Nov 19
women talking to a man

One of the best feelings a man can have when it comes to the dating game is a feeling of content. What I mean by this is that when you have other things going on—several women in your phone who are somewhat available when called—and no pressure to get into anything serious, you are the cock of the walk. Let me explain why. There have been times when I had a phone full of numbers, accessible ex-girlfriend, and my dress game, physique and wallet were on point. There is nothing you could tell me to do for some woman’s attention that I felt I had to do. No, the attitude was – if she wants some of this then she would come get some of this. Needless to say I was on a celebrity level of high when I went out. Now let’s compare the… [Read more]

Nov 13
doug and carrie

Compared to men of the 80’s and 90’s, the men we see in television shows, movies and even life have change drastically. There are subtle signs of this change which you probably haven’t noticed, but the alpha male is gone from television. Let me explain… Television’s Fat Stupid Hubby With A Pretty Hot Wife One of my favorite shows of all time is King of Queens, I think Carrie is the ultimate alpha femme – she’s beautiful, a bit bossy, knows what she wants, and can kick any chick’s ass who crosses her (I do love me some Carrie). Doug? Well he’s a lovable teddy bear; he’s a big guy but he’s all soft edges and heart. Doug is a great guy who many women would kill to have but he became the king–no pun intended–of the stereotypical Beta Male that television loves. The list… [Read more]

Oct 25
couples argument

Man Up! It’s bad enough that in this day and age men can’t be solid on what defines manhood without some buffet feminist slapping us with a Misogyny stamp let alone for someone we love to tell us to man up. What exactly is manning up and why would a woman know it any better than another man? It’s an emasculating and uncompromising utterance aimed at men to mask the true intent of telling us that “we are acting weak and feminine”. This is why it is an unforgivable statement in most circumstances. Even if your man is being a punk it is not up to you to tell him to “man up” ever. You Don’t Own Me! Sure none of us own one another truly but isn’t that what the labels, the rings and the commitment is about? What do you mean I don’t own you?… [Read more]

Oct 19
car sex

Nobody likes to be told what they are “supposed to do” on a date especially when the person making up the rules is the sole benefactor. Women who say that a man should always pay for the date, always be chivalrous, always bend over backwards, etc., etc., are the same women upset when we tell guys to try and get the panties on the first date! If a man is to court a woman then the courtship should be voluntary, not a step by step process ordained by some “relationship expert” on a feminist blog or website. Just like a guy didn’t tell his woman how to cook for him or the way she should massage his ego – a man should not be told to pay for dates and kiss a woman’s hand upon meeting her. Men don’t live by some handbook on “how… [Read more]

Oct 11
natural hair

While I love all sorts of hair on women (bobs, lengthy, short, curly straight… whatever) I have a special place in my heart for a nice fro, or some variation of. Chalk it up to me watching way too much Black Dynamite on Sundays or my weird obsession with blaxpoitation films, but the image of Salli Richardson in that pink pantsuit just makes me go crazy and believe it or not it all starts with the hair. Black women have a thing about natural hair which is a bit too serious for me to even comment on with terms like “the big chop” and whole blogs dedicated to ex perm fanatics deciding to cut all of their hair off – but what it leads to is a bevy of styles that sometimes results in a nice compliment to a beautiful smile, a pretty face, and… [Read more]

Oct 09
overly happy woman

Most women I know have a lively, fun, and extroverted girlfriend who is chronically single. To the women in their circle this girl is a hell of a catch, she has all her teeth, has a wicked sense of humor, and loves men, but it doesn’t seem as if they’re interested. These women are subjected to a ton of “hook-ups” and blind dates as her married and involved friends try their best to link her up to every “great” single guy that they come across in life. There is no one reason why this friend is chronically single, but in my experience it could be due to the way she comes across to outsiders. Note: Let me preface this by saying that people should be honest with themselves and be who they want to be in life. I am only writing this to explain why it is… [Read more]

Sep 14
mila kunis

According to the Mila Kunis rule or the “Mila Kunis Exception” – no man should write off a beautiful woman for missing one element in the 6 Point Axis of physical beauty (face, legs, breasts, ass, voice, and overall sexiness). Background: Mila Kunis is beautiful, hell she is one of our most talented and hottest actresses today (plus she has proven nerd cred). Most guys, by a very large margin will agree that she’s a dime and if not at least a few points off am I right? Her big beautiful eyes (best eyes in Hollywood actually), overall sexiness, and the way she talks is enough to get you on board – but look at her too hard and you’ll notice that she has no backyard. Ass men have decided that it is nowhere near a deal-breaker to not consider Mila Kunis as “fine” so… [Read more]

Sep 11
carmelita jeter

Watching the Olympics in London this past month I recalled a moment when the American women had cleared the finish line in the relay and Carmelita Jeter was the anchor that finished it up for them. In my excitement I referred to Carmelita as a “beast” which basically meant that she was a powerful, unstoppable force. But a woman within earshot of hearing me say it assumed that I was somehow talking down on Carmelita’s looks (as if I’m blind). It is funny how different this word is when it comes to the sexes. To call a man a beast is the highest of compliments; it hints to strength, power, fighting skill, and the unwillingness to give-up in any situation. For a woman it becomes a brutal insult referring to her looks as being rough, masculine, ugly, hairy, unwanted, and scary. Yet it all becomes… [Read more]