Nov 21

When one thinks of a sexy part of the female anatomy there are items that immediately spring to mind.  Indeed, you know something is of great importance when it’s compared to a fruit or vegetable.  Melons anyone?  Try a slice of Onion Booty?  Unfortunately, there is one area on the vast ocean that is the female body that is often overlooked but commands equal respect:  Venus Dimples aka Dimples of Venus aka Ass Dimples. You’ve seen them before.  The two delicious craters just north of Cheeksville.  Venus Dimples are often accompanied by a complimentary tattoo and stylish midriff.  Once your gaze catches glimpse, they mesmerize like swirls on hypnotist glasses.  They are also a great out if you ever get caught staring at a girl’s booty.  Just say “Nah girl I was just admiring your Venus Dimples!”  You will look like less of a pervert… [Read more]

Nov 14

Cadillac’s note: When the Dragon asked me to do a “things I find sexy” article, it didn’t take long for me to come up with an idea. I gave him a lot of crap for his article, but to be honest, some might consider mine to be just as weird. In the grand scheme of things, like most men I find a lot of odd things to be sexy: a nicely feminine jaw line, a soft voice, or even just the ability to have silent eye contact. The one thing that drives me crazy however the top area of a woman’s hip when she’s lying on her side. I’m not sure if that makes a whole lot of sense, so the picture that headlines this article was chosen to show you what I mean. I’ve come across this a few times in my life, and… [Read more]

Oct 06

There’s something about a set of smooth, shapely legs in high heels that drives me crazy. Especially when a woman is an expert at walking in them… Salma Hayek comes to mind because whenever I see her on interviews, the beauty is dressed… with heels. I love everything about a heel, the weapon-like heel itself which can be used to spike the loser who didn’t tip (saw this at a strip club), the forceful flexing of the calf muscle that they bring about and even the slight damage to the flesh where the indentation from the back of them was made. Heels are sexy, I’m the “leave em on” type, so I am being 100 in this. God bless the woman/man who invented the 6-inch stiletto. Clear heels… bring em on, but the appearance is everything – cheap fogged up shoes aren’t cute but you… [Read more]