems”, or is it mistaken intent when we take each other to task over strong opinions? There seems to be a generational gap in hustle that I am seeing mostly in the younger men of our time. We can write for days on cause and effect but at the end of the day we need to figure out if there is a solution; a real solution to men losing their way. The age of the hustle is waning and more and more young men have resolved to being listless, drawling Omega Men with no ambition or aspirations towards the future. Oftentimes there is a family member or friend of these boys who comes to men like me and ask that we reach out and help the boys to “become motivated” or “get a job”. Let me be… [Read more]

Jun 18

Many people want to wear the “hustler” label because it sounds cool and all of the ex-drug dealers who rap are making it out to be the essence of manhood. The truth of the matter is that many so-called hustlers (especially self-proclaimed hustlers) are just wannabes, busy-bodies, or small time businessmen who hustle backwards. To be a hustler you have to do exactly what the definition says – you have to be “about it”, on your game, and seize the moment whenever it presents itself. hus.tle (hus.tled | hus. tling): a : to obtain by energetic activity <hustle up new customers> b : to sell something to or obtain something from by energetic and especially underhanded activity <hustling the suckers> c : to sell or promote energetically and aggressively<hustling a new product> d : to lure less skillful players into competing against oneself at (a… [Read more]

Jun 11

Many women have asked if sex can be enough to keep a man around. Not just quantity of sessions for the guy with a ravenous appetite mind you but mind-blowing, curl your toes and knock your socks off sex. Is it enough to keep a man from flying off course in a relationship? Is it enough for a woman to be readily available for her guy (whenever she can), or is it still not the answer to the question of infidelity? I can only speak for myself and the men that I have known but with most guys who “creep”, the reasoning isn’t always for lack of sexy time with the misses. Many guys, especially young guys have their eyes, noses, and minds open to sexy, built women – the more the merrier. So the quantity in question then becomes one of “people” not so… [Read more]

Jun 10
Black Male Mentorship

Although efforts to ameliorate the lives of young Black males have been primarily led by adults, it’s time tap into the power of having young Black males to mentor other young Black males. In my experience working with and mentoring young Black middle to college males from across the nation, I have found that giving Black males around the same age the opportunity to support one another delivers impressive results. While many adults may not be ready to begin to think about partnering with the youth to improve mentoring efforts, they will find that numerous young people will be willing to listen to other young people much more than they will be willing to listen to adults. In no way am I suggesting that Black adults should turn the important task of mentoring Black male youths completely over to young Black males; however, I posit… [Read more]