May 28

Do you remember Street Fighter? If you’re my age and got down in the arcades in the nineties then you will “remember” the games, but if you are still into fighting games and play them regularly then you don’t just remember Street Fighter, you know about it. Street Fighter like many video games that developed a cult following has had a rough time transitioning into film. One of the main reasons for this is that the game was created to give players a variety of fighters to choose from to compete and with no thought to making a grand, central story. When it became popular and players wanted character development for their Japanese karatekas, and green Brazilian monsters, Capcom (creator of the franchise) began to add in more elements to make the fighters seem “real”. Street Fighter has never had one all-inclusive story, what it… [Read more]

Apr 11

Games and gamers have always been unfairly targeted for violence, witchcraft and whatever else stirs the pot in conservative conversation. After all we’re just a bunch of fat, jobless losers right? We learn to kill, rape and jack vehicles from video games right? Of course not, but we have learnt a few tricks from games even when we don’t acknowledge it. Have you ever sat back and thought about what practical skills video games have taught you? Well we have and made a list of the things that we owe to our beloved past-time. Perseverance  For all the dying, continuing and researching how to get better, I have to say that gaming teaches perseverance like nothing else. We clown those among us who give up and run for a cheat code but applaud a god that has memorized the bullet patterns in Radiant Silvergun in order to maneuver it flawlessly and embarrass the game. We… [Read more]

Dec 12
sick gamer

It all started when I was playing 007 on the Nintendo 64 with my friends… it was a slow, growing feeling of nausea and I couldn’t understand where it was coming from. Before long I had to stop playing, I couldn’t even watch them play as I went into the bathroom to wash my face and gather my thoughts. What had I eaten? This became a constant question whenever I would get sick while playing games; I always thought it was my diet and not the games themselves. See, after years of playing, getting sick, and avoiding the type of games that made me sick (FPS) I learned that I had a condition called Simulator Sickness. Simulator Sickness Similar to motion sickness, this illness comes about due to the brain thinking that the individual is poisoned. Yes you read that correctly, see your eyes see… [Read more]

Jul 03
nerd dreaming

Young people who have money problems usually can’t see where the leak is in their ship of employment as they sail along throughout their daily lives. The answer more often times than none is boredom. Boredom is what will make you dish out cash like nobody’s business. Consider the socialite – this person HAS to go out on the weekends, it is their release from the busy work week and they cannot imagine being cooped up in the house the entire time. They don’t realize that the cost of gas, drinks and the entrance fee to every single venue that they attend will amount to hundreds of dollars on the weekend. Now consider the gamer nerd … Editor’s note: let me preface this by saying that I am NOT referring to “hobbyist gamers” who are the most wasteful set of people in the culture due… [Read more]

Apr 27
Competitive girls gaming

The point of this article is not to defend women per se but to plead to those who game in public, to stand up for yourselves whenever a douchebag gets brazen enough to cross the line. Too often have I seen situations like the cross assault debacle go down, where the victim smiles and takes it on the chin instead of going ape on the offender. I’ve never seen a fight break out in the arcade over a game, and I have been gaming heavily since I was about 8yrs old… up until the arcade scene died with the creation of next-gen graphical beasts like the Sega Dreamcast. The reason why I bring up the arcade is because it was as public as you will ever get and I never saw a man calling a woman the things I hear on games now that we… [Read more]

Jan 26

To the average man it seems as if women want 150% of our attention, all the time… they want us to play on their time, in their stadium, in their city. When asked “what must a man do for a woman to respect our personal guy time?” The answer is always “make time for her”, but how much time is enough time? What about the chick with nothing going on, who will keep you on the couch watching crap TV for hours if you let her? Men don’t find that fun, interesting or remotely desirable – but we feel we have to, or the woman will leave. Sound like hell? Well gamers, loners and forever-aloners, I offer some solutions to your woes with the boring, seemingly demanding woman in your life who always has something to say when you’re enjoying your thing. What’s Her Issue… [Read more]

Nov 22

­ If opinions are like assholes then this one needs about 2 rolls of toilet paper, a colonoscopy and a  manual on personal hygiene. In this day and age if you eject this insult at a potential mate as if you expect to get confirmation, chances are you will be labeled a douchebag and dumped promptly. Many of you reading have this opinion and I will not turn this into a “let me play my video games in peace” article, instead I am going to break down why this argument won’t win you any favors from both men and women. Gaming is no longer a genre, it’s a medium We have television, computers, video games , smart phones and multimedia devices. On my Playstation 3 I am either watching a Blu-Ray movie, Netflix, the NFL package or playing Assassin’s Creed (for now). For people who… [Read more]

Jul 01
The future of MMORPGs and Addiction

The problem with MMORPG’s is that like alcohol and drugs, they are a fun outlet for people with addictive personalities to latch unto. The way to avoid getting hooked online is to keep ambition out of your gameplay 100%. Let me elaborate on this premise a bit, while there are realistic goals and ridiculous goals, the fact that you place goals on a game that you play daily with real people, you will risk obsession in attaining them. If your goal is to make level 80 and that’s it then wonderful, but if your goal is to become the most elite warrior on your server at level 80 then you have opened up a new can of worms. Goals Lead to Addiction (Full Set of Armor) When you have lofty goals that take grinding to attain ie: a full set of matching armor, pvp prowess… [Read more]