Apr 23

This isn’t easy for me to write as in my life, I’ve been both and now i strictly speak as a boss chick. Recently, I was watching a program where this girl tries to dress up for her man but doesn’t QUITE know how to do it. She comes to his office event wearing heels and she’s stumbling everywhere. Her husband gets super pissed and just asks her to go home because she inconvenienced him. From both sides, I understood the problem. Girls need to understand that men don’t particularly care what you wear as long as you can pull it off and look good; and men need to understand that she did this ALL for you. Stop hurting her feelings and at least acknowledge her without being a heartless bastard. It helps and pays dividends in your life because the grudges women can keep… [Read more]

Apr 16

Finding romance is hard, many girls have found comfort in the reliable pattern that romantic comedies follow when it comes to finding love.  Generally speaking, the pattern goes as follows: there is a single girl; she’s kind of different from her other friends but endearing none the less. She is usually pining away for a guy – enter Mr. Wrong/Mr. Right Now – this guy has some kind of rugged or simple attractive quality to him that makes him generically swoon-worthy; whether that is the size of his arms, the dimples that appear when he smiles, mesmerizing eyes or if he just appears unattainable he is the guy that ladies know all too well. Whether the leading lady ever bags the guy or only dreams of landing the guy; that single girl in the audience completely understands the situation. All of this is key to… [Read more]

Apr 08

You would think that men would be smart enough to fight back against women demanding unrealistic and uncharacteristic things in a relationship, but the vicious cycle of strong women making punk-ass beta men play the part of loving husband while lusting for strong alpha men will continue. Do you know why? Because horny men with no self-esteem will allow it to happen, that is why. Yesterday I was listening to one of my favorite radio shows and the deejay was taking calls from people who wanted to vent. One of the callers was from a woman who started off by bragging that she has a Sugar Daddy. “Great!” I thought, “this should be good”. The woman goes on to talk about how her living situation as well as her child’s depended on this Sugar Daddy and how he put her up in her apartment and… [Read more]

Feb 28

Want to know why you aren’t having as much sex with your husband or boyfriend as you should? A new study by the University of West Scotland says that it may be due to your waist size. 700 men who varied from ages 35 – 65 were made to fill out lengthy questionnaires about their sex lives and it was evident that the men who had less erectile deficiencies and the most sexually active lifestyles were those whose partners were slimmer and younger. The study concluded that overweight women had a lower sex drive due to abdominal fat and low hormones. At the same time men’s general preference for a slim waist on their women leads to a higher chance of sex happening for women with tiny waists. In terms of primal reasoning for men to prefer sleeping with slimmer women; men associate slim and fit with… [Read more]

Feb 13

Recently in the wonderful world of Twitter the hashtag #TellAFeministThankYou mysteriously began to trend. As was expected the hateful were there to talk about bad men and the trolls were out full force to tell women to get back in the kitchen, stay ugly, and stay lonely and single… because that’s what feminists are… right? I’ve always wondered if self-labeled “feminists” do anything outside of post angry replies on blogs, sign online petitions and tweet… but I guess that’s modern day activism for you – tweets, snark and the buzzword of the day MISOGYNY! The term feminist has gone from a word which once had meaning to something mutated, unsure of itself, and many times contradictory of its purpose (depends on which “feminist” you talk to) so to say that a few guys and gals were annoyed by this hashtag is an understatement. The following are… [Read more]

Feb 06

So I have this friend who is a classic romantic, we’re talking old school, Clark Gable type of guy – so of course women love him. He does these little things for his wife that would never cross my mind and then when it gets posted on Facebook the rest of us men get in trouble for not being him. Ya… you know… he’s THAT guy! Well how would you like to be THAT guy for Valentines Day? Think about it, you know the pressure is already suffocating and you don’t want to be Johnny Build-A-Bear just a couple of days before the 14th; pissed off at the price that you pay just for something that may or may not make your girl happy when she reciecves it! Well break out your notepad apps, your Amazon gift cards, and ease your patience by using the… [Read more]

Jan 01

I came across a Gent by the name of Pete Sapper, a confidence relationship coach that tackles the root of insecurity that stems from fear in women and turns wallflowers into the powerful, confident Goddesses that they deserve to be. I truly admire his attitude after coming across plenty of BS from relationship experts who wrongly preach that most men are idiots and that this whole feminist wave is all good. I’m not one to complain as my own book The 21st Century Spartanite: The Strong Woman’s Guide To Ultimate Success is written from a liberal feminist perspective and two chapters are solely given to the RIGHT TYPE of man. I can only speak from a very subjective female perspective. High Value Women The difference between high and low valued women in the world is cultivating their own worth. I’ve often been called all types of… [Read more]

Dec 21

Researchers found that evolution is the answer to why women play games and treat men cruelly in and out of relations. According to a new study (reported in the European Journal of Personality) women play hard to get in order to test a man’s commitment. The “game” is meant to see how much a man will put up with so as to convince the woman that he will stay around after pregnancy. The study, which utilized over 58 strategies that women typically use on their men, asked 1,500 men and women which strategies worked best. The results from this study reported that women are more successfully when they: Appear highly self-confident Talking other people Withhold sex Talk with sarcasm Always sound busy Tease Flirt with other men Turn down the first few dates Editor’s Note: I don’t know about this study as any of the above… [Read more]