Dec 27

Parents often worry for their children’s future when the 13 year old is still reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy instead of great literature. Many believe that the child will believe in sorcery, magical miracles and other things that they deem false. This of course comes from ignorance. Try talking to a cynic of The Lord of The Rings who hasn’t read the books or watched the movies and you will hear them go on and on about it being foolishness dealing with effeminate elves, white knights and magic. For the person who has experienced the book and/or movies they will tell you it is a tale of overcoming the most dire of obstacles. I applaud a child’s reading regardless if it is history on the Holocaust or Frank Herbert’s DUNE. Adults and their Atrocious Spelling While I am not a grammar Nazi, it still boggles my mind when… [Read more]

Nov 19

A million years ago I was a nerdy kid programming QBasic games on my Packard Bell 286 and learning more and more about bulletin board systems. I was hooked on BBS after the muscular running back of my football team introduced me to them (go figure, you think nerds are skinny and weak huh). Anyway I was on people’s boards playing text based games, chatting it up with like-minded nerds and keeping it to myself so not to draw the blank stares and confused looks that most people would give me at this BBS thing. The last one I visited was prior to college and after I logged off I went to lead a 4 year span of clubs, women, Hip Hop and scholarship. 3 years later this internet thing blew up and websites were all the rage as information became accessible at the tip… [Read more]

Nov 12

I follow a lot of blogs, I read them, I reply to them and I use them as inspiration. Some blogs are exceptional and the reason for this is due to exceptional writing, thought-provoking articles (I don’t want to read things I agree with 100% of the time) and professionalism through design. Ahh you see my last point? As with most other designers that have put years into this thing of ours, I can’t help but skip over blogs that look like an internet version of Zion in The Matrix. Blogs where the advertising links ARE the blog and others that have images crushed or stretched unnaturally (come on guys do better). Nothing however will stop me from subscribing to someone’s blog faster than the obligatory “give me some money for writing” post. Fuckouttahere! It’s insulting; you aren’t asking for money to fuel some worthwhile… [Read more]

Aug 30

In this article I will be making reference to nerds, in fact the word count on nerd will be astronomical after I have finished saying what it is I have to say. That being said I wanted to preface this with a distinction, I am not referring to fake nerds (Olivia Munn), wannabe nerds (since nerds are all popular now), or geeks (sports stat guy and computer fix-it guy). I am referring to introverts, people who look down when they walk, wear high-water pants and hate/fear people. The guys who stare blankly at you because they haven’t had enough people experience to know that doing so is considered rude. The guys who are so full of themselves on a topic that they see everyone else as complete idiots. THAT is the nerd of which I will be referencing today. Examples of this Nerd of which… [Read more]

Jul 06

With Bioware’s hit MMORPG The Old Republic on the horizon, many of us will find ourselves subscribing and playing with hundreds of people worldwide. Sure there will be Jedi’s, Boba Fett wannabes and assassins but there will also be social exchanges, vented chat and run-ins with attractive people. Communication will range from text, to live chat, to real life meetings, depending on how close you get to other players. Of course with interaction comes attraction and from attraction comes the urge to bump uglies. One thing that I’ve always wondered was whether virtual sex was considered cheating as much as real, physical sex is. The C Word aka Erotic Role-Playing Editors Note: For you non-gamers reading “cyber” or “ERP – Erotic Role-playing” is when you use text or voice chat to play out a sexual encounter with a stranger in the game… Having played many… [Read more]

Jul 01
The future of MMORPGs and Addiction

The problem with MMORPG’s is that like alcohol and drugs, they are a fun outlet for people with addictive personalities to latch unto. The way to avoid getting hooked online is to keep ambition out of your gameplay 100%. Let me elaborate on this premise a bit, while there are realistic goals and ridiculous goals, the fact that you place goals on a game that you play daily with real people, you will risk obsession in attaining them. If your goal is to make level 80 and that’s it then wonderful, but if your goal is to become the most elite warrior on your server at level 80 then you have opened up a new can of worms. Goals Lead to Addiction (Full Set of Armor) When you have lofty goals that take grinding to attain ie: a full set of matching armor, pvp prowess… [Read more]

Jun 09

Once in a while a fluff television show will become popular and if it resembles anything real it will also lead to a lot of misinformed people believing it to be actuality. Almost daily my friends talk about the match-ups on Spike Tv’s Deadliest Warrior, which is a hit show where three nerds gather around a room full of cool devices and argue over who would beat who. This would be fine if they didn’t go to the extents that they do to prove/disprove inaccurately who would win in a given match-up. For entertainment the show is brilliant, bringing together old nerdy arguments such as Ninja versus Pirate (this hasn’t really happened yet) or Apaches versus Gladiators. The danger in the show is the fluff antics that make the arguments seem legit. To the casual viewer, a Ninja fighting a Spartan and losing makes perfect… [Read more]

Apr 20

Have you ever heard about these freaks who get married after meeting one another on a game such as Everquest, World of Warcraft or Age of Conan? You probably think to yourself well they’re both losers so they probably don’t care what each other looks like as long as they have someone to love. The thing is, hooking up off of a game isn’t so freaky at all, and contrary to popular belief, most people playing online games aren’t losers. They’re your military personnel, your school teachers, your CIO’s and sometimes even your wife/husband. The draw to these games beyond that of the standard single player RPG, is the dynamic element of human interactivity. While the competitive types can kill each other for rewards in a PVP (Player versus Player) environment, others can just play against the environment while making friends and forming bonds. The… [Read more]