Jul 19

So women are in love with the Iron Man, not so much Robert Downey Jr.’s excellent version of the billionaire playboy (though they admit to liking him too), but the suit of armor! This means that there is hope for you nerds that spent 3 checks purchasing the parts to make your Mark II suits damn near perfect… if you can mock the Stark swagger that is. Recently I sat down with an attractive young woman that I learnt was big into Iron Man without the comic book background or “nerd cred” to discredit her. This girly-girl has seen the movie twice and she and her girlfriends are all in concert with their attraction to The Invincible Iron Man. Why The Suit? Well it’s the suit + movement + the fact that the man inside is about as vulnerable as you can get. It’s the… [Read more]

Jul 13

I think it was on Enterprise (the newest in the long line of Star Trek series) that first brought this phenomenon to light for me. T’Pol, a super intelligent and advanced Vulcan female became sub-Commander on the ship despite the racial tension with her human crewmen. The most tension she had came from her Captain Archer who had a deep prejudice with her people after they robbed his father of the honor of space exploration. T’Pol and Archer were always at it but as the show went on their rivalry turned into mutual respect and then shifted towards some hardcore sexual tension. Soon T’Pol knew Archer’s most intimate secrets and he hers having to aid her on private missions and council her as one of her only friends. I can recall yelling at Archer to jump that sexy little nymph whenever she would come into… [Read more]

Jun 29

Recently a friend of mine was telling me how he has to rewatch the Game of Thrones series due to having multi-tasked the World of Warcraft while viewing it. I was amazed that he would even attempt this but I compared him to the people in the movie theater whose constant texting would ruin the movie for everyone else. The parallel is in the idea that people try to multi-task things that cannot be multi-tasked. It’s like the guy who is on the phone with his wife listening to her discuss their son’s injury all while he attempts to carry on a conversation with someone in front of him. These people think that they are being efficient but in the end they will have a million questions about the movie, or look at you blankly when you ask a question. Do you know the amount… [Read more]

Jun 23

I am an IT guy that works with technology all day, every day. I do not own a smart phone or tablet of any type. Is this a little bit odd? Yes, yes it is.  I’m supposed to be a techno freak, not a Luddite!  However, the fact remains, when I answer my cell phone, people look at me as though I am an alien because I carry a flip phone. “…I am an alien because I carry a flip phone…” So let me tell you why I choose to live this way. I have several reasons but primarily, I do not own these items because I feel that it is ludicrous to spend thousands of dollars per year on a toy. Yes, I know you can check your email… so what? Mostly, that’s just an excuse to ignore the person/colleague to whom you are… [Read more]

Apr 22

People have started to call Facebook “fake book” because of the number of so-called friends they have on there that are showcasing a false reality. While this is true in many cases, I have to ask: Who are we to police these people? And why is it that we care so much that they choose to be fakers? While I find it pathetic that someone would lie about what college they went to or their relationship status or places that they’ve traveled to, I still am not affected by it so it really means nothing to me. But what is the point of it all? I know for business owners like myself I am forced to have a profile in order to keep pages up, but for Average Joe what is the point of Facebook? I know for networking it is priceless and with the… [Read more]

Apr 18

Many non Asian guys (of the anime and video game persuasion) wonder why their lust for Asian women is frowned upon and ridiculed and I thought to explain it through this article. The reason for this is that it’s become such a norm in nerd society that it is beginning to lose it’s negativity and seeming like a normal trait of anyone who plays games. Let’s break down in list form what you have to do in order to be considered a part of the problem. You have an Asian fetish if: You utter the words “omg she is sooo Asian!”. You see Asian women not for their looks or personality but for their “features” You envision your future Asian wife in a kimono and waiting at home to greet her nerd-san at the door. You imagine that sex with an Asian girl is like… [Read more]

Apr 08

One of my least favorite things to do as an IT professional is to help people navigate anywhere on their computer from a remote source. Parents, what I’m about to say here in this article will explain why it is that little Johnny gets so pissed off whenever you call him to ask  how to access your e-mail. The reason IT people get so frustrated with you when they are meant to help you navigate somewhere on your computer is due to your lack of patience – I will say it again, YOUR lack of patience. From the jump there is a disconnect between someone who knows all the terms and someone who is ignorant to the terms, so the discourse has to be one of understanding. The IT person has to explain things in a non-technical way and the person being helped has to… [Read more]

Feb 24

Getting sucked into an argument with a comment troll on a blog, e-zine or forum is an embarrassing thing once you figure out that you’ve been had. As a former master troll (fresh out of rehab) and site owner it makes me sad when an obvious (at least to me) troll trap is set and some clueless commenter walks into it. Sometimes it’s not even trolling that is meant to be trolling, sometimes a commenter is just an ass who puts something out there to devalue your post or just to make themselves feel better than you. Well enough is enough, The Hall of The Black Dragon does not want the trolls to have it so easy, so we offer up some clues for you to “get a clue” on the troll game. Either don’t respond to these people (which makes them look dumb) or… [Read more]