Jan 16

When CNN recently cornered Chairman of Gun Appreciation Day Larry Ward to ask him why his event conflicted with Martin Luther King Jr. Day he made the statement: “I think Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with me if he were alive today that if African Americans had been given the right to keep and bear arms from day one of the country’s founding, perhaps slavery might not have been a chapter in our history.” While I want to chalk this statement up to being careless trolling, the teacher in me wishes to correct him and any others who think like him on this sentiment. First of all to say that arming the slaves would have prevented slavery is a careless fantasy at best and secondly I wish that people would treat the narrative of American black slavery with the same reverence they do with… [Read more]

Jan 04

Men of the world, 2012 was not our year… not by a long shot and if we continue on in the same vein as we have been we will accelerate the demise of masculine identity in this modern society. If we are going to make resolutions then becoming better men should be one of them. What is a better man? A better man is a better version of who you are – a more confident version, one who will not let the mainstream convince you that being a man is a bad thing. A better man is a hero to boys, an icon to follow for the confused and unaware, an avatar of where we should be going. The following list of things are steps we could all take to become better men and it isn’t some hogwash textual castration disguised as a “good men… [Read more]

Dec 31

One of the best ways to get comfortable with women is to learn to be a natural flirt – the same way many of them do. We all know women who bring about a rise in men whenever they come around smiling, talking and doing things that are near the line of flirting but just don’t cross it. Men have struggled with the concept of flirting since the beginning of time because quite frankly we have too much reverence for women. We are afraid of what they will think, how it will look and oh my god she may actually “gasp” reject us! Flirting without expectations means that in a social atmosphere you are suave and debonair, you touch hands, you make borderline naughty jokes, and you just don’t give a damn what anybody thinks – within reason. We all know that there is a… [Read more]

Dec 28

1. Michael Phelps Defines Champion How absolutely Alpha is Michael Phelps? Going out on top, snatching every gold that they dangled in his face and paving his own path as a legendary Olympian. I found it funny how the media tried it’s damndest to create drama for the titan with rumors of rivalry with a teammate and his dating a strange s“hot” blonde who they feared was out to dig gold. Phelps’ Teflon ability to keep it classy, humble and professional when facing a hot mic made him that much more impressive as all the rumors fell apart due to them failing at shaking up his gangster poker face. 2. We Still Had James… For all the changes in modern culture to do away with Alpha males it was great to see that the most Alpha of them all is still a relevant hero in… [Read more]

Dec 17
woman rejecting a man

When a man asks a woman out, to bed, or to anything outside of friendship-level interaction often times it turns into a complicated stand-off akin to the old westerns when good versus evil stared each other down with 6-shooters. It becomes such a mentally exhausting exercise that women run to sites like this one (or forums) to see how they can “let him down easily” and the guy ends up getting the signals all messed up because she opts to go for a baby tap on his nose versus the knockout blow that he expects. This is why the friend-zone exists ladies and gentlemen; we men are dealt a response that leans towards future hope when in reality the woman isn’t feeling us now and probably never will. When we talked to men about the aspect of rejection the answer was almost concert in that a hard… [Read more]

Dec 14
dragon bites

We’re not only writers, we’re readers and below are some of the highlights of the past few weeks that we wish to share: Pimp Who Branded Prostitutes With Homages To Himself Sentenced To Life – In addition to raping and terrorizing the women he forced into prostitution, Campbell, 47, branded the women with homages of himself in highly visible places on their bodies. Life sentences are not common for pimps, but U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman said the branding of the women warranted one in Campbell’s case… (NEWSONE) The Reason MEN Double Back to Sex Their Ex… Instead of the Next – It’s quite simple why sex with your ex is better than sex with your next. There is the familiarity: knowing what each other likes, the perfect spot to set the mood right, the turn ons, and the game plan you need to have… [Read more]

Nov 26
man and woman talking

One of the chief complaints women have with the dating game is that there are quite a few guys who they assume “fear commitment”. In the past when I heard this accusation I would translate it to “he won’t make me exclusive in the time I have decided is reasonable”. Many times the guy doesn’t fear commitment, he just doesn’t want to commit to YOU—but you know this already. Most men will commit once they find a woman who they want to be with – or can’t be without but there are some who like to fly free and the following list is an attempt to explain why they feel better alone. A List of 5 Reasons That Some Men Fear Commitment 1. Warning from Married Friends When you have more than a few buddies who took their vows early telling you to enjoy life… [Read more]

Nov 22

Being pussy-whipped can be a circumstantial thing or a habitual thing. Some men live to surrender to any woman who has sex with them and it comes at the expense of friends and family. Even regular guys may have it happen to them once in a blue moon when they run into the woman of their dreams—or a woman who is so good in bed that it takes them by surprise and blows their mind. Some men aren’t that crazy about sex and will always keep their minds despite how good a woman is in bed. To men like this it doesn’t matter how beautiful she looks, or how liberal she is with sleeping with them; they keep their heads. Other men are not as strong and fall quickly in love whenever sex starts happening. Then there are the guys who we call suckers, or “sucker for love” who… [Read more]