Jun 10
Black Male Mentorship

Although efforts to ameliorate the lives of young Black males have been primarily led by adults, it’s time tap into the power of having young Black males to mentor other young Black males. In my experience working with and mentoring young Black middle to college males from across the nation, I have found that giving Black males around the same age the opportunity to support one another delivers impressive results. While many adults may not be ready to begin to think about partnering with the youth to improve mentoring efforts, they will find that numerous young people will be willing to listen to other young people much more than they will be willing to listen to adults. In no way am I suggesting that Black adults should turn the important task of mentoring Black male youths completely over to young Black males; however, I posit… [Read more]

Jun 03

Recently Samsung launched an ad that featured the stereotypical “lazy husband” trope that has been levied on males for as long as I can remember. In the past those of us who did not fall within this stereotype would shrug it off and ignore it but in 2013 things are much, much different for men. The difference with regards to this ad is that men from all over the internet are speaking out against it and swearing off of Samsung’s products. Why Are Men Upset? Every day we are reminded that we are rapists, underachievers and absentee fathers by women with a larger-than-life podium (internet blogs) whose main agenda is to shame manhood while pretending that they are out for equality. While the issues of black men and white men (when it comes to our women) have been very different from one another, there is… [Read more]

May 16

It’s really sad when I hear young men claim that they do certain things in order to get women. Listen hard enough and it starts to look like their entire lot in life is to get women and nothing else. The greatest secret ever revealed to man is that the more we put into ourselves and into our quality of life the more a woman will want to be a part of it. This is not an excuse to go and make it about women again by saying “I want to be a winner in life so that women will like me”, no it is to enjoy all of the pleasures of life (including the love of a woman) without enslaving oneself to the prospect. Be about more than sex and the chance at it, because this is how you will survive this world of… [Read more]

May 14

Do you have a hairy chest? Well someone has a problem with it; bare chest – well someone else has a problem with it. I get confused with the opinions that I see in articles, interviews and random comments where a man’s chest is concerned and it makes me wonder why everyone has something to say about a man’s chest hair. I recently read an article online where the author was making a case for men being objectified (yup you read that correctly), and the signs to look for to determine whether a man was being made into a piece of meat, or a human being. The conclusion he came up with was in whether or not the man’s chest is shaved. The point was that bodybuilders, models, and workout enthusiasts tend to shave and are normally the ones being shown in magazines for their… [Read more]

May 10

Recently I went with a few friends to check out my favorite Marvel Superhero do his thing in Iron Man 3 – I won’t lie, the movie lover in me enjoyed it…  It was a nice love story. I got so caught up in the whirlwind of Pepper and Tony’s love that I didn’t realize how far the Iron Man himself had swayed from the one I grew up with. The original Iron Man was created for a specific reason–like most super heroes that helped to push war propaganda–but to the kids buying and reading the comic books he was something to look up to. Tony Stark may have had an invincible suit of armor at his disposal but he was one of the most vulnerable heroes of the Avengers. His injured heart that was ravaged with shrapnel was spared due to friendship and ingenuity…. [Read more]

May 03

If you are a man and guilty of any of the following, please report to the nearest Self-Respect Rehabilitation Clinic. 1. Put on their Special Girl Voice Many men do this without noticing so I won’t be too harsh on you boys. What I am talking about is when a man changes the way he talks when he’s around a woman. Some guys put on the sly, Jake Gyllenhaal sounding voice and others try to sound smooth like a Justin Timberlake or Usher Raymond. Macho guys talk low like Keith David, and some just invent some crap out of thin air. I wonder if women notice this, especially when the guy gets around other men and his voice is revealed? 2. White Knight You’re having a heated debate with a woman about whether Subway tastes better on bread or in a wrap when in comes… [Read more]

Apr 19

What defines a manly show? Well it’s typically the type of show that your wife or girlfriend finds hard to sit and watch with you even though it seems like the best thing since sliced bread for males. It would be easy to list off some of the so-called reality series that have country boys swinging axes, farming and repoing cars but we’re talking about real TV stories and history here. So if you’re in the mood for some hard hitting television to wash the girly True Blood and Mad Men from your mouth, then consider the following 5 shows for your entertainment. Spartacus (Complete) – STARZ Network Beautiful women, tons of sex, and men with the bodies of bodybuilders – this is Spartacus.  It’s hard to call Spartacus a “manly” show being that it has a little something for everybody in it, but while… [Read more]

Apr 08

You would think that men would be smart enough to fight back against women demanding unrealistic and uncharacteristic things in a relationship, but the vicious cycle of strong women making punk-ass beta men play the part of loving husband while lusting for strong alpha men will continue. Do you know why? Because horny men with no self-esteem will allow it to happen, that is why. Yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows and the deejay was taking calls from people who wanted to vent. One of the callers was from a woman who started off by bragging that she has a Sugar Daddy. “Great!” I thought, “this should be good”. The woman goes on to talk about how her living situation as well as her child’s depended on this Sugar Daddy and how he put her up in her apartment and… [Read more]