Jan 18

Well the other day I went by my ladies house to help her move a bed and something struck me upon seeing her bedroom… she had placed a baseball bat by the head of the bed for protection. Being the warrior that I am (in my own mind) I begun laughing hysterically as she and her daughter gathered around to see what was apparently so funny. When I had her attention I had her rpeat her height and weight to me (5’3” and a hundred and small change pounds) and I repeated mine (6 foot 2 inches and over 250 lbs of muscle and fat). My point to them was that my linebacker dimensions + adrenaline would ignore any amount of force that a bat swung by a woman of her stature could bring. It’s absolutely worthless as a defense mechanism. Look ladies, if you’re… [Read more]

Dec 03

While I often cite my cynicism with certain quotes and clichés people use in my everyday life, there are quite a few that I admire from the Book of The Samurai: Hagakure (yes the same one Ghost Dog read from). These quotes put life and leadership into a perspective that makes sense for me so I am sharing them in hopes of having them help someone else out there in cyber space. On a final note, you may wonder “well what’s the point?” But remember that quotes are meant to be written down, memorized and studied during those times where they can help put things into perspective and promote a proper resolution. 7 Memorable Quotes from Hagakure: It is spiritless to think that you cannot attain to that which you have seen and heard the masters attain. The masters are men. You are also a… [Read more]

Nov 10

People who know me will tell you that I am quiet and reserved. Fact of the matter is I am, I can be my worst critic and if I have a chatty episode I normally go through some sort of mental scolding for breaking form. Although I have always been a quiet kid, I remained silent in my adult years when I realized how people disappoint. You tell a girlfriend a past episode of pain and she uses it against you in your next argument. You reveal a crime to a supposed friend and the next thing you know he’s taking a plea bargain. See, people talk too much and if you reveal a wound they can easily stick their finger in it and cause an infection but this is the negative behind talking. The positive aspect of silence is in having the upper hand…. [Read more]

Nov 09

There aren’t any rituals, rites of passage, memorized chants or graduation ceremony for manhood or womanhood. As men our sisters get the benefit of nature assisting their ascension through puberty, the first period and several other private things. For men we get theories, comparison checks to our forefathers and conflicting feedback on what constitutes a “man”. It is something that we never think about in detail but it has to leave many guys pondering, “am I truly a man, or am I a boy pretending at this grown-up thing”? It seems as if the blood, sweat and tears spilled by women of the past to gain equal grounds with their testosterone fueled mates, has left many men scrambling to figure out our respective “roles” in a family structure. If you think I’m making this up just observe the barbs being thrown across gender lines in… [Read more]

Sep 21

There are times when a man will find himself in a situation where he must choose between appearance and comfort. The standard of our time is to choose the latter especially if there is no need to impress a female (the man is either married or in a lengthy relationship). While this standard may seem ideal and “comfortable”, it goes away from the warrior standard. The ancient Samurai known to be the most impressive of warriors stressed appearance as well as skill on the battlefield. An unseemly appearance before and after being cut down in battle was shameful. For this an ideal Samurai would have his armor clean, and beautiful, his nails clipped and together, his hair tight and his appearance solid prior to joining the ranks to do war. Men of today use the logic of “I am going to die anyway so who… [Read more]

Jun 09

Once in a while a fluff television show will become popular and if it resembles anything real it will also lead to a lot of misinformed people believing it to be actuality. Almost daily my friends talk about the match-ups on Spike Tv’s Deadliest Warrior, which is a hit show where three nerds gather around a room full of cool devices and argue over who would beat who. This would be fine if they didn’t go to the extents that they do to prove/disprove inaccurately who would win in a given match-up. For entertainment the show is brilliant, bringing together old nerdy arguments such as Ninja versus Pirate (this hasn’t really happened yet) or Apaches versus Gladiators. The danger in the show is the fluff antics that make the arguments seem legit. To the casual viewer, a Ninja fighting a Spartan and losing makes perfect… [Read more]

May 21

Awhile back I did an article about intimidation and getting yourself a red aura vs a green one in everyday life. Lately there has been an explosion of videos on YouTube and other sources showcasing tough guys getting their asses handed to them by their seemingly weaker opponents. Now the popularity of these videos makes sense being that everyone loves an underdog. Okay to be more specific, everyone loves to see a shit talker get his ass beat. All of these videos have similarities in terms of engagement and retaliation. You have the trash talker who postures for a fight and the victim who strikes back viciously. Add to that the camera person’s callous nonchalance in filming the entire thing and its a lose/lose situation for everyone. Talking trash has many uses, most of them being to start a fight or to celebrate a victory…. [Read more]