Apr 18

I’ve heard it said before and I do agree that dancing is sexual. Dancing can bring about the thought of bodies gyrating, twisting, coming together and apart very much like that other thing does and I think this is why women dancing is a sexual aphrodisiac for men watching… Now you understand why Elvis was such a big deal when he did it in front of all those daughters of old Southerners back in the day. Not all dance moves are sexy don’t get me wrong, some are either too flamboyant, too restrictive, or too crazy for us to get that out of it. For those having trouble understanding where I’m coming from with this, let us take a look at Janelle Monae since she stays about as clothed as you can get out of a modern musical celeb and still is considered a very… [Read more]

Nov 30
sara jean underwood

There’s just something about yoga pants that makes a woman so gosh darn irresistible.  Is it the way they converge upon her, hugging her ever so soft yet supple skin, accentuating the vast curvature of dat ass?  Indeed. Don’t get me started on those compromising yoga and pilates poses.  I promise I’m not staring at you while you perform your ustrasana.  I just never knew Hollister made yoga pants in pinkish cream. Not surprisingly, underlying this raw physical attraction is something that’s a little more primal in nature. Women often wear yoga pants during their strenuous physical workouts.  When we sweat we release pheromones into the air, which in turn causes a chemical reaction within the person smelling it – we’ll call them the “smellee”.  This reaction triggers within the smellee a response, in this case, sexual arousal. So the next time you see a… [Read more]

Oct 11
natural hair

While I love all sorts of hair on women (bobs, lengthy, short, curly straight… whatever) I have a special place in my heart for a nice fro, or some variation of. Chalk it up to me watching way too much Black Dynamite on Sundays or my weird obsession with blaxpoitation films, but the image of Salli Richardson in that pink pantsuit just makes me go crazy and believe it or not it all starts with the hair. Black women have a thing about natural hair which is a bit too serious for me to even comment on with terms like “the big chop” and whole blogs dedicated to ex perm fanatics deciding to cut all of their hair off – but what it leads to is a bevy of styles that sometimes results in a nice compliment to a beautiful smile, a pretty face, and… [Read more]

Aug 29
librarian hawte

Dark hair pulled back in a bun with glasses, and a cute shape is the abstract… she has on a formal business suit (skirt of course) which shows enough leg to let you know that there is fire hidden under that guise. Does this woman even exist anymore? Has she ever existed? The job title is one that no longer has the backdrop of a million tomes and the mysterious desk where she sits; ready to scold us for being too loud or give us a stern look while peering over her glasses. Today’s librarians are regular guys and gals, some being kids doing a side-job to get through school or earn extra money. The hot librarian has become a fantasy of adult movies and raunchy short stories. But when I think about it, the librarian and the “hot teacher” are the same creature aren’t… [Read more]

Jan 27

Yes, the beauty that is the sundress… comfortable for women but sexy as hell for men. It is the dress that keeps on giving – if you take notice that is. Many “ass men” feel me on the power of a sundress just because a thick girl wearing one will magnetize more eyes than a $100 bill sitting on the ground. It just hugs a woman in the right way – do you know what I’m saying? Sundresses are awesome, visually they reveal sexy shoulders (that’s another article), shapely legs, relaxed hair… and that little bit of fantasy dealing with naïve country girls looking to experiment. Woof! I’ll tell you why we men love sundresses so much; they symbolize that feminine balance that drives us crazy! The cut of the sundress is short enough to keep us guessing, yet long enough to remain innocent. The… [Read more]

Nov 24

Men LOVE women in sweat pants, it’s a universal feeling. While we may disagree on the time and place that we love seeing women in sweats, the fact of the matter is we equally love it when you dress like you’re about to kill the track. For me, personally however… it’s all about the velour. There’s something about that slightly furry, slightly slick material that just accents a woman’s body like nobody’s business. Sure you can see every single curve, flaw and detail in a latex cat-suit but eventually you will be touching the latex and it has nothing on the feeling of some velour. And look, I know that they have been around forever and this post is about on par with a woman talking about how much she digs on a dude in a Coogi sweatsuit but I’m talking material, and curves, velour… [Read more]

Jun 24

Before I get into it let me dispel your thoughts of nasty chain-smoking Dr. Girlfriend sounding women right now. When I say raspy, I mean feminine voice but with the sound of something slightly hoarse. So let’s call it “slightly raspy” as opposed to stereotypically “chain-smoker raspy”, Jennifer Tilly not Marge Simpson or her sisters. Got it!? Oh and raspy does not mean manly, I’ve seen this mistake made several times on web spaces, a woman’s voice can still be nasally sweet and have that grating sound on it to be considered raspy. Check yourself on your definition folks – now allow me to explain my attraction. I used to watch Law and Order religiously back in the day because I had a crush on the Assistant DA played by Angie Harmon. She was sexy, but a slight little thing, dark hair, dark eyes, whatever… [Read more]

Jan 23

I love lips; they are the second feature on a woman’s face that catches my eye at first glance. Lips are the paint job on a brand new luxury car; it can make or break the model after the eyes. I am 100% a lip man, I am proud of it and have no qualms with putting it out there, lips pull me in like a magnet and lock me down like a ball and chain. It has taken a while for me to realize this, I had to do some soul searching to figure out my exact taste and after lining up my celebrity crushes the evidence was crystal clear: Rosario Dawson, Angelina Jolie, Meagan Good, Kelly Rowland, Gina Gershon… the list goes on. It’s not so much full lips, though full lips are automatically sexy if they have some shape to them (see… [Read more]