Apr 13

Some guys get intimidated by workout bunnies, the common theme is that they think these chicks are stuck up, full of themselves or divas. Most of the time I have found them to be quite the opposite… just don’t be that jackass breaking into her workout to sexually harrass her. Just shoot her some eye contact and talk to her when you’re both off the treadmill… or whatever machine it is you do. One thing that makes my argument valid is: People who workout are normally comfortable in their bodies, they look at themselves more than the average individual and monitor their losses/gains on a daily basis. They aren’t worrying about you, what you look like or your imperfections, many of them just want a good guy who isn’t fetishing their bodies or lifestyle. Ever have sex with a muscular woman? Probably not, go ahead… [Read more]

Feb 17

You younglings out there may not know her at all but during the 80’s when Kung Fu was still popular and there was no such thing as “Mixed Martial Arts” there was an explosion of talent on the big screen by many Martial Arts stars. Most of these ass kickers were male but one name that sticks out… at least to this guy is a female ball of fire, known as Cynthia Rothrock. Watching the video below tells me her influence was probably felt in the development of  “Sonja Blade” from Mortal Kombat fame… though I think Cynthia would “walk the dog” with Sonja in a kumite. Actually many of our older fighting games have a little “Cynthia” in them when it comes to female fighting. Ya you too Nina Williams from Tekken… though she has the La Femme Nikita thing going on too… but i’m losing my train… [Read more]

Jul 03

Sometimes a man can be totally oblivious to the obvious disrespect that the love of his life is displaying. It is the reason why articles such as this one are needed. Maybe writing this will convince at least one of you confused guys–who was never schooled on the game–will realize that the crap you are dealing with is not cool. If she is slighting you, let her know or cut that bird off… women outnumber us in the world so there’s 2 more like her out there waiting to treat you right. Gain some self respect (they will try to fool you by calling this cockiness or arrogance), if you don’t budge she will have to choose and more often than none she will play ball. Self respect guys, self respect… I don’t care how fine a girl is, when you hit 30+ you should… [Read more]