Aug 02

Having a strong opinion, independence and no non-sense attitude have long been traits and qualities that have been revered and appreciated in men. When a man utilizes this attributes he is a leader, decisive and usually a considered quite a catch; what? with that kind of confidence, even a less attractive version of this man will be a vied after mate. When a woman, however, embodies these characteristics she will suffer a significantly longer sentence of single-girl status. And not even necessarily single-single – she will be able to get laid, if she so chooses but more than that (deep sigh) can be much more elusive. Verbalize what it is you want As a lady, I get it, we tend to want our partners to be so in tune with us that they ‘just know’ what we want and are intuitive about our needs so… [Read more]

Jul 15

As men we love to pretend that we love natural beauties, but what we really love is a natural look. You’ve all heard it before – the girl next door – the beauty who doesn’t know that she’s a hottie but is confident enough to say “thank you” when you compliment her for it. The natural look for men does not translate to a woman rolling out of bed looking perfect–as many would have you believe–but it involves a woman wearing natural, earthy colors in makeup and having very little contrast outside of eyeliner. We get a lot of confused looks from women when we look at a model that appears to be wearing very little makeup and remark on how much of a natural beauty she is. Many of us men are absolutely clueless about the process a woman goes through to make herself… [Read more]

Jun 21

Insecure people all seem to have the same feeling – you should earn their trust (which is impossible) and that you can help them past their insecurities with patience (another point I would argue to the negative). When you start dating it is important to figure out whether or not your potential long-term will be cool or if she will turn into the next Lisa Nowak… or Jodi Arias. The following is a list of 10 things that should be treated as red flags when the cards are shown at the table. 1. She Tells You On An Early Date The funny thing about insecure people is that they tell on themselves constantly. When you are on a date with a talkative woman, listen in for clues as to why her last thing didn’t work out. She may reveal something to you that you will need to… [Read more]

May 22

Many women seek money in their mates while enjoying the luxuries of a modern society of gender equality. Men on the other hand have not fully evolved into this and still find it necessary to provide for their wives as well as themselves. Women in the dating world use buzzwords and codes when describing a man of money. Code that can be deciphered through words like: “I want a man that is ambitious” or “I want a man with a degree and goals”. All of this translates into their want for a man of high salary. Appearances may die over time but a man’s desire for appearances doesn’t  Wealth and riches comes and goes but a woman’s desire for shiny things lasts a lifetime. With that said, why is it that society calls men superficial for seeking beauty yet calls women “smart” for seeking a wealthy… [Read more]

May 13

Guilty. Guilty of the first degree murder charge, as she brutally slayed her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by stabbing him 28 times (mostly in the back), slashing his throat from ear to ear, and shooting him once in the temple with a .25 caliber gun. She then dragged his body to his bathroom shower, placed him in it, and left the house after locking the bedroom door. He was lying there dead and she was long gone for five days before anyone found him. What would make a woman go to such lengths to end a man’s life? As one of the people who had the opportunity to watch the trial from day to day, it was clear to me that she is bat shit crazy, yet she also suffered from the same ailment that a lot of young women suffer from. She caught hard… [Read more]

May 01

When a man thinks that you’re beautiful and asks you to smile, he probably does not intend it to be a full frontal assault on everything feminist and right in the world. You would think that this was a non-issue but recently there has been a backlash against men asking women to smile… I assume the word patriarchy fits in the logic somewhere but it eludes me.  Ladies of the Hall… Does it bother you when men ask you to smile? Well apparently for a large section of female bloggerdom it actually does. So what does this mean for the men who ask of smiles to compliment or break the ice with pretty ladies? Probably nothing, but I’m a sucker for punishment so let’s look into the deeper problem with this question. “women want us to answer for the sins of our brothers” What bothers… [Read more]

Apr 29

Ever met a woman who completely put you off your game despite your own personal reservations? Of course you have, and though it may be something unique to your life experience that she has to make you go so weak, it’s still a magic that you can’t describe. Certain types of women have this sort of thing going on and many of us men can agree that it is unsettling. Women’s magazines have written since forever about men that they can’t resist so we know who they are and many of you are even pretending to be them. We thought it would be a great idea to give our take on the other side. The women who we fantasize about, think about at the risk of our own relationships, and list off as our “ideal” whenever we are asked. 1. The Forever Young Cougar –… [Read more]

Apr 25

This is another classic video on the way Blue-collared males are received by high income, high education females but it illustrates another problem with this common trope. The video shows the lengths that a man will go through sometimes just to get a romp in the sack but I will give this man a pass… chances are he is uber-rich and this was more of a revenge-f#$! Let’s examine the facts – A woman’s attraction to a man is heavily based on our perceived income, assets and power… Handsome mob bosses take note! If you lack the following then you better be handsome and a maestro of the sex-arts. Feminists can argue against this until they are blue in the face but study after study has shown this to be true. I love that the video takes shot at both sexes though because the man… [Read more]